We Came, We Saw, We ATE The World! 11 Nights Dlx DP *9/2 Yak & Yeti*

Discussion in 'Disney Dining Reviews' started by JessicaKnits, Mar 6, 2014.

  1. JessicaKnits

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    Welcome everyone!

    We just returned from an incredible 11 night trip to Disney's Art of Animation with the Deluxe Dining Plan.

    There is lots and lots and LOTS of food to tell you about, so I hope you will join along with us.

    What you will find in this Dining Review:

    Two trips to see a manager, one for outstanding service, one for horrible service. Can you guess which one is where?

    28 ADRs!

    44 Snacks (including several from the Flower & Garden booths!)

    Lots and lots of seafood!

    Amazing desserts!

    Tales of dining at Disney with special dietary needs

    Drinks ALL the way around the World!

    What you won't find in this Dining Review:

    Fantastic pictures of steak. We are both pescetarian. For those not familiar, we will eat fish and shellfish, but no land animals. So no poultry, beef, or pork. We both chose a pescetarian diet for primarily health reasons vs. ethical reasons. That is a different story for a different time and place. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask though.

    Up Next: Introductions!
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  3. JessicaKnits

    JessicaKnits New Member


    Day 1 (Arrival Day) - February 22nd

    Lunch - Landscape of Flavors @ Art of Animation
    Drinks @ The Drop Off Pool Bar
    Dinner - Fulton's Crab House @ Downtown Disney

    Day 2 - February 23rd

    Breakfast - Crystal Palace @ Magic Kingdom
    Lunch - Kona Café @ The Polynesian
    Dinner - Tony's Town Square @ Magic Kingdom

    Day 3 - February 24th

    Breakfast - The Wave @ The Contemporary
    Drinks Around The World (Part 1)
    Lunch - Coral Reef @ Epcot
    Drinks Around The World (Part 2)
    Dinner - La Hacienda de San Angel @ Epcot
    Snack from France

    Day 4 - February 25th

    Breakfast - Tusker House @ Animal Kingdom
    Lunch - Snacks @ Animal Kingdom
    Dinner - Sanaa @ Kidani Village

    Day 5 - February 26th

    Breakfast - Captain's Grille @ The Yacht Club
    Lunch - Mama Melrose @ Hollywood Studios - Fantasmic! Package
    Snacks - The Boardwalk Bakery @ The Boardwalk
    Dinner - Flying Fish @ The Boardwalk

    Day 6 - February 27th

    Breakfast - Cinderella's Royal Table w/ a Special Surprise @ Magic Kingdom
    Lunch - Be Our Guest @ Magic Kingdom
    Dinner - Ohana @ The Polynesian

    Day 7 - February 28th

    Breakfast - Snacks @ Landscape of Flavors
    Lunch - Yak & Yeti @ Animal Kingdom

    Dinner - California Grill @ The Contemporary

    Day 8 - March 1st

    Breakfast - Olivia's Café @ Old Key West
    Lunch - Raglan Road @ Downtown Disney
    Dinner - Kona Café @ The Polynesian

    Day 9 - March 2nd

    Lunch - Captain's Grille @ The Yacht Club
    Dinner - Sci Fi Diner @ Hollywood Studios

    Day 10 - March 3rd

    Breakfast - Grand Floridian Café @ The Grand Floridian
    Lunch - Via Napoli @ Epcot
    Dinner - Biergarten @ Epcot

    Day 11 - March 4th

    Breakfast - Kouzzina @ The Boardwalk
    Lunch - 50's Prime Time Café @ Hollywood Studios
    Dinner - Narcoossee's @ The Grand Floridian

    Day 11 (Departure Day) - March 5th

    Snacks around World Showcase for Flower & Garden @ Epcot
    Lunch - Landscape of Flavors @ Art of Animation
    Snack - Landscape of Flavors @ Art of Animation
  4. chocolateMinnie

    chocolateMinnie New Member

    I'm in. Looking forward to reading your reviews
  5. chinarider

    chinarider New Member

    thanks for sharing, I look forward to reading .
  6. rachel09985

    rachel09985 New Member

    So glad you are back and had a wonderful time! Can't wait to hear about it and see food porn!!
  7. JessicaKnits

    JessicaKnits New Member

    Thank you for stopping by! I hope I don't disappoint!

    Thanks for joining!
  8. JessicaKnits

    JessicaKnits New Member

    Hey Rach! Sorry to miss you! I hope you guys have a great time on your trip! Perhaps something sparkly as a souvenir?
  9. JessicaKnits

    JessicaKnits New Member

    So, I know that most people don't read dining reviews to get to know every detail about a person or their trip. You're here for the good stuff, the food, and I don't blame you. I thought it would help though to briefly introduce us!

    So...here we are!


