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Where Do I Post This? (Best Place To Buy Disney World Tickets)

Discussion in 'Welcome to the DIS' started by scrapah1, Nov 8, 2012.

  1. scrapah1

    scrapah1 New Member


    I love the DIS, it has been so helpful in planning our trip in 2010 and now our upcoming trip in 2013. I feel like there is a spot for this q'n but in scrolling through my choices I can't seem to find it (actually thought that there might already be a sticky).

    Can you help guide me where I can post or find a thread on where to get the best Disney World ticket prices?

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  3. siskaren

    siskaren New Member

    Undercover Tourist is highly recommended by many people on this board and saves you a little over Disney's prices.
  4. danda22

    danda22 New Member

    I was checking out undercover tourist myself but we are planning to do Disney / Orlando. We only planned on a day in MK, a day at Epcot and then other non-disney things basically due to money. But I noticed that unless you buy a huge package deal that it doesn't seem to accomodate the traveler for only a couple days at the park. We were also looking into getting a Go Orlando Card.

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