WDW on Christmas Day ?????

Discussion in 'Disney for Families' started by jenshell75, Jan 8, 2010.

  1. jenshell75

    jenshell75 Mouseketeer

    Jan 4, 2010
    Hi and G'day.

    Ok please excuse me, this is my second post on DISboards and I am a little nervous. :blush:

    My name is Jenny and I am from Sydney Australia, I am planning on taking my Hubby and 2 kids to WDW for Christmas 2011. Now I know this is a long time away however after finding DISboards I think it's going to take me 18 months to plan it all, and as many people say on here the "planning" is the best part.

    I love to be super organised and as I plan on keeping this pretty much a secret then I need to do as much planing on the quiet as possible.

    NOW I am a CHRISTMAS NUT :santa: so I really want this trip to be super special or should I say super magical.

    So I have a few question about spending Christmas especially Christmas Day a WDW. I am looking at arriving on the 17th -18th December and staying till the 27th. I want to take the kids to MVMCP can anyone give me an idea when tickets go on sale? also do I dress the kids up????. What kind of weather and temps can I expect in December???

    Now for my other questions,

    What would you say is the best resort to stay at for Christmas?

    Where is the best place to have Christmas Day Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner. I want all the trimmings ( Turkey - Bon Bons - Decorations - Lights - Pudding )

    Where is the best place to purchase Disney Christmas Decorations ???

    What if any special activities or shows do they have on Christmas Day

    If anyone is able to help or link me to the appropriate forums or threads I would be sooooo pleased :yay:

    Even better if you have your own stories and photo memories to share I would be thrilled and privleged to share in your magical christmas :love::Pinkbounc

    Thanks in advance
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  3. laceemouse

    laceemouse DIS Veteran

    Apr 20, 2003
    Welcome to the Dis!!!!
    Christmas is a great time to go to WDW, it is so beautiful, however, if you wait until kids are out of school it gets VERY crowded. If you can, it would be better to go earlier in December. The decorations will all be up and MVMCP will be going on but you will not have the long lines. The week between Christmas and New Years is the most crowded week of the year at WDW, plus prices of the hotels are higher then.
    If you have to go with those dates, or just really WANT to be there on Christmas day, read, study, and research all you can. Now is a great time to start planning:)
  4. Leleluvsdis

    Leleluvsdis DIS Veteran

    Jan 24, 2007
    So excited to read more!!! We are planning our first trip to disney at christmas in december 2011 as well, but we are going the first week of dec. Don't feel bad, I've been planning since about June of last year:rotfl: CAn't wait to read more of your plans. I've heard grand floridian is BEAUTIFUL at christmas time. I would love to stay there if only for a couple nights during our stay:love:
  5. PelletierBears

    PelletierBears Mouseketeer

    Apr 8, 2008
    Hi there - Welcome!

    I'm also planning a Christmas trip but for 2010.

    As far as which hotel, all the resorts are decorated for the holiday but the Wilderness Lodge just has such a wonderful atmosphere especially with the fireplace! I think it really comes down to budget and taste (as far as decor).

    We were thinking of booking Christmas dinner at Liberty Tree Tavern in MK. They offer a traditional turkey dinner that I know we'll all want. I'm not sure if other restaurants offer the traditional turkey/ham dinner for Christmas day. I'd be interested to know!

    For shows, the Candlelight Processional looks really nice - it's in Epcot and you can find details on the Disney site.
    In DHS there are the Osborne Family Lights...they look incredible and are a must see from what I hear!

    By the way, from what I've read, MK is the most crowded on Christmas day...don't plan on riding many rides, etc just enjoy the atmosphere or go to another park.

    Decorations for your room....you can order a Christmas Tree from Disney but they're incredibly expensive! We plan on bringing some decorations with us (lights to drape over the mirror, small table top tree, stockings, etc). Not sure what you could bring with you in your luggage since you're coming from so far away.

    Have a great time planning your trip! I know I am! :thumbsup2
  6. Chokky

    Chokky Mouseketeer

    Nov 24, 2007
    Hi Jenny,
    I am an Australian now living in North America and just got back from a Christmas trip to WDW (Dec 11-Dec 23).

