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What would you LOVE DCL to sell as merchandise, Let's help them!

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by Jillpie, Nov 18, 2012.

  1. Jillpie

    Jillpie Can you package some Main St. music and send it to

    I know they read our threads, so I figured why not try and help them to know exactly what we would love for them to create, and sell for us:). I'll start.

    We haven't sailed since 2006 and are going on the Dream in April:thumbsup2. On CastawayCay, I bought a beautiful white hooded sweatshirt, with pink lettering CC across the front. I LOVED this for years after, then I left it somewhere. Please bring it back for me?:wave2:
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  3. JimGA

    JimGA New Member

    popcorn:: Never been on a DC before so I do not know what they sell, but I would love for them to sell Disney Cruise Line pajama's, especially for kids, I would love to be able to purchase it as an in room gift, nothing like sleeping in new PJ's at a magical place/ship.
  4. dsnydaddy

    dsnydaddy New Member

    That pillow, that is on the new ships... For a decent price!
  5. Tami0220

    Tami0220 Chip & Dale Fanatic

    Cute Pooh sized womens clothes.
  6. kimkreis

    kimkreis New Member

    Amen sister
  7. moomy-san

    moomy-san New Member

    Can I add another Amen?
  8. Green Tea

    Green Tea <font color=green>I don't do hatchets<br><font col

    Something OTHER than branded merchandise!!!! Resorts usually have their logo store but also boutiques of regular clothing and other items. I generally spend a lot. ;). But on Dream the only clothes were branded DCL items. I actually spent zero in the shops. I was disappointed.
  9. yarlenna

    yarlenna New Member

    Another AMEN!
  10. Namsupak

    Namsupak New Member

    I assume you mean because of the price they are charging for it. Even at this price it is sold out on the Disney Store site.

    Here is the LINK in case you wanted to see it.

    It would be nice if there was a Mulan type option in the BBB. Also I agree with the "other" merchandise store idea. It is kind of crazy how they will have repeats of the same merchandise in different parts of the stores.
  11. Jillpie

    Jillpie Can you package some Main St. music and send it to

    I'm confused on this one...isn't the point to get one of a kind merchandise, that you can only get on the ships? You can get boutique type of clothing anywhere in Fl, Miami etc. you can only get cruise line items on the ships.
  12. Ajojo

    Ajojo New Member

    I'd love to see some merchandise other than Princesses. Can we get some 101 Dalmatians? I'd settle for just one Dalmatian pin.

    COASTIEandMATE New Member

    HOW ABOUT SOME WALL SIZE DCL CALENDERS! I WOULD LOVE TO BUY SOME AS GIFTS TO TAKE BACK HOME! Especially with the beautiful new ships, and great new ports, I think they would sell. ALOHA, Karen:thumbsup2
  14. sissy_ib

    sissy_ib New Member

    Lilthographs or mini poaters! Most of the art on-board is too expensive for me but they had some great stuff I would have loved to own. Some DCL specific ones would be awesome! I looked in the gift shops but they only had one full size poster. I had to settle for a few postcards.
  15. rabidmarmot

    rabidmarmot It all started with the theft of a rabbit.

    More ship specific items. The offerings on the Dream now that they aren't selling inaugural stuff are sad; just 1 Dream hat. Would love to see like they did on the Fantasy and have some 687 items like O'Gill's.
  16. sweetpee_1993

    sweetpee_1993 New Member

    Yes! Ship specific stuff like tshirts. Also, please, for the love of all things Disney, sell me the complete place settings at Animator's Palate on the Dream/Fantasy. Please?!?! I can't do just a dinner plate and a butter knife. I need dinner plates, salad plates, bowls, cups, saucers, and butter knives. :thumbsup2
  17. Green Tea

    Green Tea <font color=green>I don't do hatchets<br><font col

    I really have any use as an adult woman for Disney Themed clothing. I might have purchased sweaters or cocktail dresses Like I would expect to at the Palm Beach Breakers, the Greenbrier.

    All clothing on board was insignia.
  18. Jillpie

    Jillpie Can you package some Main St. music and send it to

    Great ideas everyone, keep em comin! My DH is always looking for polo shirts with a subtle logo, very small but there. That he can wear to work. He did buy a nice dress shirt, with a DCL logo on it that he wore for a few years, really loved it. Do they still sell those onboard?
  19. Pinocchio #1 Fan

    Pinocchio #1 Fan Disney Premier Passholder, Believer in the power o

    This one is not just for DCL, but the parks as well. I love embroidered patches to sew on a clothing. I would love an embroidered patch of the DCL logo. Unfortunately, they only sell pins now, and I just don't care for pins.
  20. fhtpdw20

    fhtpdw20 New Member

    Better scrapbooking material both for the ship (the parks to for that matter). I would love to have 5x7 copies of the menus and coordinating paper to each venue. Something for the activities like bingo, sports options, theater shows, and pirates night. The paper packs they have now are pretty lame.
  21. Green Tea

    Green Tea <font color=green>I don't do hatchets<br><font col

    There was much less space devoted to shops than I would have expected.

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