We won Dream Fastpasses..twice!!!

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  1. chigirl

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    Jul 24, 2005
    Just returned from 10/22-10/29 trip and am happy to say we won Dream fastpasses twice. First time was on 10/23 at MK...as we were getting on Buzz Lightyear, a CM handed them to us and said "Yeah, you won Dream Fastpasses!"
    (I guess we had missed the whole speech because we stopped in line to tie my son's shoe!) That was cool!

    Then on 10/25 (DH's birthday) we won again! Just after the Rod Sterling video clip on TOT, when the room goes dark...when the lights came back on there was a CM there who did a little speech about it being the year of a million dreams, etc. yeah! We were excited.

    I also witnessed a little boy on Peter Pan get picked as "The rider of the day"...he was awarded a certificate and led on to the ride.

    We saw lots of dream cloud ears all week, which was what we REALLY wanted to win, but we can't complain!!!! Winning twice was great!!

    The cool part was on TOT two men about 50 years old were riding without their wives and they won the fastpasses. They didn't know about the event, so they thought it was just soooo cool. We saw them a few minutes later on RNRC and their wives were with and were bummed about not winning. The men were like "we rule!"...it was pretty funny.

    Oh, we were also picked for the Family Fun Day Parade and had a blast acting like goons!!!! :wizard:
  2. mama2ella

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    Sep 26, 2006
    very neat!! sounds like a magical trip :)

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