What are you getting your 6/7 old girl for Christmas?

Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by We_love_WDW, Oct 19, 2011.

  1. We_love_WDW

    We_love_WDW DIS Veteran

    Apr 9, 2009
    This is inspired by the 9/10 girl christmas list thread. I have no idea what to get my daughter. She has asked for a couple of Lego sets and an American Girl doll (even though she has the twins and 1 Just Like You that never get played with). She has soooo many Barbies and only wants 1 Ken. So what is on your daughters list?
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    SYDCOLEMOM Mouseketeer

    Feb 18, 2010
    Leap Pad
    Bean bag chair (from LL Bean)
    Alarm clock
    Monster High dolls
    DS Games
    PJ's w/ slippers
    play make up
    craft kits (make your own necklace etc)
    paper Jamz pro microphone
    A.N.T. Farm CD

    she adds to the list daily but this is what I have so far. Im considering a Trampoline for the backyard.
  4. HDCooper

    HDCooper Mouseketeer

    Sep 12, 2009
    I have a DD who just turned 7 in September. From what I have heard, the LeapPad is geared towards smaller kiddos. I was thinking about getting her one until I saw the reviews.
  5. DISdreamin'

    DISdreamin' DIS Veteran

    Apr 6, 2009
    Our DD is begging for an iPod, but I think she's realized after playing with my iPhone that it isn't as fun as it seemed at first. I'm hoping she cools down on the idea as it would be almost her only gift if we ended up getting her that!

    Much to my chagrin, she's another one that doesn't have a lot of things she wants or asks for. Not that I want her being materialistic, but it really would make Christmas shopping so much easier. :rotfl:
  6. leslie826

    leslie826 Mouseketeer

    Jul 7, 2009
    Ipod shuffle
    ILive Ipod dock
    DS games
    Tangled DVD
    Littlest Pet shop walkables
    Hello Kitty squinkies
    Small pillow pet
    Craft sets
    Trip to Disney in Jan!!
  7. tlenzendorf

    tlenzendorf Always Dreaming of Disney!

    Apr 2, 2009
    Not sure if you have more than 1 child, but we are doing a family gift this year I think and getting an Xbox with Kinects.

    My DD7 has an iPod(my old iPhone) and she would play with it all the time if we would let her.

    Other gifts if we don't go the Xbox route could be color books, more art supplies for her easel, a new bike, ice skates, DS games, movies, American Girl accessories/furniture, Barbie house/car...
  8. CrazyMe

    CrazyMe Earning My Ears

    Oct 3, 2011
    My soon to be 7 year old has a Nintendo DS and tons of games to go with it. We had also looked into the leap pad for her but it seemed to young for her even last year.

    We did end up getting her a Mobigo last year which she played with for a bit but really would rather play with the DS. She has quite a few learning games for the DS and then of corse the fun ones. If she didn't have one, we would be getting the DS again.

    I really don't know what my 6 almost 7 year old wants and we will have her birthday and then Christmas....

    I do know we will get her lots of arts and craft stuff as she is always making things..... so I am looking for some ideas as well!
  9. AnjieNet

    AnjieNet DIS Veteran

    Oct 21, 2008
    I got DD7 an mp3 player that has a camera and plays videos. Probably get a couple of CDs to load as well. She wants another American Girl doll but I don't think that's in the cards this Christmas. Probably get her the Taylor Swift DVD since we went to the concert this year and she loved it. Also got her a scrapbook craft kit from Target. Not going overboard this year since I'm no longer working, have a new baby and need to watch our funds.
  10. kinntj

    kinntj DIS Veteran

    Dec 20, 2005
    For our 7 year old: headband design set, art supplies, pillow pet, American Girl accessories, DS and Wii games.

    Her list changes weekly, so I'll hold off shopping until late November.
  11. thebeesknees

    thebeesknees DIS Veteran

    May 29, 2009
    My DD7 has marshmallows on her list!:rotfl:
    Actually, she is getting an American Girl doll and some accessories,and that will be about it. That stuff adds up quick! I think I'll get a bag of marshmallows for her stocking, though.
  12. princessmarie

    princessmarie Earning My Ears

    Oct 19, 2011
    Like most 7 year olds, my DD changes her list daily.

