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We Ate WDW! 10 Days on Free DDP with LOTS of PHOTOS!! COMPLETED!

Discussion in 'Disney Dining Reviews' started by Eeyore's Tailfinder, Oct 6, 2007.

  1. Leslieann1024

    Leslieann1024 Member

    Uh huh, fooled you there didn't I? See that crazed look in my eye - never try to seperate this lady from the schoolbread. Back. Away. Slowly. This was soooo good, and this coming from someone who thinks dessert stops at chocolate and cheesecake.

    OMG, I loved this ! The look in your eyes speaks volumes ! ! !

    Loving your trippie so far !

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  3. butterfly8

    butterfly8 Member

    DLRP is Disney Land Resort Paris :thumbsup2
  4. HeidiGW

    HeidiGW Member

    You crack me up! Love the pics...but you better watch Mr. van Pelt, sounds like he'd like to wrap his blanket around you!!!!
  5. BillyFan

    BillyFan <font color=deeppink>My white-trashiest chefy mome

    I just found your TR, and I'm loving it. Keep 'em coming!!!!
  6. crunchymomma

    crunchymomma Member

    What a great review.... Can't wait for more!
  7. Eeyore's Tailfinder

    Eeyore's Tailfinder Active Member

    Next up, Sci-Fi Dine In Theater. I had really wanted to eat here because I thought the restaurant was so cool! But, I had heard a lot of bad reviews, so I wasn't sure if I wanted to waste a TS credit here. In the end, we decided to go for lunch here, grab a burger and pay OOP.

    We were wondering about MGM for a while before we found it. I knew it was near the ABC Comissary, but I just missed the little lane that it's down. We finally found it and checked in at the podium. There was absolutely no wait here and we were soon escorted to our table. I was really happy to see that we'd gotten a car table, but the location kinda ruined it a bit as we were right on the outskirts, very near the kitchen which ruined the atmosphere of being in a drive-in a little bit. We were hitchhikers to another family.

    Our server came around and he seemed nice enough, although I was very close to throwing the next car's dessert on him when he told the family in front that we were from "England" after we said we were from Wales.

    I had heard reports of food taking ages to come out, so I was really pleased to see that it didn't take long at all! We had skipped on the appetizers and just ordered entrees, since we had a really early dinner ADR at 50s Prime Time.

    Els got the Angus Chuck Burger, and a Strawberry Shake for a drink:
    He thought the burger was really good, and he said the milkshake was one of the best he's ever had. I think he really lucked out with his meal compared to other reports!

    I got the BBQ Chicken Breast Sandwich with a Sprite:
    I thought it was alright. I've had worse, but I've definately had better. Both the roll and the chicken were quite dry and it definately needed more BBQ Sauce. I felt like they'd just shown the BBQ Sauce to the sandwich.

    I really regretted not getting a milkshake too - I didn't try Els' as I don't like strawberry milkshake, but I would've loved a chocolate one! I didn't choose one as I was so thirsty and wanted a cold drink, so I was gutted when the server brought a glass of water for Els to drink with his milkshake!

    Ambience: This restaurant is a really cool restaurant and the clips are really fun. I wish we had been more central rather than on the outskirts though. This is one of Disney's coolest themed restaurants and they seem to think that is enough to keep bringing people back. We thought the place was great, the food average, below par for a TS.

    Overall: As above, ambience is really cool, food isn't the best. I am glad to say I expected much worse, so in that sense it exceeded my expectations. Except for the England comment, our server was really nice and friendly, and brought water for Els without him having to ask.

