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What was the coolest Fish Exchange gift that you gave or received?

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by mybis1, Apr 13, 2011.

  1. AmandaRG

    AmandaRG Addict-in-training for all things Disney!

    Cute stuff!
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  3. Anal Annie

    Anal Annie <font color=magenta>....at least I KNOW I'm a kook

    We got a lot of great stuff - customized M&M's, hand painted picture frames, post-its, lanyards etc but I think our MOST USED was a small 6"x8" magnetic dry erase board for our stateroom door. Now we have it on our garage door that comes into the house from the garage & we put daily countdowns to our next trip on it.:goodvibes
  4. moet7

    moet7 New Member

    We received ice cream cones on our "double dip" cruise last summer. It was so nice to be able to make ice cream cones at the soft serve machines.
  5. ppiew

    ppiew New Member

    We were on the DREAM recently and the FE group was incredibly talented I must say!! (not me) we received a mini scrapbook, 4 CD's (all mostly different) one even had audio from WDW monorail, haunted mansion etc. Also received a DVD travelog of Sanfrancisco (awesome), wine charms, key chains, thin ropes on a carbiner with instructions on knot tying, personalized luggage handle covers, luggage tags, charm bracelets, neat Disney necklaces along with the sanitizers, kleenex, highlighters, post-it notebads, candy (lots of it), bandaids, headbands, pirate paraphenalia, and tote bags.

    I was incredibly awestruck with how creative people can be. It was worth the hours it took to make and deliver the stuff.
  6. ibouncetoo

    ibouncetoo <font color=009999>I get excited by the little thi

    What a great idea!

    Must remember to make a note in my travel folder to bring some for my cruise with the great neices. (Well, actually to buy some in Port Canaveral the day before we get on the ship.)

  7. dizney-cruiser

    dizney-cruiser DiZney CraZy ºoº<br><font color=blue>we dont want

    Or. . . we can ask Shirley to throw them in the next "gift bag" :thumbsup2
  8. owensjro

    owensjro New Member

    Yep, same here. I think these were one of the best gifts we've gotten. a) everyone else was jealous and asking where we got them and b) we didn't have to pack them to take them home!

  9. jpabst17216

    jpabst17216 Who's the brains in this outfit?

    I'll have to carry a suitcase for just my FE gifts. I really like the idea of ice cream cones...so there's another suitcase!
  10. dizney-cruiser

    dizney-cruiser DiZney CraZy ºoº<br><font color=blue>we dont want

    Are you aware you can send the box of FE gifts to your room? You can't send anything edible, so you will have to carry your cones :)
  11. Tammi67

    Tammi67 <font color=green>1st to out the Tag Fairy as the

    How do you deliver your gift if it too big to fit into the FE?
  12. MikellaCinderella

    MikellaCinderella Addicted to Disney Cruises!

  13. karajeboo

    karajeboo DISmom by land and by sea!

    I made this mistake.... Had to carry it in port and then carry it around ship until our stateroom was ready..... Ugh! Part of it I packed, but then I also made personalized candy bars and had to carry those on board so they wouldn't melt......

    Put it in a gift bag and lean it against the door.....
  14. DisneyDuo

    DisneyDuo A perplexed friend said to me, "You must fart Pixi

    We had a great (and HUGE!) FE group on the Dream Maiden voyage. Loved the magnets, paperbag scrapbook, beaded Mickey ornaments, and wooden coasters from Canada. Also the New Zealand candy, and our friends from England gave goodies from Disney Paris (thanks Bats!!!)

    Must admit the most used gifts are the personalized pens - received several, we have them all over the house and in my purse - whenever we pick one up we are reminded of a great vacation!

    Blessings - Lin
  15. karajeboo

    karajeboo DISmom by land and by sea!

    Here's what we gave out. Lanyards with a zippered compartment with a personalized name badge in the window, candy bars, and silly magnets.....


    I loved the pirate stuff we received on pirate night, plus the cd's we received have proved very valuable as I lost all my music on my laptop so I've used this music for my vacation movie!!!! Really, everything was just great!!!
  16. jpabst17216

    jpabst17216 Who's the brains in this outfit?

    I'm going on the Alaska cruise. I know you can mail to Florida, but I wasn't aware of any to Vancouver. How do you do it?
  17. pmjj

    pmjj New Member

    Bumping this thread to see if there are any more suggestions. I'm trying to find things for teens and tweeners as well as grandparents. Thanks:yay:
  18. ppiew

    ppiew New Member

    picture frames for Grandma and Grandpa, chap stick for teens/tweens, also luggage tags
  19. minximom

    minximom Cruise Newbie

    What great ideas in this thread! I can't wait to get going with f/e gifts with all these great ideas but nothing has been arranged for our Aug 2014 cruise yet...
  20. jlemieu1

    jlemieu1 New Member

    Sorry to all the other ones, but a NYC Police tote bag!!!
    The one time I have cruise with teens ... They loved everything, it was the fun of doing it and waiting for stuff..Like X-mas all over again.
  21. luvndizny

    luvndizny New Member

    Hey karajeboo! I was coming on here to get some ideas and to say THOSE were our favorite FE gifts and there they are LOL! :) Thinking of using your idea for our next cruise. ;)

    And did I read correctly that we can have our stuff shipped to our room on the cruise? That would be SO MUCH better than dragging around an extra suitcase, especially since we will most likely be flying this time.

    If the above is true, please tell me how!

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