    As others have mentioned Christmas week is the absolute busiest time of the year at WDW and the crowds start pouring in once school finishes for Christmas break. If you are arriving on the 17th/18th that will be about the same time. So be prepared and organized.

    MVMCP events finish the week before Christmas and then everything that was offered at the party (other than the snow/cookies/hot chocolate) is part of the regular MK schedule - Parade, Holiday Wishes, Tomorrowland Christmas show). So decide if you want to spend that extra money and if it works with your schedule.
    Tickets go on sale a few months beforehand and the last couple usually sell out so you must buy ahead of time. Some people do dress up - Christmas Mickey hats, coloured/themed t-shirts or sweatshirts.

    As others have mentioned your dates also coincide with the highest season at WDW regarding hotels and the current rack rates for Christmas in standard rooms would be:
    Value - $139-$159 a night
    Moderate - $214-$234 a night
    Deluxe - $400 - $685 a night depending which Deluxe you choose.
    Of course these are rack rates and lots of deals and special offers usually come out but that is your starting point.
    So choosing a great Christmas hotel also depends on what you can afford.

    Disney Christmas decorations are available at the many resort and Park shops. If you wanted a Christmas tree for your room you could buy a cheap decorated one for ~$40 from Walmart.com and have it shipped to your hotel.

    I recommend you get the dining plan as it does save you money if you plan on eating at least one table service meal a day.
    Generally eat breakfast in your room , use your counter service credits for lunch and table service credits for dinner.
    You can book and must book if going for Christmas your dining reservations 180 days before your trip date dining plan or not.

    Beyond the Disboards I recommend the WDW PassPorter planning book for reading and Tour Guide Mike online for best days to go to which parks as well as touring orders.

    A turkey and all the trimmings meal would be available at Liberty Tree Tavern in the MK but as others mentioned MK on Christmas day is jam packed.
    Traditional Christmas dinner is offered at a number of restaurants around the resorts and parks. Chef Mickey's is a popular one on Christmas Day.
    Regarding Pudding - Christmas Pudding is not common over here.

    If you want my planning sheet/file from our trip let me know.
  7. Tam1067

    Tam1067 LOVES LOVES LOVES the Poly

    Mar 29, 2006
    We spend 12/19-12/28 at WDW this year. Some thoughts--

    If you arrive after the Friday before Xmas (depends on when the holiday falls but that's the general situation), you will probably miss the MVMCP, but the good thing with that is the special shows and parades are just part of the MK's regular activities, so you can watch them when you're in the park.

    All the resorts are very decorated. The Grand Floridian is probably the best, but other resorts are nice, too, and you can always visit any resort while you're there. Also, the deluxes have characters posing for pictures the week before. We saw Chip 'n' Dale, Donald & Daisy at the AKL and Minnie & Mickey at the GF. Santa is in the resorts on Xmas Eve.

    We spent Xmas day in EPCOT and had lots of fun. We heard that MK had closed about noon that day due to crowds. We were in MK on Xmas Eve (during the day).

    Most of the restaurants do not have special holiday meals. We had dinner at the Grand Floridian Cafe on 12/24, and it was their regular menu. On 12/25, we were at Cape May Cafe, and they did have lots of special holiday foods (turkey, stuffing, gravy, cranberries--all stuff Americans like for the holidays--though I didn't see any pudding).
  8. jenshell75

    jenshell75 Mouseketeer

    Jan 4, 2010
    Oh Wow so many reply's I am loving this :)

    Leleluvsdis - I hope to learn lots more about WDW and Christmas with you while we wait and plan our holiday. I hope to catch up with some families fron Dis when we are over there - so stay in touch :yay:

    Laceemouse - Thanks for the lovely welcome - we can't change our dates too much as we are also going to be meeting up with my best best best friend and her hubby and daughter for Christmas Eve / Christmas Day and then we are going to travel to NY for my best friends 40th Birthday which is also NYE. So again we will be in NY at the busiest time but it's going to be a very special time. I hope that planning will lessen the stress of crowds :thumbsup2

    Pelletier Bears
    - I can't wait to hear how your christmas vacation goes, I would love to see some photos of Wilderness Lodge :santa:

    Chockky - OMGosh I am so pleased to meet another Ausie here on Disboards. A huge thanks for all the info on the room rates and yes I will keep these prices in mind when planing and booking. I am going to lean more about Dinning Plans, ADRs & Photo pass. Boy there is so much to think about.

