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WDW -Disability Access Service (DAS) Post 1 updated 4/25/14 - stamps at attractions

Discussion in 'disABILITIES!' started by SueM in MN, Sep 28, 2013.

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  1. poohnpigletCA

    poohnpigletCA New Member

    Thank you for all of your helpful information. I did not mean to ask for looping information that had been requested to be posted, sorry about that. I am trying to do my best to prepare her as to how this trip might be different. With the 3 fastpasses I was hoping to line up all 3 on one ride, but the system does not allow that.

    Walking around Costco is sometimes to much for her. I knew it was a lot of walking I did not realize how many miles it could be and I will need to rent her a wheelchair.

    Yes, this sounds almost exactly like her. She also dis work in the pool. So, weather permitting swimming will be helpful.
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  3. lanejudy

    lanejudy Moderator Moderator

    Ask at Guest Relations about looping...they MAY (or may not, no guarantee) be able to offer something to help. Though, as SueM suggests, plan to use your DAS in conjunction with a FP+ and that will at least give 2 rides fairly close together.

    You don't mention your daughter's age...if she is young enough, a special needs stroller may actually fit her better than a pediatric wheelchair. Though she might prefer a wheelchair to a stroller -- kids have their own ideas of what's "acceptable." But if fit and support is a concern, and she's small, you might consider a special needs stroller, for which you'll need to get a stroller-as-wheelchair tag at Guest Relations.

    Enjoy your vacation!
  4. lovethattink

    lovethattink New Member

    We went to the AK today for the first time since DAS started. Wow! As an offsite guest, being able to make FP+ made it so easy! From 3 when we got there until 6:30 when we left, we did so much!

    FP+ kiosks were down when we first got there. So I got ds a return time for Dinosaur. We walked around a little. Then he rode triceratop spin which was a 10 minute wait. Went back to the FP+ kiosk. The kiosks were still down, but a cm with an ipad was able to make our reservations for us. We got Dinosaur, Nemo and Bug's Life.

    Watched the parade, then headed to Dinosaur and used the FP+. It was ds's first ride on that ever. He loved it. So we went back in line using the DAS. Ate dinner at Restrauntasaurus. Then headed to Nemo. He was tired and wanted to go home, so we didn't use the FP+ for Bug's Life.

    It was sooo nice and so easy to do a park this way. I hope the other parks soon change to offer FP+ to offsite guests.
  5. disney david

    disney david New Member

    That great it worked for you if the other parks get it which Disney is tryjng to do as quickly as they can. Do you think you will use it more then the das or you see it enhance it for you. They are also close to giving aps magic bands and fast pass plus I think they get it before off site guest get it. Glad you had a great time did you see lion Kim show for the last time before it moves to it new location and see camp Minnie and Mickey for the last time.

    I see Dhs being the next park to start testing fast pass plus only unless they don't need more testing.
  6. lovethattink

    lovethattink New Member

    We used 2 of the 3 FP+ today, and only 1 DAS. So today we used FP+ more than DAS.

    FP+ worked so much better because you can hold all 3 FP at once. When we were at the MK yesterday, I stopped for a DAS time at Pooh, then on the way back to the family got FP- for Mermaid. They were over at the shooting gallery at the SotMK portal playing. In the time it took me to walk through the crowds to Fantasyland and back, then finished a whole round. So just the convenience of getting the 3 at one stop today at the AK was a huge benefit!

