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WBPC May 6th 2013 Wonder

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Meets' started by Mom323, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. Politzania

    Politzania New Member

    Tifa - that FE is AMAZING! :cool1::cool1::cool1:

    Just finished printing out the Flat Anne and Flat Richard - need to give them a bit of color and mount them on cardboard, as I imagine they'll be quite the social butterflies during the cruise!

    There's a photo over on the FB group, if you're interested, otherwise, they'll be at the Meet & Greet Monday afternoon.

    Safe travels to all - and no-one else is allowed to get sick or have family issues!
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  3. Chaopolis

    Chaopolis New Member

    Hey everyone! Just a heads up, my wife and I upgraded and we are now in 7116 (from originally 6140). For all the things we're involved in (Mixology and Fish Extenders) feel free to make the necessary adjustments. :-)
  4. sharan56

    sharan56 New Member

    Yay..... That was our room. Had to cancel yesterday due to eye surgery last Saturday. Enjoy! Glad someone got it from our group.
  5. sharan56

    sharan56 New Member

    Shelby our granddaughter sending her FE stuff to Aleksandra room. This could get confusing. Lol
  6. roseburghughes

    roseburghughes New Member

    The car is packed. Leaving in one hour. Flight out early tomorrow morning. We are visiting our son in Jacksonville, FL on Sunday and making a quick stop at Downtown Disney Sunday evening.

    Safe Travels everyone.

    See you at the meet and greet.
  7. aan1701

    aan1701 New Member

    Well here in Atlanta now. Just have to get that connecting flight now.

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  8. sharan56

    sharan56 New Member

  9. aan1701

    aan1701 New Member

    Got our boarding passes. Just waiting to board. Looks like we left L.A. at the right time. Mother Nature is burning it. I hope all will be ok.

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  10. GoinPlaces63

    GoinPlaces63 New Member

    And we will be watching! Have a great time everyone!
  11. Lexa

    Lexa New Member

    I'll be in Atlanta on Sunday at noon :)
  12. aan1701

    aan1701 New Member

    Made it. Next stop hotel.

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  13. aan1701

    aan1701 New Member

    Wow. I picked the right hotel. It like staying in a DVC one bedroom.
  14. Agent J

    Agent J New Member

    this activity book is perfect for joaquin's "journalling" assignment from his school - the princess page made me chuckle out loud when i opened this at work - i may need to do that page myself :rotfl:

    thanks again for sharing - fabulous!

  15. Agent J

    Agent J New Member

    packed and loaded for the ride to the airport - hoping our crammed suitcases make it through the weight limit (our luggage scale says yes but we may need to do some quick rearranging if Westjet doesn't agree) - will be in MIA 1:30 pm:cool1:

    safe travels everyone - see you on the ship!:woohoo:
  16. scottishwee35

    scottishwee35 New Member

    Just want to say have a wonderful times....

    and know some friends are going too...

    I wish I be there too...

  17. speedo

    speedo New Member

    Very cool - No kids but I printed out anyway. :goodvibes
  18. McPheronsLoveDisney

    McPheronsLoveDisney New Member

    Good morning,
    Wanted to give a heads up that Josh, Crystal, Joshua and Jace made a big upgrade...lol! We jumped across the hall and now are room 2144 (originally 2143). Our Disname McPheronsLovedisney! Safe travels all!
  19. aan1701

    aan1701 New Member

    I am so happy right now. I just did something I never get to do at home. I went to Dunkin Donuts.

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  20. jlmarr

    jlmarr <font color=green>You got that right<br><font colo

    Same here, every time we get to the east coast. E.g. there's one in NYC at 55 W 55th street. Looks like there's one about a mile and a half from our hotel in FLL. Hmm...
  21. aan1701

    aan1701 New Member

    Where are you staying? I found mine using the App. Beware there is a lot of construction at the airport.

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