What are the best rides to ride after dark?

Discussion in 'Disneyland (California)' started by tbgmom, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. tbgmom

    tbgmom New Member

    This trip my boys will all be 3 years older than our last, and I think (and hope) they'll have the stamina to last all day in the parks. Last visit we left by about 6-7pm each day.

    So, since we'll be spending more time in the parks when it's dark (depending on closing time while we're there), what rides are best in the dark? I'm guessing RSR & Screamin' are great in the dark. Any others?

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  3. RSWA2

    RSWA2 New Member

    Screaming closes before the first WoC show and reopens if the show (or last show) ends before the park closes. So check the hours before thinking you can ride Screaming at night.

    -RSR is awesome at night because of all the lights.

    -BTMR feels faster at night and is a funner ride.

    -Matterhorn is better at night.

    -I've heard that Jungle Cruise has a different feeling.

    -Storybook Canals feel more magical at night.

    -TOT is neat at night when the doors open.
  4. elaw

    elaw DIS Veteran

    My personal favorite :thumbsup2
  5. Patrick in Oregon

    Patrick in Oregon <font color=purple>If you're going to be a goofbal

    I agree with BTMRR as my favorite at night. This is usually our last ride at closing time.

    Then I like Storybook Canals and Jungle Cruise.
  6. jcatron243

    jcatron243 New Member

    Grizzly River Run is great at night!
  7. mysteriouspnai

    mysteriouspnai New Member

    One that I discovered during our last trip was Goofy's sky school during WoC. We happened to catch it during finale, and it's kind of nice to get a different perspective.
  8. EmmersIsTheMommy

    EmmersIsTheMommy <font color=royalblue>Ew maybe the dolls dance all

    We LOVE Jungle Cruise at night. BTMRR is great too.

    This year we plan to try Storybook boats and after this thread RSR!

    Also, I ADORE bugs land at night. It's so cute. You can hear crickets and stuff. I think it's adorable :)
  9. PinkBudgie

    PinkBudgie <font color=deeppink>Expert Disneyland Snowball Ma

    Big Thunder is our favorite too! It is way better at night and we've even noticed that some of the things you see are different at night than in the day.
  10. dizneekrazee

    dizneekrazee Fullfilling my bucket list, one vacation at a time

    We also love BTMMR at night. DS13 loves Jungle Cruise at night. I prefer Storybook land at dusk rather than night. Matterhorn is better at night too. I really want to ride RSR at night, we happened upon dusk with our FPs.
  11. blackjackdelta

    blackjackdelta <font color=darkorchid>Uncle had an "in" with Walt

    Big thunder ours also, and during the fireworks its spectacular.

  12. lana772

    lana772 Disneyland Lover

    Last trip we rode GRR at night. I thought it would be a freezing disaster, because it was a high of about 50° that day. BUT the DDs talked me into it. It was amazing! Totally different experience. We had never noticed all the sounds before. It was really like being on a river.
    I should add that the fact we were staying at the GCH in a room 5 mins from the ride did help out. A definite must do if you are staying close or it's a warm night.

    Lana :)
  13. Midnightred

    Midnightred New Member

    The Teacups are supposed to be pretty at night with all of the lanterns lit up.

  14. PoohsFan1

    PoohsFan1 New Member

    This is such a great thread. I'm excited to try these rides out at night. We have ridden Jungle Cruise at night (at WDW) and love it, we won't ride it unless it is dark or near dark. Unfortunately we won't be able to ride BTMRR since it will be closed during our trip :sad:.
  15. mysteriouspnai

    mysteriouspnai New Member

    Unfortunately BTMRR will be closed during OP's trip too, so I didn't want to say anything about it, but it's the best ride ever during fireworks :(
  16. jodistrock

    jodistrock Avid "Disneyac" in my spare time

    I am so sad that BTMRR is going to be closed during our DLR visit :mad:
  17. tchrrx

    tchrrx <font color=red>Blame it on the plastic cow I ment

    Since FPs don't seem to distribute into evening hours for RSR, what's the best plan of attack to ride it at night? Are the lines shorter during WoC?
  18. mysteriouspnai

    mysteriouspnai New Member

    BTMRR is my favorite-ist ride in the whole wide universe, and it's closed during the rest of my AP year :( DBF and I became APs in August, it closed in December, and won't reopen until after we let go of our APs :sad: Because we knew it was closing for a long time, we rode it 15 or so times.
  19. mysteriouspnai

    mysteriouspnai New Member

    I'm not sure if the lines are shorter during WoC, but if you don't have a FP, SR is the way to go. However, be aware that they periodically shut down the SR line if it grows to anything over 50 min I think.
  20. faith313

    faith313 New Member

    I love the Jungle Cruise at night, too. Also the Rockets in tomorrow land, but it can get cold!

    I really, REALLY want to ride Screamin and RSR at night during our upcoming trip but I'm not sure how feasible that will be.
  21. Todd Lee

    Todd Lee <font color=green>Sloooowly making his way "there"

    Are you sure that FP's aren't available for the later hours? I just got back, 1 night my daughter and I got in line about 6:30 pm. We got on the ride just a few minutes before 8:00, the entire time we waited they were letting fp'ers in front of us.

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