    I'm Jessica. I'm the one sporting the fantastic purple ears. I'm 26 and this was my third trip to Disney. It's also the third time I've done the Deluxe Dining Plan. After this trip, I'm not sure that I would do it again! I love sushi of all kinds, and have never met a cupcake or carbohydrate I didn't love. Being a Wisconsin girl, I also love anything cheesy. I absolutely hate chunky tomatoes and peas and as mentioned earlier, only eat fish and shellfish as far as meat goes.

    My bestie is Megan, and she is the one showing off those awesome pink ears. This was her first trip to Disney, and honestly I wasn't sure how she would like everything! Megan is super picky about just about everything, including service. She is also a pescetarian, although she changed about two months before our trip, so everything is very new to her. She also suffers from a mild case of lactose intolerance, so tends to avoid ice cream, cheese and other forms of dairy, although a few of them did make an appearance during the trip.
  10. rachel09985

    rachel09985 New Member

    Lol not this trip :) This one is with my sister and friend! However, we now are going to Disneyland in July
  11. jenninaustin

    jenninaustin New Member

    can't wait!
  12. JessicaKnits

    JessicaKnits New Member

    How awesome! I hope you are going to do a TR, sounds like fun! And come on Corey! Make it happen!

    Thanks for joining along!
  13. BOG Obsessed

    BOG Obsessed Foodie & Disney Lover= Pure Bliss

    Subbing to this report.
    Can't wait to read it.:thumbsup2
  14. JessicaKnits

    JessicaKnits New Member

    Thanks for joining!
  15. JessicaKnits

    JessicaKnits New Member

    For lunch on arrival day, we had been thinking of going to Wolfgang Puck Express. We were going to have a rental car this trip, but were picking it up on site. We were STARVING when we arrived around noon, and our rental pick up time was at 3:00 PM. We didn't really feel like taking the bus to Downtown Disney, so we opted for the next best thing...Landscape of flavors. We opted to split an entree and a snack credit here to save room for Fulton's later on.

    For our entree, we had...


    Surf and Surf Burger - Crab Cake topped with fried Popcorn shrimp, tomato, lettuce, and cajun remoulade on a brioche bun served with coleslaw or house-seasoned fries $10.99

    We ordered this without the tomato and opted for fries instead of coleslaw. This was awesome! The crab cake was more crab than filler, and had good flavor and was crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. Ditto for the fried shrimp on top. The remoulade added some spice, but was not overpowering and the brioche was light and buttery. The only downside to this is that they would NOT cut this in half for us, so we had to do that ourselves with a regular knife, so it didn't look as pretty after we were done with it.

    For our snack credit, we opted for something that popped up on the Disney Food Blog only a few days prior. Here's where things got a little complicated.

    This is what we ordered...


    This was the "snack" of naan bread and dipping sauces. The sauces were mango chutney, coriander (cilantro) chutney and Tandoori sauce. Here is where things got a little confusing. The "snack" of naan, is supposed to have two pieces of naan. I didn't realize until we sat down that we only got one. Really though, two wasn't enough anyway to soak up all that amazing sauce. So, I headed back to the food court, asked for two more pieces of naan, and went to check out. The total? $6!!! How can that be I asked, since the naan WITH dipping sauce was that much. The cashier insisted that if I wanted more naan, then I needed to pay $6. I was not about to fork over $6 nor burn a snack credit on it. I went back to the counter and asked if it was correct and was told it was not, it should be $1.19 each. Back to the cashier we went and it was all sorted out. Naan bread successfully retrieved, we finished enjoying our meal. I have to say, this was probably the single best use of a snack credit of the entire trip. The sauces were all soooo flavorful and just YUM!

    Up Next: Drinks @ The Drop Off Pool Bar
  16. huggiebear23

    huggiebear23 Can't wait for Disney!!!

    That burger looks amazing!! I'm totally trying it!
  17. SueQ1

    SueQ1 New Member

    Looks good so far. Can't wait to see the rest.
  18. vettegirl

    vettegirl Proud USAF Wife!

    Wow who knew they had such an awesome burger there!

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  19. wilma-bride

    wilma-bride <font color=990099>Would love a diet on Cadbury Fl Moderator

    Great start to your reviews. That naan bread looks absolutely delicious (for the longest time, my son called it ba-naan bread). Over here they tend to put nigella seeds in it, which I don't like - couldn't see any in that though. Can't believe they tried to charge you $6 for the extra bread :scared1:
  20. JessicaKnits

    JessicaKnits New Member

    It was awesome! Much better than I expected.

    Thank you!

    Right?! It was awesome!

    There were no seeds in the naan! Just wonderful, buttery, bready goodness!
  21. Miss Potts

    Miss Potts New Member

    I'm def in for this DR...

    I saw that naan on DFB too and thought it looked great... Glad you figured out the confusion and didn't let the sauces go to waste!

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