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Which Resort Should I buy

Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by BillyBuckner, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. BillyBuckner

    BillyBuckner Member

    First, I haven't read the sticky lately so I hope that I am not violating any rules by posting this content here.

    I have decided to buy resale but I need a little help deciding where to buy.

    * We are a family of 5, the infant turns 3 in March 2014. Thus, analysis assumes 1 bedroom units.
    * most of our trips occur between Nov 1 - Dec 15, although its possible we could go between Jan 1 - Feb 15 ( or end of Oct).
    * We would probably like to make one trip to Disney per year and spend 7-10 nights. We would be willing to spend some time in non-DVC accommodations (to take advantage of other discounts). Therefore I'm thinking we should own enough points to spend 50-70% of our time in DVC.
    * Right now I really want to stay at BWV (for proximity to Epcot, DHS, and Boardwalk); however, I could see a desire in the future to do split stays with BWV and either BLT or AKV-savannah view. So assume I want to stay at BWV 50% of the time, BLT 25% of the time, and AKV 25% of the time.
    * I have never stayed at any DVC resort, but I am trying to make plans now for when baby turns 3 and we can't stay at Moderate. I have stayed at CR, Pop, CBR, CSR.

    Based on the above information where should I buy?

    This is what I am thinking:

    1) UY needs to be something between June and October.
    2) I think I need about 150 points, although I wouldn't be upset to buy 75-100 now and buy more later.
    3) Based on my stated desires above, the perfect scenario would be to own 80 points at BWV, 40 points at BLT, and 40 points at AKV; however, I don't think contracts like that will fall in my lap.

    I am *guessing* that if I only buy one contract I should buy BWV and hope that I can wait list a couple nights at BLT or AKV when I want to stay there.

    Am I correct that both BWV and and BLT are hard to get at 7 months?

    What should I do?
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  3. DannysMom

    DannysMom Mouseketeer

    I would think that with your current travel patterns, an Oct UY would suit. Question for you is, as the kids get older, would you more often be planning summer trips? If your answer is yes, the I would go with a June UY

    I would guess that a starting point of about 150-160 points would be good. If you find you need more points later on, you can always shop for them at that point, either direct or resale. Your 80/40/40 split would be near impossible to achieve via resale. I suppose if you were to purchase direct they could tailor your contract(s) any way you wanted.

    All 3 of your preferred resorts are fairly large & as such are pretty easy to book at 7 months. (I mean right when the 7 month window opens, at 6 months there may be lim pickings.)There however booking categories at all 3 resorts that you would need the 11 month owners advantage to book on a consistent basis. These are the value and club level villas at AKV. The BW and standard view at BWV and anything at all during F&W. And the standard view at BLT.

    As to which resort to buy, either where you want/need that 11 month window most, or where you can score your best deal.

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  4. DizBub

    DizBub Totally Addicted

    First things first.....I love your name. I'm an old Cubs fan. :lovestruc

    If you want to travel anytime during Oct thru Dec and want BWV you will need to own there. Oct until mid Nov is Food & Wine and you will need that 11 month booking window. BWV and BLT are hard at 7 months at that time but not impossible. You will have better luck at AKV.

    Personally I find that those small contracts like 40 points here and 40 points there won't get you much especially if you want 1 bedrooms for a week or more every year.

    UY should be somewhere between June and Oct. Do not get Feb if you intend to travel at your stated times.

    Good luck with your decision!!
  5. bwvBound

    bwvBound DVC SSR & other timeshare

    5 in a 1BR for 7-10 days? Are you crazy? :crazy: (tongue-in-cheek)

    Honestly, for your own sanity -- please consider a 2BR unit to allow the family a little room to spread out and enjoy themselves. You may also want to verify if BWV has bedding for a 5th person in a 1BR -- I think these units are still configured to sleep 4?
  6. bwvBound

    bwvBound DVC SSR & other timeshare

    Agreeing on both points. Oct UY would be a great fit now ... but future travel may change in response to school schedules.
  7. bwvBound

    bwvBound DVC SSR & other timeshare

    Ah, neat idea to split the points by percentages ... but this method will work against you when trying to book that 7-10 night stay at BLT/AKV using the home resort advantage (11 mos window). Keep in mind that the points have the home resort advantage not the owner. If you were trying to book your 2015 trip to BLT, you'd only have a max of 120 points to do this at the 11 month window: 40 banked from BLT 2014, 40 current BLT and 40 borrowed from BLT 2016. Any reservation requiring points from your other resorts would have to wait for the 7 month window when "points are points."