    We did not make it over to Camp Mickey Minnie. We stayed around Dinoland and the Tree of Life.
  7. disney david

    disney david New Member

    Yeah your right so let hope Disney rolls out fast pass plus fully I am surprised they didn't do it yet. I know they want it in full effect but want to get it right. I like how they keep putting more fast pass plus kiosks in the park. Like at mk stitch and at dhs muppets ride they replaced the legacy fast pass machines with new fast pass plus kiosks so I guess that what's at of the. Machines will be come.
  8. becd

    becd New Member

    We used the DAS at DLR over Christmas and it was great - granted not as easy as the GAC was but I truly had no real complaints about it. My one question is for people who have used it at WDW - are there Guest Relations kiosks such as the ones at DLR that can be used in conjunction with the CM at the actual rides, or do you have to go to each individual ride to get the return time. That is how it reads, but was wondering if that is how the rules are actually applied. Also, since the CM's can access the return time App, could you for ex: get a return time for Space Mountain at BTMRR? Sorry if this has been discussed before but I did a search and did not see it. Thanks in advance!
  9. lovethattink

    lovethattink New Member

    No, you have to go to each individual ride to get a return time for that specific attraction.
  10. Belle1962

    Belle1962 New Member

    What is "looping'?

    Also--how do I maximize my DAS with Fastpass+ and regular fastpass? I already made my fastpass+ reservations.

  11. delmar411

    delmar411 New Member

    Looping is going on the same ride multiple times in a row, with the old GAC this was an easy task, but it requires preplanning with the DAS. My YDD is a looper and I just give up my FP+ and use the DAS in conjunction to enable her to ride 3x on the rides she is obsessed with.

    She mostly loops on what I call high pressure rides. Mission Space, ToT, RNRC and EE. Something about the pressure on your body , she craves...and I hate so it works out well. LOL oh and teacups, she would stay on the teacups all day if she was allowed. I don't understand how she doesn't feel sick from spinning??
  12. vas221

    vas221 New Member

    I know that Disney had big time problems with fraud and who had a disability and who didn't, as a company that make billions a year why can't they crate a website that only doctors have access to and fill out a short questionnaire and official diagnosis, and also the doctor can include the disney travel confirmation number and link it all together. When you arrive at the resort you still have to get a card with the photo on it and when you get to the rides the card has to be scanned to verify that the card is still valid.
  13. Vidia2

    Vidia2 New Member

  14. aaarcher86

    aaarcher86 New Member

    Because of a pesky little thing called laws.

    Why would anyone want all their medical info plugged into a website?!
  15. stitchlovestink

    stitchlovestink New Member

    Because the DAS is intended to provide "Equal" access and under ADA laws one cannot be forced to prove a disability in order to obtain equal access. If they were giving "better access" then Disney could choose to require proof....but we all know Disney is not going to provide "better access", so they cannot require proof. ;)
  16. asc

    asc New Member

    looking into information for a person planning on a visit with someone with stage 4 terminal lung cancer. anticipate that at the time, will be in the middle of chemo and will be extremely tired so probably will have a mobility assitance device but if not, really the need would be to be provided with an area where she can sit and wait before needing to go on the ride...i think they would just get the DAS and do the whole return at the time noted? my question is that when you return at the time noted, do you just go into a separate line? i anticipate that even in some more shortened line (such as the FP line) that might be too much standing...[hard to say really]
  17. aaarcher86

    aaarcher86 New Member

    You would either go into the FP line or the wheelchair line. There wouldn't be a way to avoid these two options, and sometimes the wheelchair line can get pretty lengthy with folks needing HA vehicles.
  18. luvmybts

    luvmybts New Member

    We are arriving Friday afternoon, but weren't planning on going to parks until Saturday morning. Can I go to Guest Services outside of MK and get my son's DAS card so we don't have to wait in a line on Sat? Wasn't sure if this was possible or not.
  19. lovethattink

    lovethattink New Member

    Yes, it's possible at any park.
  20. Belle1962

    Belle1962 New Member

    Thank you. My grandson's largest re-ride records may have to stay. (It was getting harder for him to "beat" them anyway. (example: Expedition Everest 11 times; Goofy's roller coaster 14 times).

    It will be nice to go to a park and be able to do more than 3 or 4 attractions.:yay:
  21. bocaj1431

    bocaj1431 New Member

    Sorry, if this has been posted before. Are the DAP paper like the GAC? I had problems with the GAC getting wet last year and want to know, if maybe I should purchase a waterproof pouch for it.

    Thanks ;)
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