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WDW -Disability Access Service (DAS) Post 1 updated 4/25/14 - stamps at attractions

Discussion in 'disABILITIES!' started by SueM in MN, Sep 28, 2013.

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  1. IndianaPrincess

    IndianaPrincess New Member

    Are we going to have one of these threads for Disneyland? I have a post all written but I know this one is suppose to be about WDW. Thanks!
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  3. Talking Hands

    Talking Hands <font color=purple><b>|,,|/</b> DEAF DISNEY LOVER<

    That's not good from my experience. CM see the wheelchair and just assume that is the only accommodation needed.
  4. SueM in MN

    SueM in MN <font color=red>It's like combining the teacups wi Moderator

    Most of it will be the same as this one, but I wanted to make 2 threads because DL is so much different than DL
    I guess you will have to wait and see. CMs are being trained on the general DAS program and also about how to accommodate guests at their attractions.

    Since vision and hearing accommodations are listed as "attraction based accommodations, they should be more aware.
  5. IndianaPrincess

    IndianaPrincess New Member

    Okay, thanks. I'll hold my post for a bit then!
  6. circus4u

    circus4u New Member

    I thought I read, from a CM who had been in training on the new system, that there was no time limit for return time. The only thing was that a new attraction could not be added until the other attraction had been used/crossed out.
  7. alizesmom

    alizesmom Pumba is my hero but I love Donald

    My confusion is whether someone in a wheelchair will be issued a card or will it be only if other accommodations are needed?
  8. SueM in MN

    SueM in MN <font color=red>It's like combining the teacups wi Moderator

    It will only be if other accommodation is needed. I'm not finished yet with post 1, but I put the thread up because I wanted all the questions in one thread as much as possible.
  9. CynJ

    CynJ Caffeinated Insomniac

    I'm not familiar with how the GAC affected these (did you need to show a pass or was showing up on an ECV enough to get you in?) and I was wondering if access to these areas will be changing with the new program?
  10. darthtatty

    darthtatty Been There, Done That, Going Back!

    That's my thoughts too.:)

    A lot of the time we generally get fastpasses, with fastpass+ hopefully this will help too.

    Im also wondering if we need to use fastpasses or cards for rides that have alternate wheelchair access. eg splash mountain-when you have to go via the exit.

    I look forward to your updates, youre all doing a great job of keeping us informed. :goodvibes

    I'm pleased the system is getting updated, sometimes you can go to rides and because there is no control, there can be very long queues. It can end up that you're waiting for the ride longer using the GAC, than via the regular queue.

    I'll just be glad when all the fuss dies down and we can see the system in process. :goodvibes
  11. SueM in MN

    SueM in MN <font color=red>It's like combining the teacups wi Moderator

    For Illuminations, guests with a visible need - for example, having an ECV, wheelchair or other mobility device were allowed in without a GAC. Those with invisible disabilities had to show a GAC.
    I do not have specific information about that, but my guess is that it will remain that way for Illuminations - those with visible need will be allowed in and those without visible needs will need a DAS card.
    That is just my guess, but those spots now are first come, first serve and people who can't get in can park anywhere along the World Showcase water, so it's not like they can't see it if they are not in those handicapped viewing areas.

    It's possible that might change in some way - like those with visible need and DAS card or just DAS are allowed access first for a period of time, then the area is open to those with visible needs after that time.
    This is one we'll have to see how it works out.
    I haven't got the part about wheelchair access in post one yet, but here is the information. The park maps for guests with disabilities list the mobility entrances for each attraction. Guests with a visible need who don't have a DAS would use whatever is listed for the 'mobility entrance' for that attraction.
    Some are totally Mainstream, which means the entire queue is accessible. Some are mostly Mainstream (which actually includesSplash Mountain) and are listed on the map as Mainstream.

    For those that are listed as not bring Mainstream access, those without DAS will speak to an attraction host CM and get a Return Ticket ( not the same as DAS card holders will get because a person can have more than one if those tickets).

    That's the short version and I will add to post 1 tonight
  12. TreeSapp

    TreeSapp That weird guest in line who'll talk to anyone.

    I have two questions that someone will probably be able to help with once they've got the DAS fully rolled out.