    I'd recommend keeping your points at BWV as booking BLT/AKV at 7 months. (Don't expect the least expensive room categories at any of the resorts -- plan on mid-range room categories and hope for better?)
  8. Deb & Bill

    Deb & Bill DVC-Trivia Contest, Apr-2006: Honorable Mention

    Correct. The BWV one bedroom has one king sized bed in the master bedroom and one queen sized sleeper sofa in the living room. No twin sized sleeper chair. There isn't enough room.

    BCV is the same configuration.

    What's the purpose of the 80/40/40 split? You can't do much with 40 points at BLT and 120 doesn't do much as well (about four, maybe five nights at the cheapest season in a standard one bedroom - which can be small for a family of five).
  9. BillyBuckner

    BillyBuckner Member

    I don't believe I'm crazy; however, I might by naive. I was thinking that until my youngest turns 5 he could share the king bed with wife and I and after that the three kids can take turns sleeping on an air mattress. If we do that a couple times and find out that it doesn't work then we could consider using a 2BR and either buying more points or going less often.

    Based on other things I read on DIS I was under the impression that DVC would permit 5 in a 1BR, even if it isn't necessarily recommended.
  10. BillyBuckner

    BillyBuckner Member

    So far we are home schooling, and it's also awful hot in summer so I don't project needing to go in the summer. Thanks for the comment though.
  11. WonderinAland

    WonderinAland Member

    Yes, you can sleep 5 in a one bedroom if you provide your own bedding for the 5th. But the sleeper chair is really nice!
  12. BillyBuckner

    BillyBuckner Member

    1) I'm just curious, is the perceived problem that there isn't enough room or there aren't enough beds. When I was at CBR and CSR this year I found room in those rooms for a twin air mattress so that my 9 year old daughter wouldn't have to share a bed.

    2) I believe I stated that 80/40/40 would be nearly impossible to find; however if I could find it I was thinking that 1 year I could do a split stay BWV/BLT and the next year I could do split stay BWV/AKV. If I don't have enough points for the 3rd year then I would stay home or find non-DVC accommodations. Since that is probably not practical I was curious what the next best option(s) would be.
  13. bwvBound

    bwvBound DVC SSR & other timeshare

    My responses were intended to aim more at space than beds. The 'rules' on how many are permitted to stay in a room far exceed how many I'd want to live with for more than a single night or maybe two. When staying a full week, or longer as you've suggested, we stick much lower occupancy than required just to make ourselves happy, to avoid clutter, to make sure we have enough bathrooms, etc.

    I s'pose it takes a lot of space in my family to keep harmony!
  15. MickeyFan612

    MickeyFan612 Member DVC Gold


    KAT4DISNEY <font color=red>Glad to be a test subject<br><font

    My first thought is that since you have not stayed at BWV or an Epcot resort - or at any of the resorts that are next to parks or offer the Deluxe amenities - that it's really hard to predict what you will end up preferring. Because of that I'd skip the 3 resort scenario and pick one of what you think will be preferred and go only with that and look to book at the other resorts at 7 months. An assumption I am using is based on your previous travel and that you do have some flexibility and won't be crushed if you can't get in where you hoped to change to. By keeping your points at one resort you will also allow yourself more flexibility at different sized accommodations if you find a 1BR is too confining.