    H RATING: 5/10
    E RATING: 7/10
    WOULD WE EAT HERE AGAIN? Els wanted to on our next trip, but I voted against it. It cost nearly $40 for 2 burgers and fries, a shake and a Sprite. We got better burgers at some CS places using our free credits, so we'll go other places next time. It's a shame - if the food was a bit better, I'd come back as the place is so cool.
  8. Eeyore's Tailfinder

    Eeyore's Tailfinder Active Member

    Again, thank you for all the nice comments guys - they are all much appreciated!! It's 12.45pm here in Wales, I haven't had lunch yet, and now I am STARVING!!
  9. disneymom2twins

    disneymom2twins As my nephew says...."Chip and Dip"

    Very much enjoying your report. Thank you for your hard work.
  10. angelmav

    angelmav Active Member

    Great reviews and I have to agree about Sci-Fi
  11. Eeyore's Tailfinder

    Eeyore's Tailfinder Active Member

    We were very much looking forward to our next ADR - 50s Prime Time Cafe! When I first started looking at ADRs, this had been an immediate 'No!' for me - it just didn't seem like fun! However the more I looked at it, and the more I got into the Disney spirit, it began to sound more and more appealing, so when ADR time rolled around, I got us one there.

    There were no problems with finding this one! We went in and they seemed very busy, but we were checked in in no time. We heard a couple of people being turned away, saying they were booked solid for a couple of months. Even the waiting area of the restaurant seemed really cute - sofas, old TVs, and of course the 50s bar!

    We thought we'd be waiting a while, so Els goes ahead and orders a beer from the bar. I remember the server here being quite rude - I can't remember exactly what she did to make us think that as it was Els that was ordering, but I do remember joking that maybe it was part of the 50s routine :laughing: No sooner than we find a table to prop ourselves up at, our name is called! It couldn't have been longer than 10 minutes from the time we set foot in the door, to when we got called.

    We were led to our table, and unfortunately we didn't get a TV table. But the way we were sat meant we could see a TV and the placing was just as cute. A few minutes later our server came by and introduced herself - making sure that we cousins (us and the table next to us) weren't squabbling. She said we could order anything, and as she had the keys to Dad's liquor cabinet she could get us anything alcoholic too. I pretty much knew what I wanted, but Els didn't so we perused the menu first. Our cousin went off to get some chores for us to do, so I was really excited that we were going to be part of the 50sPT shenanigans.

    She came back and set down a little basket with salt and dressings - I totally wanted to take the basket home with me! It had a Mickey design and was soooo cute! We ordered and the food didn't take too long after that.

    Els ordered the Beer Battered Onion Rings to start:
    He really liked these and thought it was a really good portion! He offered me one, of which I took a bite because I had my own app, and they were really good. Fresh and hot :)

    I ordered the Fried Herb Cheese:
    Did anyone say cheese? Did anyone say fried? I'm there! I liked this app - it was a different cheese to what I'm used to in fried cheese (I absolutely love fried brie wedges), but it was good. The coating was hot, and the cheese warm. There was a lot of cheese for the small piece of bread, but I think it was the right amount as looking back I wouldn't have wanted to fill up on bread!!

    Next up, mains! Els ordered the Top Sirloin Steak:
    Note, he asked the server what was in the root vegetable hash and she answered that it was all the ugly vegetables growing in Dad's garden, all mashed up. He asked if he could sub for mash, and his prayers were answered. He enjoyed this, it was steak for crying out loud, but he really, I mean reeeeeaally wished he had ordered mine.

    I was between the Pot Roast and the Golden Fried Chicken, and I finally plumped for the roast:
    Oh my gosh, this was soooooo good! After obvious items like steak, this was easily one of the best entrees of the vacation (including our 11 nights on I Drive). I think my review could be quite possibly tainted by the fact that we had subsided on mainly burgers for nearly 3 weeks, but this was a JOY to eat! I had posted up a thread before about how I was worried that there was going to be fat on the meat, and as you've read in the intro, I absolutely hate fat. Well, it did have a small, very thin layer of fat on the top - but I easily scraped/peeled it off in one foul swoop leaving only the meaty goodness underneath to be enjoyed. So all you fat-haters out there like me - GO FORTH AND EAT 50s POT ROAST! The meat itself was really really tender, and literally fell off my fork - it was cooked to perfection! Guaranteed I'd never had pot roast before so I had nothing to compare with, but this was Mmm Mmm Good! Els had a bite and agreed it was delicious and was insanely jealous of me throughout the meal! The mash was hot and just the right consistency, although I left the veggies as I don't like celery (but I did try to pick the carrots and onions out to eat!)

