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WDW -Disability Access Service (DAS) Post 1 updated 4/25/14 - stamps at attractions

Discussion in 'disABILITIES!' started by SueM in MN, Sep 28, 2013.

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  1. Belle1962

    Belle1962 New Member

    Sorry but I am confused - what is exactly is one active? For example: I have return time of 2:00 pm on Big Thunder-am I not allowed to obtain another time at a different attraction until after 2?

    Also--how would you combine fastpass, fastpass plus,magic band and the RFID thing? (I don't even really understand what they are except basic the fastpass)
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  3. SueM in MN

    SueM in MN <font color=red>It's like combining the teacups wi Moderator

    One active means you can have one return time on your DAS card.
    It stays active until you use it or cancel it.

    You can only have one, so in your example, after 2pm, you have to use your DAS Return card before you can get another one.

    Magicbands and RFID cards are just what you use the get Fastpasses (like you used to use your park pass to get Fastpasses.
    Fast pass Plus is replacing Fastpass at WDW, so eventually Fastpass will be gone.
    Fastpass Plus works basically the same as Fastpass did except you can reserve them ahead of time.

    DAS return times are not connected with Fastpass or Fastpass Plus
  4. alizesmom

    alizesmom Pumba is my hero but I love Donald

    If I under correctly, you can only get one DAS return time at a time. You can however have the DAS, fast pass and fast pass plus all at the same time. So you may have a fast pass for ToT at 2pm, a fast plus for RnRC at 3pm and a DAS return time for Star Tours at 4pm.
  5. jiminyfan

    jiminyfan Daddy, Dreamer and WDWnut

    It is your choice for getting a DAS it is not a required pass. I do not like Disney's rules for many things, but feel this is a better process for everyone involved.
  6. stitchlovestink

    stitchlovestink New Member

    Yes but Disney is Excellent about giving people OPTIONS! Such as if you don't want to do the finger scan, fine show a picture ID such as your Drivers license with your ticket media and no need to do the finger scan.
    It appears, they are giving people the option to say 'no' if they are ASKING 'do you mind if I take your picture?' Personally, I don't care if it is on the DAS. I said they should have put them on the GACs a long time ago! But then again, I also said that the GAC did almost always shorten the wait time but was always 'corrected' and told that was not true/accurate. Funny?? If it didn't, why did so many people want them.... so much so that they needed to do away with the GAC totally??!! ;)
  7. KPeveler

    KPeveler Moderator Moderator

    Most people only use FP once or twice a day. Some families must use the GAC for every single attraction - that means someone is a runner at ALL times.

    I am worried about this when I go to WDW. I often go and do my own thing, as my needs are different than the rest of my family, or it is just my mother and I. She has health problems as well, and needs to limit the amount of walking she can do.

    I very much hope WDW will be getting kiosks, because there is NO way for me to go in circles! Think of a big place like AK! I cannot even imagine how we are going to make that work.
  8. disney david

    disney david New Member

    I said this before in wdw they have fast pass plus kiosk through out the parks so I don't see why they won't soon begin using them for das to and if they get RFID they will be able to use them easier. I really think for now you will see changes at Disney world once fast pass plus rolls out and they can go and start adding things to the system. Because if they put RFID or allow you to link it to your ticket or band it be quicker for the cm and you. It could also mean after you get your first one that after you use it you could go to a self service kiosk that they have around the parks also to check your fast pass plus reservations you could get another return time their. The problem is they don't want to say anything as they might still need more time to figure out that aspect. Also with all the new data they can get from magic bands they could use that to be able to judge the return times more and see where they my need more cms to help. So if I had to guess beginning of next year you my see some more changes but for now they should let you use the fast pass plus kiosk to get return times.

    Sorry I know this is supposed to be just facts not ideas to changes or anything else I was just pointing out they do have kiosk maybe not for das right now but they my be using them in the future. At this time nothing is set in stone or Disney has not said anything yet or have any plans to make any changes and fast pass plus has nothing to do with das.
  9. tillybird6374

    tillybird6374 New Member

    I am worried for other reasons. The first specifically being that I will be walking my child up to the ride- hence he will see the ride and think we are going on it. He'll get excited. Then I will break his little heart as we walk away from it because he doesn't have the cognitive abilities to understand why we aren't going on the ride. He will just understand that he wants it, we went to it, and now he can't have it. And he isn't even close to understanding about time. For that reason, I think the kiosks would work. The funny really not so funny) the folks at Disneyland are complaining about all the extra walking the kiosks create. And while I think they would work better for our circumstance, they are right. With 1 kiosk in each land, you are forced to walk back and forth from it for every ride, which also creates lots of extra walking. I just hope they figure out soon how to make this system better. We are going the first week of December, and unfortunately I am not looking forward to this trip at all. And I should be. :/
  10. disney david

