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Welcome to the DIS Boards!!

Discussion in 'Welcome to the DIS' started by WebmasterPete, Sep 14, 2003.

  1. monica9

    monica9 Active Member


    With saving $1000 a month for the next year and half, you are looking at a very nice vacation!

    I don't think AKL Savannah room will be an issue. I've never stayed at AKL but when we went to eat at Boma there, there doesn't seem to be as many animals close by as I'm thinking you're picturing. Don't quote me on it though, I would go to the AKL thread and ask them more specific questions. As far as the hotel itself, it is BEAUTIFUL!
    I suggest you look into restaurants and ADR's because if this is your first time and maybe only time for a long time, If I were you, I would want to make the most out of the vacation and there are great restaurants to try!

    You should take a bus to TTC and then take the ferry over like PP said.

    I think you will have a magical vacation and there are many threads out there so ask away!
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  3. Lisa Anne

    Lisa Anne Member

    Hello all my name is Lisa and I am planning my first trip to WDW and am very excitedpixiedust:pixiedust:. We are going June 1-June 7 of 2014; I know we are 21 months away but I have never been to WDW but have been to DL alot when i was little I believe my last trip there I was eight. My parents are finally healing from there health issues over the last two years and I thought this would be a great family vacation away from all the drama at home so our adventure begins.... Stay tuned for more of my plans :cheer2:


    AS much as I love DL, being the original and all, you will be in for quite a shock when you see the difference in WDW compared to DLR. First off you must stay on the grounds.Whether it be a DVC resort or Disney hotel do some research on prices and which park you would want to be close to.
  5. Lisa Anne

    Lisa Anne Member

    Thanks for the warm welcome to the group!!! I called and talked to a Disney travel agent and she gave me prices for 2013 staying for 6n/7d on the Magic your way plus hopper option we were thinking about staying at the AOA in a standard Little Mermaid room. I was also thinking about the Deluxe Dining plan; she also told me that I can book as soon as Febuary for 2014 that excited me which means I seriously need to look at some stuff. Very excited and appreciate all the help I can get from you guys.:love:
  6. Thanks for taking the time to read my very long post there are really wonderful knowledgeable people on here!!! Well here goes...only a couple hundred thousand threads to read! :rotfl:
  7. [/FONTR
    Anyone have any help or pics, trying to create a small cake with royal purple and gold mickey or tinkerbelle embossing, wedding cake flavor and buttercream icing, if possible with a white chocolate slipper or castle on top. Dining at CRT for my birthday and would like the mini wedding cakes but with fondant coloring...do they do that and who do i contact
  8. Princess23

    Princess23 Member

    So happy I stubbled across this!! This is fantastic! :)
  9. DJthaplanet

    DJthaplanet Cameron Field

    brand new to te boards, super excited!!:cool1:


    WELCOME ! Only been here a lilttle while myself. Lots of good info on DVC here for me because I'm new to that.
  11. PhoenixStrength

    PhoenixStrength Waiting for my fairytale!

    I tried searching but could not find the answer. How do you change the title of a thread you started? Thanks in advance!
  12. StarTrader

    StarTrader Member

    I've been a lurker on the DISboards for a long time and finally decided to jump in. I love listening to Pete and the gang on the DIS Unplugged. Veteran WDW visitor, although frequency of visits is not as often as I'd like. Looking forward to connecting with other obsessed people. :wave2:


    Welcome . I too am amazed at how much info I can get here. New to DVC so I will be checking here a lot for how to manage etc.
  14. leftaslide

    leftaslide NW GA. DDC #751

    Hi to all! Brand new to the boards here. My family has been to Disney World twice already, 2011 and earlier this year. Already planning our trip for next year. Looking forward to all the advice helpful exchanges.
  15. leafE

    leafE Member

    Newbie here too! I've been lurking for over a week but finally came out of the woodwork and decided to start posting.
    I have very few people in my life who are Disney fanatics, so it's great to find thousands of them on the internet! :cool1:
  16. gjl

    gjl Member

    Found this while researching for a surprise trip for my family in March 2013. I haven't spent much time searching yet for hints for ages 7,5,3 and new and the best way to please them all, but I will soon. Can anyone direct me to the thread that might help me out the best! Thanks!
  17. leftaslide

    leftaslide NW GA. DDC #751

    Any idea where you're staying yet? I don't think you'll have much trouble pleasing those ages, as there are plenty of things to do for everyone. Are you looking for certain things specifically for their ages? The only one I'd have concerns about is the 3 year old, but I'd say definitely do Disney Jr. in Hollywood Studios, and Fantasyland in MK.
  18. gjl

    gjl Member

    We are staying at the Poly with a theme park view and dining. I got a great military discount! I'm planning on only using the 4 day park hopper pass we can get for military as well, but we are going to spend Sunday-Sunday there so we can rest between park days and use the pool, do downtown disney, etc. I do have ADRs booked to utlize the dining plan to the maximum potential. We haven't been since "number 3" was 6 months and she will be 3 in January, and on top of that, my older two are now tall enough to ride the "big kid" rides. We've usually been in line for princesses and fairies and I am here looking for hints on how to best spend the time with the different ages since I've got a good spread going now from 7-6 months.
  19. leftaslide

    leftaslide NW GA. DDC #751

    Our youngest had just turned 4 last time we were there, and she did great at every park except Epcot. I think Hollywood Studios was the best as far as our youngest was concerned. Disney Jr. and the Toy Story Mania ride were great for us. Plus, they have the live shows (Belle and Little Mermaid) and plenty of "big kid" rides. I'd just browse through the theme park forum and see what jumps out at you. Hope you have a great time!
  20. WDWLVR2

    WDWLVR2 Member

    I had the blessing of visiting WDW for the first time in 2008, and again in 2011 and fell in love. So much so, I just finished the first step in purchasing a DVC @ the Wilderness Lodge. I am so excited, we will be planning our first dvc trip in sept/oct of 2013. My bff told me to come to DIS because it has a plethora of information. So far I am enjoying reading post and learning a great deal. Thanks to everyone for sharing their knowledge!:)

    I have a DH :pirate: and myself :earsboy:, along with DD :maleficen: DD:eeyore: DSIL :surfweb: DGS:simba: and DGS :earsboy:.

    2008-All Star Sports
  21. Lesley84

    Lesley84 Member

    Can someone please help me to put my disticker up on my info or signature or how ever to do it. I don't know which one is the correct one for the message boards. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!:confused3

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