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We came, we ate, we conquered: Our full-filling trip to Paris & 10 day Med!

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Trip Reports' started by pixie08, Sep 1, 2010.

  1. pixie08

    pixie08 New Member

    Updated in blog!:surfweb:
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  3. SettinSail

    SettinSail Cruise With Me Baby

    So sorry you got pickpocketed in Barcelona:goodvibes I am always telling my friends here that I know someone who got pickpocketed and to be careful there!

    Our room was directly under the dance floor of Rockin' Bar D and if we were in the room late at night we could hear the music well enough to identify the song as well as all the stomping (sounded like to us!) of the people on the dance floor! Luckily, they did not stay open too late and we were so tired every night anyway!

    Great trip report so farpopcorn::

  4. LuluLovesDisney

    LuluLovesDisney <font color=red>If you're not outraged, you're not

    Just found this now. Thanks for sharing! I fantasized about going on this cruise, I always wanted to do it but between teaching school and going to graduate school, the time wasn't right. Hope to hear more when life isn't so hectic!! <3
  5. MinnieDiva

    MinnieDiva Obsessive Trip Planner

    Glad to see you've started updating the blog again! It's like going on the cruise all over again!
  6. pixie08

    pixie08 New Member

    Thanks everyone!

    Kim- I know I feel like I am reliving it lol!
  7. DisGirlAllie

    DisGirlAllie <font color=darkorchid>I can bust some pretty smoo

    Subbing :)

    Love it so far!
  8. pixie08

    pixie08 New Member

    Thank you!
  9. SettinSail

    SettinSail Cruise With Me Baby

    Mary, what hotel did you stay at in Paris? We are having a hard time finding one to accomodate 3, in good area, not too expensive, not too tiny that has good reviews!


    ETA: Oops.....sorry, I just found the name on your blog!
  10. pixie08

    pixie08 New Member

    We stayed at the Hotel Dusquenne Eiffel. It's in the 7th by the tower and a ton of good restauraunts. It was like a 10 min walk to the tower, and some of the rooms have tower views. I think the superior rooms must be pretty decent in size because ours was a standard (but I am not sure the bed configurations...they may have 2 doubles?), and while it was small it was not the smallest I ahve ever been in. The price were great too! I know there are quite a few good ones in that area. It's where the emabssies are and it's a bit resedential so it is not super touristy which was nice. Also Rue Cler food market was so great.

    PS I don't know if you want to stay at an American chain or a boutique french hotel...but there is also a hilton I believe with tower views which is supposed to be nice, and they probably have family friendly accomadations.
  11. pixie08

    pixie08 New Member

    We are in Malta!
  12. SettinSail

    SettinSail Cruise With Me Baby

    Malta was beautiful!!! :cloud9: We did the same tour as you but we went to the fishing village first. After the tour, we had a quick lunch onboard, then rode the Malta bus into town and toured St John's Co-Cathedral. It was truly one of the most ornate cathedrals I've seen in all of Europe. It's almost completely gilded inside, the treasures and opulence are from the Knights. The bus ride was hilarious, did you see those colorful buses that are like 60 or more years old. There's a guide on there telling you about Malta but also telling you to shut up! sit down! every few seconds:laughing:

    So......I inquired for a room at Dusquenne Eiffel and they do have a triple available! It's 16 square meters, which is 172 sq ft so it will be about 13' x
    13' and has a double bed and a twin bed in it:scared1: It's 217 euros a night which I thought was quite expensive. But you can't beat the location and it is rated #28 on tripadvisor out of over 1800 hotels. We have to let them know by 4:00 tomorrow. My back-up hotel is Novotel Les Halles which is only 117 euros per night and is rated #234 on tripadvisor with mixed reviews but I think it looks OK. We are leaning towards splurging for something nice since it's our birthdays. I could not find a Hilton near the tower so it may be another brand. I'm really tired of researching and just want to book something! Thanks for your help!:goodvibes

  13. pixie08

    pixie08 New Member

    That is high! I think we paid 150 E. If you want o sluuuurge have you considered the Westin? Lori stayed there and loved it. She liked the location, it is a little touristy though. I guess they sold the Hilton? My friend stayed there a few years ago- yikes lol!
  14. akluss

    akluss New Member

    We were on the 11 night cruise that left on August 28th. I also thought Malta was stunning and quite interesting to tour and learn about. We did the Disney "Tale of Two Cities" tour and got to see much of Valletta and then drove to the smaller town of Mdina. It's funny because just the other day my 17 year old daughter said one thing she would have liked to have done on the cruise was to get a t-shirt from the Hard Rock Malta, as she said, how many people have been there?

    I am enjoying reliving the trip through your report and beautiful pictures, looking forward to more, Karyn
  15. Willem

    Willem Need Magic?

    Great report! We're taking this cruise this summer so this is a great way to get an idea on what to expect.

    to SettinSail: The Hilton next to the Eiffel Tower has been bought by Accor and is now named Pullman. It's a great hotel, stayed there last summer and really loved it!
  16. SettinSail

    SettinSail Cruise With Me Baby

    Yeah, their rates for singles/doubles are quite reasonable. I've decided if you need a triple in Paris you are just going to pay out the nose! I probably should have booked the Novotel when I saw it yesterday for 117 euros, it is showing 164 euros per night now, wondering if I saw it wrong yesterday? The Westin is 405 euros per night and is ranked #400 and something on TA. I bit the bullet and booked the Dusquene. It is so highly ranked and such a great location. I think we will just not enjoy the size of the room, lol.

  17. pixie08

    pixie08 New Member

    You are going to lkie it I think. It is a small hotel (the lift and hallways are small, rooms not too bad), nothing like the novotel or Westin. It is neighborhood boutique hotel, but still very parisian chic! It was very quiet which was nice.Decent breakfast too. We bit the bullet and booked and we were happy we did. It was much easier than trekking out looking for breakfast....even though if you want to that is possible. There are two nice cafe's down the block, and rue cler just a few blocks away!
  18. pixie08

    pixie08 New Member

    Tunisia (well sort of:laughing:)!
  19. VickidiBobbidiBoo

    VickidiBobbidiBoo New Member

    Great trip report so far! Can't wait to hear about your private tour from Naples - we are looking for a recommendation for a tour when we go in June!!! In just 4 months we'll be on our way to Europe - can't believe it!!:cloud9:
  20. pixie08

    pixie08 New Member

  21. pixie08

    pixie08 New Member

    I've posted my Naples recap.

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