    I will definately join the Tour Mike Online site and could you tell me where can I get a copy of WDW PassPorter Planning Book??

    I would love to get a copy of your planning sheet / file thanks for sharing this with me :lovestruc

    I can't wait to read more tips and hints and would love to see some christmas photos.

  9. jenshell75

    jenshell75 Mouseketeer

    Jan 4, 2010
    Hi Chokky,

    Is it possible for you to PM me again as I didn't save your message after having a quick look at your travel guide and photos.

    I am so annoyed :mad:

    I still need to send a few more post before I can PM you.

    Thanks again for all the info

    Have a great day Jen
  10. jemmouse

    jemmouse DIS Veteran

    Jan 10, 2010
    Disney at Christmas is breathtaking! Poinsettias are planted everywhere, in the ground, in baskets. Each resort stays pretty true to its name as far as decor goes. My suggestion would be stay at the Wilderness. The lobby has an enormous tree, and to me, especially seeing how I am from the midwest I enjoy the woodsy feel. Grand Floridian is also decorated very nice, it has a giant gingerbread house. But honestly I don't think you can go wrong. It is all beautiful. We were there at Christmas in 2006, a pretty last minute deal, and we stayed at the French Quarter(my son's favorite), and it was exquisite also. It is very personal to where you want to be. Go to allearsnet, and click on accomodations and there should be pictures of the resorts at Christmas. Christmas decorations can be purchased everywhere, also the Christmas store in downtown Disney. Outside of the parks I have found Walgreens has alot of Disney decor. Decorate your room with a Christmas tree, purchase a small one and you are set. There were so many set up, it was so pretty. Also so many people put the window clings in their windows, plus it is an easier way to find your room. The weather varies. We arrived on the 20th and were swimming,probably around 75ish, then on the 26th we had jackets and gloves on at night and it was around 50. In Hollywood Studios be sure to see the Osborne Family lights, breathtaking! The Very Merry Christmas Party is alot of fun. The parades and the setting are well worth the additional money. I hope that this helps you out. It will be a very magical time that will be etched in your heart forever......
  11. yensidfan99

    yensidfan99 Mouseketeer

    Aug 10, 2002

    We will also be at WDW for Christmas 2011. We already know that we will be staying at AKV 12-9 through 12-10 and then we are going to be sailing onboard the Dream for a 4 night cruise. Then it is back to the World for 11 nights. Epcot is wonderful during Christmas. We love learning about all the different ways the season is celebrated around the world.

    I agree with other posters that Wilderness Lodge is absolutely beautiful for Christmas. We are hoping to be in the Villas for Christmas and the 4 nights before.

    So, I look forward to the next 696 days of planning and dreaming with you.

  12. Jamoky

    Jamoky Mouseketeer

    Feb 15, 2008
    Hi jenshell75,

    I have been to Disney many times as a kid and in 2002 my husband and I became DVC members. We have travelled to Disney with our children every year, sometimes going more than once. We are also planning our very first Christmas trip to WDW during the holidays in 2010. I just wanted to offer a quick planning tip: Book all your dining reservations early. Especially since WDW will be at its busiest. You can book reservations up to 180 days in advance (so for your trip this would be in JUNE 2011). In the past, I have also found A LOT of helpful info on the mousesavers website. Good Luck and have a great time:)

    We have stayed at AKL,WL,BCV,BWV,& SSR.
  13. Roddy lawrie

    Roddy lawrie Earning My Ears

    Nov 23, 2009
    Just spent xmas at Disney between the 10th to the 29th , all very nice including the weather that fluctuated between typically 65 to 85 , coming from Scotland 65 was not a hardship

