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Welcome to the DIS Boards!!

Discussion in 'Welcome to the DIS' started by WebmasterPete, Sep 14, 2003.

  1. ~Tinkerella

    ~Tinkerella New Member

    For many weeks now I am unable to see the blog/updates that appear at the top of the page in the smaller box area. Is this just me???
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  3. DWIP

    DWIP New Member

    Just starting to plan for the magic for the first time, and this seems like the perfect place to start!!
  4. kwelsh

    kwelsh New Member

    Thanks for the welcome. Someone suggested that this might be the place for me to find the help I need. I am a DVC owner as well as an RCI member. I have used most of my DVC points for this and next year but had many RCI points. I have a studio booked for a Christmas trip to WDW. I decided this was not enough space for my parents and me. RCI confirmed a reservation for a 2 bedroom, I was excited and invited other family members to join us. Then RCI called and said they had made a mistake because my home property falls within 30miles of WDW I can not use RCI points at WDW. I either need to find a way to get a one time exception to this rule or someone who is an RCI member with a home property outside the 30 mile radius with either a week or 115,500 points so that I could transfer my points to them and they could book the room for me as a guest. Has anyone else had this problem? Does anyone know away around this rule? Thanks!
  5. IndianaKat

    IndianaKat New Member

    Hi everyone! I'm new to the boards but I'm a lifelong Disney fan. I finally got an annual pass this year and I don't think I'll ever give it up. The next trip I am planning is for October/November for the Food and Wine Festival a.k.a. the happiest time of the year at the happiest place on earth :goodvibes :earsboy: :banana:
  6. How do you post a thread??
  7. sharplookingmouse

    sharplookingmouse New Member

    Hi everyone!

    New here and planning a trip; a friend told me this was the best place on the internet for all things Disney so I'm checking it out!
  8. GerryW80

    GerryW80 New Member

    Hey friends im making my first post starting from the welcome mat here! warm greetings to everyone on the community. happy postings:)
  9. Loves2sail

    Loves2sail New Member

    Happy to be on here I am new to the board. We are taking our first DIS magic cruise next month. THis board is very helpful!
  10. Angebee

    Angebee New Member

    Hey there, hi there, ho there! :smickey: I've been stalking for a bit but decided to finally make it official. While not a stranger to Disney World (past trips in siggy) this IS my first time trying to PLAN one. And I'm Mad Hatter enough to try and bring my parents and kid sister along with me. It's all worth it to see Mickey again, though! Looking forward to hearing some great tips and paying it forward once we (hopefully) go in February.
  11. disjseag

    disjseag New Member


    New to the boards but not to Disney. So glad to have found the boards!
  12. Iamajoy79

    Iamajoy79 I love my hubby, but my heart belongs to Mickey...

    Hi Everyone - I'm new on the boards. I've been a Disneyholic forever! My husband thinks I need to go to Disneyanonymous....I figure this is pretty close. I've lurked for quite a bit and feel that this is a place I can be myself and not be judged by my obsession for everything Dis..... Glad to be here!
  13. bunch

    bunch New Member

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to the Forum.......We're going to WDW! We are staying on site at Pop Century, 5 days and nights with the Dining Plan. Yeah! I'm so excited. We will be at MNSSHP on the eve of Oct 23rd.
    First meal is at TREX! :earboy2:
  14. Melissahac99

    Melissahac99 New Member

    Planning a trip to WDW for Nov 2012. These boards are awesome!
  15. Glittercat

    Glittercat New Member

    Hello! New to the boards but not Disney! My husband and I honeymooned at Walt Disney World 13 years ago! Last year we were finally able to bring our children to the magical land! They loved the trip, and we're planning our next vacation to the land of the Mouse for September 2013! Last time I had to be in my little wheelchair for the entirety of the trip, and it will be the same this time. However, this time we're getting a wheelchair comfy room ;). We're saving for our trip and are putting the down payment on it today...once we've chosen a resort... :rotfl:
  16. B7londie

    B7londie New Member

    Also new to the boards, but not new to Disney! I found out about this website through the WDW FB profile, in the questions thread. So glad I did!

  17. cagedzebra2

    cagedzebra2 New Member

    I'm also new and would like to say hi, I know we'll have plenty of fun on here while learning tons of info
  18. ronalee

    ronalee New Member

    Hope there is room for one more lurker :cool2:
  19. Glittercat

    Glittercat New Member

    Greetings to the other newbies! *smiles*~ Rebecca :wave2:
  20. Rgdoll

    Rgdoll New Member

    When I registered, somehow a letter was ommitted from my user name. How do I fix that? & how do I change my password? I have the Disboard app, & I can't find anywhere on there to fix this problem.
  21. henry lutz

    henry lutz New Member

    just joined up

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