    Also, since the plan is to not cover your whole 7-10 night stay with DVC points you already are working in one move. By adding a 3rd move with a split between DVC's it will be cumbersome and vacation time consuming IMO.
  17. ToddyLu

    ToddyLu Welcome aboard explorers- I love Mr. Ray

    :guilty: OK, I will say it....look at pics of the Clown Pool at night:scared: Then stay somewhere else (OK I am kidding--but that pool creeps me out)

    Everyone has a preference, that is what is so great about DVC. This is how DH and I decided on AKV. I was willing to buy less expensive points at SSR (we purhcased direct) just to be a member and have the benefit of staying in a villa during our trips. Yes, the koolaid is great....DH said ohhhh, noooo--I am not staying there.

    So... we decided against SSR because it is huge and so very quiet, plus we do not like the condo vibe. No on BWV or BCV because we live within two hours of the best beaches on the Gulf Coast and I guess that is the same reason we did not choose OKW. We like Epcot but did not have to be near that park. VWL reminded DH of his days fighting forrest fires in national parks--yeah, I thought that was silly too. BLT does nothing for us and neither of us understood the parking lot view (I would love the lake however)--we also thought it was a negative to have to take an elevator to the sky bridge, then go across the bridge, up to the monorail on an escalator--you get the point. Plus we do not have children so we did not need the ease of getting children back and forth. Decor was also too modern.

    We live in MS so VGC was out. VB and HH are on beaches and we have access to those and we wanted to only be on WDW property.

    That leaves AKV. DH really only wanted to stay there. He is what I call a DVC purist and will probably never let me try points at a different DVC resort. We like the hotel inside hallway design. We like the dark decor, remoteness of the resort (one of its positives for us), and of course the animals. Now that we have several trips under our belt we made the best decision for us. We enjoy staying at the resort now days and appreciate the amenities there.

    So I picked DVC and DH picked the resort because that really made a difference to him.

    Sorry this was long but maybe some of our reasoning will help you.

    I have to say, "Bravo for doing your homework first and trying to think this through!!" You are on your way to many happy vacations.:cheer2:
  18. DocDiDi

    DocDiDi Earning My Ears

    We own at SSR and were able to book at BLT for next June at 7 months. We are a family of 4 and it was the separate bedroom for us that convinced my hubby to buy into the DVC. I love my girls, but everyone seems less crabby when we have our own space we can relax in. Of course, they loved the master bath at the treehouses.
  19. crisi

    crisi DIS Veteran

    I wouldn't split a lot of small points.

    I would be aware that low point cost rooms are not often available at seven months, so if your plan hinges on BLT Standard, VAKL Value and BWV Standard, you'll need to own all three, but you'll end up short and/or wasting points in the juggle. Or you'll be moving a lot.

    What I would do is make a list of everything that is important to you - everything from the financial items (purchase price, dues), length of contract, to the intangibles - theming, ability to park close to your room. Closeness to your favorite park. For some people, there are things that are really important that are completely unimportant to other people. Give each of these a value based on how important it is to you. Then score the resorts against your list. Multiply it out, add it up and you'll have an answer.

    I think that a family of five that is comfortable in tight quarters does better in a Deluxe resort that will sleep five than a DVC one bedroom - unless you want the kitchen. It will be cheaper and a lot more flexible.
  20. mouseaider

    mouseaider Mouseketeer

    :confused3 One thing that stands out to me that nobody has addressed is your preference to stay 7 to 10 nights in November or early December. You will need a minimum of 200 points to accomplish that..... 250 would be better.
  21. BillyBuckner

    BillyBuckner Member

    Thanks for your comments.

    I think the splitting up of points into small contracts confused people because I explained it poorly.

    What I was trying to say is that if 50% of points were at BWV, 25% at BLT, 25% at AKV then in "odd years" I could stay 3/4 nights each at BWV and BLT (using 2 years of BLT points) and in "even years" I could stay 3/4 nights each at BWV and AKV. Don't get too picky on the math because I realize that in order to do this every year I might need 220 points, but what I am trying to illustrate is the concept.

    Having said that, I'm having trouble finding any BW contract for June, Aug, Sept, Oct at less than 200 points, let alone 150, 100, or 75 points.

    If I decide to buy any contract 160(or less) at BWV with Uy between June and Oct how long will it take to find one?

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