    The only times we found the parks really busy were the 2 Saturdays leading up to xmas day , even when the schools

    All other times were fine
  14. jenshell75

    jenshell75 Mouseketeer

    Jan 4, 2010
    Someone Pinch me quickly I am trapped in a dream and I don't want to leave.:rotfl2:

    Today I received my Disney Parks Holiday Planing DVD, OK I know it's a few years old, 2007 I think however it is still the closest I have to being there and OMG it has sent my mind into over drive. I am seriously considering not traveling to Pennsylvania & WC just so we can have a few more days at WDW. :thumbsup2

    Jemmouse - Your description of Disney prompted me to looking to obtaining a DVD or similar to check out WDW - I was lucky enough that there is a company here in Sydney that will send out a Disney planing DVD for FREE :yay: more money for Disney ;)

    I have just watched it and I can't stop day dreaming. I am soooooo going to get a Christmas tree for our room and have the kids decorate it. I will definitely be decorating our resort room and window. Actually I just located a thread that is devoted to Decorating your resort room and there is some fantastic photos ---- now this gives me something else to think about.

    Does anyone know where the nearest Walmart or Shopping Mall so I can dash out and get all our stuff on arrival?????

    I have popped the Osborne Family Light and MVMCP on the MUST DO LIST they look awesome :woohoo:

    Thanks :)
  15. jenshell75

    jenshell75 Mouseketeer

    Jan 4, 2010
    The help and information keeps rolling in THANK YOU ,THANK YOU this is so much fun.:flower3:

    I am just so amazed that there are so many Disney Fans out there that are so willing and happy to share their dreams, plans and experiences with me.

    I am a Police Officer and joining this site has made me realise that there are many many wonderful people out there and that society has not gone totally wild. I am so excited each evening to come home and get onto DISboards. It's just so far removed from my day to day duties it's a refreshing break to sit and have a coffee and just read about all the fantstic and fun times you people are having with your partners, families and friends.

    Yensidfan99 - I think we are going to love counting down our 696 no wait 694 days :) on DisBoards, sharing our plans and hearing all about what others have been doing and how there plans have turned out.
    I think we need to create a group for Christmas 2011 planers and maybe we could organise a get together, I reckon it will be great fun :yay:

    I still don't have a clue where we will stay, but I think it is looking more and more like Wilderness Lodge.

    Jamoky - Wow how lucky are your children to visit WDW each year. I can't wait to read all about your christmas plans and look at your photos when you guys get back. Maybe you will love Christmas at Disney SO much that you will want to go back for Christmas 2011 and catch up with Yensidfan99 and my family. I took note of the 180 day Advance Dining Resevations and once I get some more information and start to plan our days I will create a reminder on my mobile phone so I dont miss the booking window. I will join Mousesavers as soon as I finnish this post thanks for the tips :)

    Roddy Lawrie
    - Thanks for the information on the weather and the crowds. Wow 65 is not too cold actually thats the temp I have the aircon on in our house at the moment its about 39 degrees celsius out side, my friends say that I live in an igloo. :lmao: I have decided that we are just going to take Disney as we find it hot cold windy rainy, crowded :grouphug: or comfortable, what ever happens I am sure we are just going to love it :love:

    Thanks again to everyone that is following and contributing to this thread.

    Jen :santa:
  16. yensidfan99

    yensidfan99 Mouseketeer

    Aug 10, 2002

    A Christmas group is a great idea. My DW just doesn't get the obsession. I love planning for our trips. I am also actually planning our 2012 Halloween trip because I have to make sure our point usage falls the way I need it to for both trips.

    I think I finally have the point use down. We will be staying in AKV studio concierge for 2 nights beginning 12/09/11. Then we are going on the Dream for a b2b. 6 nights in a 1 bedroom with MK view will be up next. Finally we will be staying at WLV for Christmas Eve and Christmas night in a 2 bedroom villa.

    We might change the WLV plans over to include them in at BLT so we just have 8 straight nights there after the cruise. We will have to check availability at our 7 month window.

    Those are the plans today. lol. OK, we are off to the zoo for the morning. Hope ya'll have a great day.

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