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Welcome to the DIS Boards!!

Discussion in 'Welcome to the DIS' started by WebmasterPete, Sep 14, 2003.

  1. North of Mouse

    North of Mouse New Member

    Thank you so much! With my computer savvy DH's help I am now back to normal with my log in :goodvibes
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  3. sg1

    sg1 New Member

    hi ppl Im new to the boards.. Im going to disney in september with my girlfriend. we were both there seperately when we were young so dont really remember too much. I joined up to get some much needed tips and advice. I look forward to chatting with you all!
  4. lswnson

    lswnson New Member

    Has anyone ever taken WDW trip totally alone? I'm seriously contemplating doing this in Dec. for 5 days--the thought of being able to do what I want, when I want to do it really appeals to me. Wondering if any other adult has done this and loved it or regretted it?
  5. lovetoscrap

    lovetoscrap <font color=navy>Sees tag fairy posts that aren't Moderator

    We have an entire forum dedicated to Adult and Solo travelers: http://www.disboards.com/forumdisplay.php?f=54 There are many over there that love to talk about their experiences.
  6. sarahbell

    sarahbell New Member

    Hello everyone! After reading and lurking on this board for hours and hours, it's about time I introduce myself. I will be going to DL with my DH, DD (3.75 years), and DS (20 mo) this June. It will be my 3rd trip to DL, but 1st w/ the kids; though we went to DW last year when DS was 4 mo. We went with DH's big family and just followed them around. Now I am the planner and have lots to learn. So excited! Thanks all for the wealth of info here!
  7. ColleenCali

    ColleenCali New Member

    Hi! I'm new here, trying to figure out my way around this place. Hubs and I went to WDW for our Honeymoon in 2000 and are starting to plan our first trip with our son; he will be 5 then. We're planning a Spring 2013 trip! :thumbsup2
  8. teal12hearts

    teal12hearts New Member

    Hi, I am new to dis boards and I am wondering how you can start your own thread. Also, how do you start a countdown.
  9. MissBrit

    MissBrit Disney Diva

    :wave2: After years of accidentally abandoning the site, I'm back with a new username! I am a recent college graduate, going back to WDW after about 4 years. I couldn't be more excited!

    It's nice to be back :wave:
  10. hollysurly

    hollysurly Hire character. Train skill.

    Hello everyone,

    I am the newest member here and just wanted to drop by and introduce myself.
  11. Olinecoach61

    Olinecoach61 New Member

    Hi everyone! I'm new to the board but have been reading it for a while. Heading to the world in July!
  12. Rennick

    Rennick New Member

    New to the boards. Love the site!
  13. titi0508

    titi0508 New Member

    Hi, my name is Maria and I'm new to this site. I wish I had found it before, since we are going on our WDW vacation in only 10 days. We are a family of 5 traveling from Hawaii.
    So far I love this site, itmhas amazing and very helpful information!!!
  14. aPiratesLife4M3

    aPiratesLife4M3 New Member

    I just wanted to say hi and announce to the world that we are planning our 6th WDW vacation in October. This will be the first time we have stayed somewhere other than Pop, and we will miss Pop but POR French Quarter: HERE WE COME!! DH and I were married in Jackson Square of New Orleans in October 2009 so we expect to feel right at home at PORFQ. Can't wait. Pretty excited to do Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween party again too. We live to see the Headless Horseman gallop out and start the spooky fun. :yay:
  15. ERmickeyRN

    ERmickeyRN New Member

    never really posted but figured it was time to jump in.
  16. ghtx

    ghtx New Member

    I am new here too. Looking forward to the discussions.
  17. MSierra123

    MSierra123 New Member

    After lurking on these wonderful boards for a few months, I figured I would come out and say hello.

    We will be going to WDW in August. It will be our family's first time there. I am enjoying all the wonderful tips and reading all the trip reports. This is such a helpful board. I am so glad I found it.
  18. diana11

    diana11 New Member

    Hey guys I just wanted to say hello and this is a great Disney discussion board. I will be visiting it quite often. So I am looking forward to chatting with you guys. Have a great one.
  19. vikdeco

    vikdeco New Member

    Hey! I'm new on the forums. I've perused the site many time for info and finally said why not contribute!
  20. 11point5

    11point5 New Member

    For the past 3 months I've been spending 95% of my free time lurking the amazingly helpful and interesting posts on here and I finallyyyy joined! I LOVE these boards and I'm so happy to be able to contribute now! :) Our trip isn't until October, but reading through everyone else's experiences is helping the 129 days FLY by!!!
  21. LongLiveDisney

    LongLiveDisney New Member

    I'm somewhat new here too! I joined in December but never got around to visiting! I feel so welcome already! How great it is to be surrounded by fellow Disney fans! I look forward to a long-lasting bond with my new Disney Family! :)

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