    1) What is The exact size of the DAS (I want to make my in-laws a duct tape wallet with Mickey tape specifically to hold KTTW, tickets, fastpasses & FILs DAS card. That way no one has to pull all their stuff out of separate places if one of us wants to grab a set of passes or whatnot. And less chance for $$ or credit cards to fall out of real wallets. Anyhow. I want to know how big of a pocket to allow for the card, but not too big so it slides out.

    2) I'm guessing DAS probably won't be issued at the water parks? I was hoping to get in-laws checked in at the water park the night we arrive at the hotel (since they'll have 3-day resident vouchers that will require ID verification). But now I'm thinking I'd be too lucky to be able to pick up his DAS at the same time. I'd love not to have to haul everyone out of bed extra early to still make rope-drop. FIL is also immune-compromised and I'd love to have him in (and possibly out of) the park before the crowds pick way up - just for his own peace of mind.

    Anyone who goes after rollout (or CMs involved in the system?), I'd be thrilled to know what your experience with these two points. If this thread starts getting super-long - answer here (of course) but PM me too so i don't miss it? Thank you :)
  13. skram79

    skram79 New Member

    If I have a DAS, will I still be able to get FastPasses with park ticket? I am wondering if they tie your park ticket info into the DAS.
  14. disney david

    disney david New Member

    Yes that won't change for now until fast pass plus takes full effect then you get to make fat pass plus reservations.
  15. lanejudy

    lanejudy Moderator Moderator

    Post #1 seems to answer your questions:

    1) DAS card will be slightly larger than the GAC card, which was 3.5 inches by 5 inches.
    It will need to come in and out of the pouch, though, for the return times to be noted on the back.

    2) issued at Guest Relations at Theme Parks (see below for locations)
    - DAS card is only used at Theme Park attractions; not used at Water Parks, buses, restaurants or parking

    Since the previous GAC system was not available at Water Parks, and the new DAS does not appear to be valid at Water Parks, it would be logical to assume it can only be obtained at a major theme park

    Enjoy your vacation!
  16. SueM in MN

    SueM in MN <font color=red>It's like combining the teacups wi Moderator

    You will still be able to use Fastpass with the DAS.
    As was already mentioned, right now at WDW, Fastpass is operating.

    They are testing Fastpass Plus and when it is complete, it will replace the original Fastpass. A DAS holder will be able to choose to use DAS, to use Fastpass or just wait in the regular line if that works for you.

    Eventually, when Fastpass Plus and RFID is completely rolled out, they might link DAS to the park ticket. It's probably a long way in the future though.
  17. TreeSapp

    TreeSapp That weird guest in line who'll talk to anyone.

    I wasn't sure what slightly meant. 1/8in, 1/4in, half? But I guess it probably not too major.

    Well I feel like a dork - I completely missed that - sorry!
  18. Kay1

    Kay1 <font color=red>Check out Ricki's hidden Mickey!<b

    If local AP holders need to be photographed every day, then let's hope Disney sets up a third Guest Relations in the rear of each park. That should ease up the lines that will certainly develop (I remember when USF/IOA had photos on APs), and allow all guests to participate in RD.
  19. stitchlovestink

    stitchlovestink New Member

    Bolding is mine....
    Interesting!!! Because the story I am hearing from the CMs that went to training was that you could still only have ONE of those! These cards would be for people with stroller as wheelchairs, ecv users, and wheelchairs. And it wouldn't be fair to let them collect a bunch while a DAS user can only have one assigned pending ride time. Which if you think about it makes perfect sense.
  20. lanejudy

    lanejudy Moderator Moderator

    You're right, they haven't given specifics but that does give you an idea. If you have enough time to wait for reports to start coming in next week, I'm sure someone can give exact dimensions. I guess I'm thinking maybe 4x6? Just a guess.
  21. TreeSapp

    TreeSapp That weird guest in line who'll talk to anyone.

    Yeah. I'm hoping someone does come back in the next week or two with the info. If nothing else, I'll be going to Apopka to see a friend the weekend of the 20th and might make the 45min trip down to the gate to play Q&A with some poor CM :)
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