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We finally booked AKV Kidani Village!!

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by Polynesian27, Mar 13, 2013.

  1. Polynesian27

    Polynesian27 Member

    After much researching and advice from this board we finally made a decision for our summer 2013 trip and booked an 8 night stay at Animal Kingdom Kidani Village Savanna View!! We are so excite and hoping we made the right decision. We were set on BC then changed our minds to OKW, then changed our minds again and really wanted BLT (LOL you get the point!!) We finally decided on AKV to try something new, see animals from our balcony, and certainly loved the kids splash area for our 1 year old! I'm stiill nervous about walking over to Jambo for QS but I guess it will be ok? Does anybody know if you can use the DDP for room service at Kidani Village? Thanks so much!
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  3. DevonsDisneyMom

    DevonsDisneyMom Mouseketeer

    Yeah!! Congrats!! I'm sure you will love it!!! And yes you can use the DDP for room service. Have fun!!! Only 91 days till we arrive at Kidani!!! Can't wait!!
  4. mmmears

    mmmears DIS Veteran

    Congrats! I hope you love it there. If you don't want to walk to Jambo to get to the Mara, you can hop on any parks bus (just not a DTD bus) since they stop at Jambo right after Kidani. Also, when we there there was a bar by the Kidani pool where you could order light meals as well (limited menu compared to Mara, but people were eating by the pool). :goodvibes
  5. letsgoreds

    letsgoreds Mouseketeer

    Not sure if you will have a car or not, but that was one of the surprisingly best things about staying at Kidani. We were steps away from the Zazu elevators (they name the elevators after different AK characters to help you remember), and could park 'underneath' the resort, again, steps away from the elevator, so door to door took 1 minute each day. MAJOR time saver vs. our stays at Jambo house, WL and BLT. We never hunted for parking. If you want to be closest to Jambo house (to walk), near the Zazu elevators is what you like...however it is on the opposite side of the pool.

    We never needed QS, as we had food for breakfast (one of the reasons we stay at DVC) in our rooms, and were at the parks for lunch and dinner. Never even made it to Sanaa, one of the restaurants at WDW we really wanted to try.

    I remember reading about the cool bento box style of the pool meals, definitely worth a shot (was on our list...but again, never ate at AKL!).
  6. suetoo

    suetoo Member

    You will love it there! Saw soooo many animals every morning and evening from our balcony. It feels like a whole different world from the rest of WDW...in a good way!!!
  7. LeahA

    LeahA Mouseketeer

    You will have a fantastic time! My favorite resort is AKL-Kidani Village. We owned a DVC here until recently which we had to sell.

    We loved the pool are for our kids as well. The walk is moderate to Jambo and Mara, but you could take the resort bus like a previous poster advised. We love Sanaa our favorite Disneyworld Restaurant, followed by Boma.

    TIP-Check with the front desk when you arrive about the savanna you are on on and when the majority of the animals will be there. We did see different animals at different times of the day but only in the late afternoon did we see a large amount of animals on our savanna. You don't want to be away from your room and miss out!

    Have an amazing, amazing time. It truly is a wonderful resort, take time to look around at all the incredible African Art at Jambo house and at Kidani, you can really submerse yourself and it does really feel like you are far away from home!!
  8. nelsonkg

    nelsonkg Member

    We got room servicec twice and it was delicious:)
  9. Polynesian27

    Polynesian27 Member

    Thanks so much everyone, I'm even more excited now after all your messages!! Let the countdown begin!!
  10. FantasiaMagic

    FantasiaMagic Mouseketeer

    Thats great!!!! I stayed there this past summer and had a great time. For the jambo qs situation - i did not walk but we did take the bus over. Its not so bad. It just gets a little annoying if u want something quick. I would suggesr having some things in your room to eat. That helped my family a lot.

    Have a great time and the animals and the pool are amazing!

    -FantasiaMagic princess:
  11. 66Tink

    66Tink Member

    We absolutely LOVED Kidani...it is DH's favorite resort :thumbsup2 We stayed in a one bedroom savannah view and it was so worth it. When we did not feel like walking to Jambo for QS, we took the bus. After eating at Jambo we grabbed a drink at the pool bar while DD made friends and swam in the pool. I think you made a great choice...happy planning and enjoy :goodvibes
  12. Miss Monorail 1971

    Miss Monorail 1971 Please Stand Clear of the Door

    We are heading there too! 115 days and we will be in our 1 bedroom Savanna view. Any suggestions on a good room request?
  13. 333disneymom

    333disneymom Mouseketeer

    Congrats! We are doing our first stay there this August! We are AKV owners and can't wait to go "home." I have a feeling we are not going to want to leave -- not that we ever do.

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  14. Congrats! We're doing our first stay at Kidani as well in three short weeks. Same logic, think my 1 yr old will LOVE the water play area!
  15. Polynesian27

    Polynesian27 Member

    We have a 1 year old too and the water play area for toddlers was one of the main reasons we went with Kidani. Please let me know how your trip goes, maybe you can give me some trip tips!
  16. Will do -can't wait! Splashing during the day and a lovely savannah view for naps and early bedtime. Sounds heavenly -less than three weeks now!!
  17. Harlemgirl720

    Harlemgirl720 Mouseketeer

    Have a great stay. Its one of my home resorts. There is a shuttle that takes you back and forth from Kidani to Jambo. Just ask out front. The walk isn't bad. No more than 10 mins.

    I would request Sunset Savannah close to lobby.
  18. nhmommy

    nhmommy Member

    I believe that room service is extra credits on the DDP but I'm not sure about that.
    You will love the splash area!! My 18 mo thought it was the greatest and we booked at the AKL again this year even though we wanted to try a different resort because the splash area for my youngest who will be almost 18months.
  19. stormer

    stormer Mouseketeer

    You made a great choice. You will love it and your little one will love the pool area. You can take the shuttle to Jambo also, instead of the bus. It is just a large van that goes back and forth all day. We never waited more than five minutes for it.
  20. Polynesian27

    Polynesian27 Member

    Thanks so much! Does anyone know what the best rooms are for being close to the pool and lobby?

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