    I am getting her a Nintendo DSi and a few games. She didn't ask for it but she LOVES my nephew's and plays with it whenever she goes over to his house.

    She has been asking for these Xia-Xia hermit crab toys. I only saw the commercial once and I have't been able to find them anywhere.
  13. We_love_WDW

    We_love_WDW DIS Veteran

    Apr 9, 2009
    She has a DS, so maybe the Barbie Jet Set Style game and the Monster High game. Crafts are a good idea. We are really trying to buy things she will play with, not something that will be sitting in the toy room with everything else. I also have a almost 4 year old boy...he is easier as far as gifts go (Legos, star wars, Legos, star wars...)
  14. AWilliams

    AWilliams Wishing on a star...

    Aug 2, 2000
  15. evandmp

    evandmp Mouseketeer

    Jan 14, 2008
    I bought one for my 7 year old and he plays with it daily. His 6 year old friend came over and played with my daughters for a long time, she actually wanted to take it with her for her ride home but dd wasn't having it. I think its different enough that it really captivates them. The camera and art studio are timeless and there are games for the 7-9 crowd. I think it has a much wider appeal than the previous leapster.
  16. libinatorsmom

    libinatorsmom DIS Veteran

    Nov 27, 2006
    So far I have gotten my DD7 -

    1- 4 Chapter Books (will probably get a few more and use them for her elf Frankie as well) - She loves to read and so far the only thing shes told me she wants from Santa

    2- Pink Bean Bag Chair - ordered from www.rods.com - western store

    Plan to get her

    1- American Girl clothes & Accessories (I get the sales on Black Friday/Cyber Monday)
    2- New Comforter & Sheet set - (I think anyway not 100% on this)
    3- 1 Wii or Ds Game
    4- Board Game (thinking probably Clue)

    And the rest I am still at a loss on :) so love the info on here
  17. QVCshopper

    QVCshopper DIS Veteran

    Dec 8, 2008
    I think this is about the age where kids start to split into those who still like toys and dolls, and those who like older things. So, it really depends on your daughter. Mine is turning 7 in November, and she is more on the younger age. She still loves princesses, drawing, dolls, etc. She wants her birthday party at Build A Bear. It's fine; I'm in no rush for her to grow up.

    Some of the things she likes are LaLaLoopsy dolls, American Girl dolls/pets (she is getting one of each; I bought Julie 2 years ago from QVC), Squinkies, Disney Store Animator's Collection toddler dolls, drawing/crafts, etc. Since her b-day is so close to XMas, I'm trying to figure it all out, but we got shut out of the Disney Store Designer Princess Collection and I'm debating the Disney Store Kidada princess jewelry instead.

    I've mentioned the DS a few times (her younger brother wants one), but she's not really into electronics/games.
  18. reagan75

    reagan75 Mouseketeer

    Feb 20, 2009
    I got an email from TRU saying they have the Xia Xia Hermit Crabs in.
  19. Padstack

    Padstack DIS Veteran

    Aug 10, 2007
    Our DD6 is an avid reader, so we are getting her a Kindle Touch as her main gift. Then some clothes and a few toys.
  20. richmond282

    richmond282 Trumpet players don't have egos, we're just better

    Jul 7, 2008
    My DD7 is getting (I think...):

    *Jewelry box- A more grown up one that she can use into teenager/adulthood
    *Fijit Friend- I'm not totally sure about this thing cause it has really bad reviews, but she wants on so badly it's on her list twice!
    *Boxcar children books
    *webkin cat
    *several books on CD- she loves ramona, but it's a bit hard for her to read right now, so I just load em up on her Zune.
    *2 Paw Parazzi cats (she loves cats!)
    *maybe a more grown up suitcase- the one she has now is small and childish

    Don't know beyond this list. We were going to get her a computer, but my dad has an old he said we could have, so yay!
  21. taaren

    taaren "There is more treasure in books than in all the p

    Jan 17, 2010
    These are some great ideas ... keep 'em coming. Looking for something in the $25-40 range for my 6 year old (7 in Feb) niece. Unfortunately she doesn't like dolls and has wayyyy too much clothes and has tons of art supplies. My mom already got her a plush animal pillow, and she's outgrown the leapster I got her last year.

    My 5 year old son is so much easier ....

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