    Dessert, although I could've eaten another plate of pot roast, was S'Mores for both of us. Neither of us had had S'mores before so this was a must try!
    Wow did these smell good! I must admit, I had seen photos of the S'mores pre-DDP and it was probably double this portion size BUT the portion we had was honestly just the right size. I couldn't have eaten a bigger portion. Now I love toasted marshmallows off a fire, and topped with melted chocolate? Now you're talking! Simple yet effective. I loved this dessert and it really hit the spot, although it was very sickly! Els had about 1/4 of his left before he admitted defeat. I think it was much too chocolately and sickly-sweet for him, and even though I demolished mine and thoroughly enjoyed it, I'd possibly had my sugar intake for the next 3 days. It's the type of dessert that makes you really thirsty, so have a drink ready before you tackle this badboy!

    Ambience - This is a really cute restaurant, and the theme is TOO cute! You don't really need a TV table because the action is going on all around you and chances are, you'll be able to see a TV wherever you are. We saw a lot of antics going on around us, and even though our server was really nice and pleasant - she never brought those promised chores. We would've liked to be a bit more part of the action, but it didn't really detract away from the experience that much.

    Overall: We loved the 50s Prime Time! The food was really good, especially the pot roast and the service was good too. There's nothing to dislike about this place, and oh did I mention the pot roast?

    H RATING: 8.5/10 (I think if we'd have gotten a little more involved, it would have got a 10 from me)
    8/10 (Ahhh, he's still hung up about the pot roast)
    WOULD WE EAT HERE AGAIN: Didn't you hear me?! I said Pot Roast!
  12. Eeyore's Tailfinder

    Eeyore's Tailfinder Active Member

    Ahhh now those pics are tiny!! Bear with me and I'll make em bigger :teeth:
  13. PinkPrincessZ

    PinkPrincessZ Member

    Hi Hayley! Pot roast, mmmmmm! I've always avoided 50's because of the antics, but maybe the food is worth it. :thumbsup2

    Looking forward to more!
  14. Eeyore's Tailfinder

    Eeyore's Tailfinder Active Member

    Hiya! Thanks for reading! That's what I thought at first, but I think they're pretty good at sensing when you just want to look at other people being made fun of, but not yourself!
  15. WDW Fan

    WDW Fan Member

    Just got caught up on all your dining reviews so far and I've been thoroughly entertained!!! You're such a great writer and you took such wonderful pictures of all your meals. I can't wait for your next update - hurry back!:)
  16. wilma-bride

    wilma-bride <font color=990099>Would love a diet on Cadbury Fl Moderator

    Great update Hayley :thumbsup2 We absolutely loved 50s Prime Time :)
  17. loveDmouse

    loveDmouse <font color=red>Mickey was first<br><font color=ro

    Thanks for the reviews. :thumbsup2
  18. wiggles02

    wiggles02 Member

    Loving your reviews!

    That cheesecake at WCC is my favorite. :goodvibes
  19. SheenaXena21

    SheenaXena21 Active Member

    I couldn't stop laughing when I read what your DBF said about the Beverly: It tastes like death! It's my BIL first time at WDW and I'm going to let him try this one and not say a word!

    Great Reviews!
  20. bless7ings

    bless7ings Active Member

    subscribing---got to hear the rest of the reviews! Enjoying them. I didn't know that Pinocchio Village overlooked It's A Small World! I'll have to try it out along with the Figaro Fries, yum yumm!
  21. PrincessNED

    PrincessNED <font color=teal>I can certainly attest it was not

    Subbing, Great reporting

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