    disney david New Member

    He dose not need to be present to get the return time but not sure if you have another adult who could watch him while you get the return time for him.
  11. tillybird6374

    tillybird6374 New Member

    Some days while we are there I will, and some we are going solo. For my hubby it is a work/ vacation trip. But I imagine all the single parents that are traveling with just their SN children are having similar thoughts. Maybe disney should start providing "runners" for all of us. Lol.
  12. disney david

    disney david New Member

    Okay sorry I am sure they will fix it as I stated in the other post If they do hat it would fix some of the issues. Well I hope you have a great time and das work for you and hope Disney fixes it soon.
  13. tillybird6374

    tillybird6374 New Member

    No need to be sorry, you made a great suggestion.
  14. Schmeck

    Schmeck <font color=blue>Funny thing is now my 17 year old

    I disagree about the FP number. My survey averaged at 3. We use at least 3, usually 4.

    For endurance/walking issues, WDW strongly recommends an ECV or wheelchair. WDW is huge (compared to Disneyland) and even the walk from the bus to the gate can be quite a hike.
  15. DaisyD

    DaisyD <font color=teal>Nothing like crunchy milk in the

    Even though I understand why they did this, we won't be going back anymore with my mom. By the time we get the DAS and have to wait for hour or so, then come back, ride, then go somewhere else and get yet another one and wait hour or more, it wasn't worth it. We ended up using the DAS twice a day.

    She cannot be out in heat too long now nor sun so we are generally only in parks for 4 hours at the most at one time. Just was a lot of work to keep her out of sun while waiting for next hour or two where we wanted to go. At least with the reg GAC we could get in maybe 5 attractions in one day. We don't do major thrill ones either. We have decided WDW is not for my mom right now that she is in her 80s. Not Disney's fault but no reason we would pay the money we do for my mom to take in 4 rides before she needs to go back to rest in the ac.

    I think I will be sticking to taking her on cruises for now on. I will miss Disney but will perhaps come back one day to it.
  16. Granny square

    Granny square Always planning a trip!

    Same here. Then there are the short line rides that don't need fp or das. If a person can wait for 15 minutes In a fp line then (during avg crowds ) there are shorter lines.

    Now if one must wait for accessible vehicles that is different. Those are some long lines on occasion. :/
  17. Schmeck

    Schmeck <font color=blue>Funny thing is now my 17 year old

    Why would she have to be out in the heat?

    Did you not try FP? FP+?

    Did you try to go on any other attractions (wheelchair accessible ones) while you were waiting?
  18. cmwade77

    cmwade77 New Member

    I actually think it should be both, there should be kiosks, but we should also be able to get the return times at the attractions. And we should be able to get a Return Time for any attraction at any attraction.
  19. cmwade77

    cmwade77 New Member

    both still have issues with extra traveling. A wheelchair is note exhausting to push the extra distance (no matter whose pushing) and an ECV has limited battery power. So, either way, there are issues with having extra traveling.
  20. whitebayou

    whitebayou New Member

    my son's going on a grant a wish..do I have to get a das card? just wondering...
  21. DaisyD

    DaisyD <font color=teal>Nothing like crunchy milk in the

    Yes but those were quite a wait too and yes we had FP+ on one ride a day. Other passes were available but too wild for her. For some reason mobs were unreal when we were there. We have gone every October for last 14 years and never have we seen it so mobbed. Most of the lowkey ride fastpasses were gone by the time we got there.

    We ended up in heat more then usual because we really had no place to go except shops. There was no seats in quick food places as you had to buy food to sit in there. We wouldn't take seats from someone anyway.

    Having so little rides using the DAS was really not worth it. My mom is happy going on Haunted Mansion, Winnie the Pooh, Small World, and Ariel ride. We don't do the really popular rides but wow, the fastpass lines were longer then stand by. Was a crazy week. IASM ecv line we waited in an hour. At least it was out of the heat and sun but by then she was just beat and getting cranky. LOL She doesn't handle her 80s well.

    She is on meds that she needs to really keep out of the sun most of time and can't take heat much. We try to get in the park and out no longer then 4 hours. With this trip we were lucky to ride anything 3 times each day. We spent over 10k on this trip and can say this is truly the first trip that wasn't worth even going to WDW.

    DAS is not for us so Disney will be out of my future for quite a while.
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