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Welcome to the DIS Boards!!

Discussion in 'Welcome to the DIS' started by WebmasterPete, Sep 14, 2003.

  1. IlovemythreeC's

    IlovemythreeC's New Member

    I love the Crystal Palace for so many reasons! First, I think it is the best buffet as far as the food goes. There is also something about the atmosphere that I like so much. The restaurant is so beautiful and I love being able to view the castle while we eat. Also, it is a tradition that we go there on our first evening there and I think that is a part of it too.

    Not to mention, the pooh characters:) They all come to the table and it is so much fun.
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  3. IlovemythreeC's

    IlovemythreeC's New Member

    Hey, I will talk to you about Disney anytime! Welcome to the board! :yay: Your trip is coming soon. Where will you be staying?
  4. Brfairy

    Brfairy New Member

    Just saying hi! I just joined after lurking for quite a while. I've been to WDW many times in the past, but this July I'll be going with my bf and I'm super excited! =D :yay:
  5. Mimmy Mouse

    Mimmy Mouse New Member

    I'm new to the board, so please bear with me if I am in the wrong room. Trying to get a good deal on going to WDW in October to hook up with my grandchildren that will be there. I have looked at the Disney site and also asked for a quote from Dream Vacations. Anybody have any suggestions as to the best way to book? Thanks!
  6. MJ32

    MJ32 Fear and Loathing in Fantasy Land


    Thanks CCC, I may just have to try it out. Im not a big buffet guy, I usually go more for the sit-down type of place. Though you did say it is a different style of buffet. Are all the buffets similar? I do love a well-stockked dessert tray/buffet...
  7. realmainers

    realmainers New Member

    Hi New here just trying to learn how to use the boards . We have a up coming trip to Port Orleans Riverside May 1st to 9th, 5 of us going. :banana:
  8. Imagoofy1

    Imagoofy1 New Member

    Hi all - new to DIS Just joined tonight. Lots of good info and nice people. Love the countdown tickers --- HOW DO YOU GET THEM?

  9. dis@dills

    dis@dills New Member

    Hey all I'm new too. I am just like a little kid.
  10. dis@dills

    dis@dills New Member

    Go to tickerfactory.com it's user friendly. The tricky part is after you have completed your ticker. You must cut and paste into your signature. Good luck.
  11. dis@dills

    dis@dills New Member

    My sister has been a member for several years now and I just joined in Dec but haven't posted anything till today. We are really excited to be part of the DisBoards family.
  12. queenof3

    queenof3 Eeyore's my favorite!

    I am new here and have been so excited to read everything. One thing I am wondering about is...Is there anyway to find out when someone posts a new addition to their trip report? I love reading them! I did get an email when there were replies posted to a thread that I had written on. Is that what you do? Just reply then you will get an email?
  13. foss

    foss New Member

    Hi new to this site, going to floridy in July hoping for some good tips:cool1:

    MNWDWMANIAC New Member

    Just like to say wow and thanks for giving everyone this place online to keep the magic alive :).

    I only have one small question. I'm sure it's written somewhere and I just haven't found it yet. So please forgive my asking. At what point will I be permitted to post links and pictures? I get an error code that appears stating I have to few posts. Can someone please tell me what the magic number is to allow posting of link pics etc?

    Thanks so much. My family and I look forward to sharing with you all.
  15. Stew_Mouse

    Stew_Mouse New Member

    Welcome everyone! In case you haven't experienced it yet, you can subscribe to a thread by posting on it, then you will get those emails sent to you. Some people will just post "Subscribing!" when they want to read a thread but don't have anything particular to say.

    I believe after 10 posts, you can post pictures. I could be wrong though, I've only been on Disboards for a few months.
  16. mainer4

    mainer4 New Member

    I'm new here also. Just wanted to know about booking a cruise. Do I want a room on the seventh or second deck?
  17. Luv2Scrap

    Luv2Scrap <font color=green>The only way is if you have the

    hey everyone - I've been lurking for a few months and I figured it's time to come out of hiding. I'm learning a ton, including about the free dining in September. I'm booked for the 15th-22nd at Pop!!!

    I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone!
  18. Princess Brittany

    Princess Brittany New Member

    Hi Everyone!! This is my first post on DIS and I have a quick question. I saw as I was reading post that almost everyone has TickerFactory timers, so I made one to!!! But I can't get it in my signature, I was hopeing some could tell me how to do that???!!!!

    Princess Brittany

    MNWDWMANIAC New Member

    The tickerfactory code needs to be tweeked just a bit to make it appear on here. After you create your ticker look and copy all text you see starting with http:// through .png. This information is located in each of the different boxes below. Then in your signature on disboards place that information between [​IMG] and you should be set. If this doesn't make sense to you or you want more help feel free to PM here or message me on yahoo. I'll be happy to help you out more.


  20. angela3676

    angela3676 Working it out . . .

    Hello, I am new to the Dis Discussion forum and I don't really know how to navigate around? Any tips for a real newby and I've tried to access the members list but cannot.

    Thanks a bunch :confused:
  21. Dis Fan Dad

    Dis Fan Dad New Member

    Well you have converted another one, I hope you are proud of yourselves:thumbsup2

    I have been lurking on these boards longer than I care to admit, and I thought it was about time I jumped in and got my feet wet. Thanks to all of you who have provided me with great entertainment with your trip reports, and all the valuable tips I have picked up along the way. These boards are a wealth of information.

    We have a short vist to the World coming up in May 9th through the 11th at the CBR and we are all very excited. The "WE" is myself DH 35, DW 33 our DD 5 and DS 3. Last visit was in April of 2005, when we stayed for a week at ASMO so we are a little overdue.

    Thanks again for all the great information and entertainment, I,m happy to finally get my feet wet on the DIS Boards. Now I just have to tell my Wife I finally joined, I can hear it now "you are such a Dork" :rotfl: She enjoys Disney but I am the obsessive planner in the family :thumbsup2

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