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Walt Warriors

Discussion in 'Events/Competition' started by johde, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. Bookwood

    Bookwood Active Member

    Yeah, I could stand and average like that too! Congrats Jim!

    Final weeks before Princess, and my last really long run is done!- the packing piles have started LOL, but I need to work on my costume yet. I've been making my old race t-shirts into quilt squares I have 12 done now to size and arrange them into a quilt top. Then I have some of the backs (especially the Disney ones with the route on them) to make into the back of the quilt. Hopefully this will help keep me busy during my Taper, so I don't use my time feeding my face LOL.

    Have a good week all!
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  3. John VN

    John VN DIS Cast Member<br><font color=red>N.Y. Style CHEE

    Pam-Kathy will be making a quilt also. Just too many shirts and too little storage. Enjoy your taper and rock at the Princess.

    JimB-Good job with the half. Better times are just around the bend. :thumbsup2

    :thumbsup2 to all
  4. smileyk8

    smileyk8 Active Member

    Jim- great run in the half, especially after such a challenging few weeks.

    Pam- I love the idea of making a quilt out of running shirts. I'm sure the distraction during taper will be very welcome! Fantastic that you got your last long run in :)

    John- how are things with you?

    Me- hit the pool hard this week, swimming 90-100 lengths 3 times a week. Work's pretty stressful so it's really calmed me down as haven't been able to run since last week (sore Achilles from trying different shoes without orthotic!). Cycling feels fine too, but have to do it on stationary bike and I get BORED!!!!!! Rarely make it more than 30mins :)
  5. JimB.

    JimB. Active Member

    TGIF Warriors!!!

    Except that tomorrow is a shift day for me...........:scared::scared::scared::scared::scared:

    Not much going on here. My "hip thing" cropped up again on my 1/2M on Sunday. Ugh. If anyone has any answers, don't keep it a secret!!

    As such, no running this week. A few days at the gym and a couple of days of fat tire trail bike riding. Have been unable to do any bricks lately due to the back kicking my *** lately. It didn't bother me on Sunday, but it's bothering me NOW!!! Doing the Daytona Beach 1/2M in 9 days. Hopefully I'll get in a couple/3 days of running prior.

    I've got a "training date" Monday morning to hit the pool (finally). Hopefully I'll be able to work on my stroke efficiency in the next few weeks. My stroke count is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too high right now. I need to shave 4-5 strokes off per 25m. If I can do that (and keep my stroke cadence the same), I'll be one hellaciously happy camper !!:cool1::cool1:

    Anywhoo, 'nuff about me. Hope ya'll are doing well.

    Katie, your swimming is amazing! I dream of the day I do that many lengths (I'm assuming 25 meters??). Or maybe it's a nightmare............ And I agree 100% about exercise bikes. I refer to them as the "Spinning machines of boring death"........

    Pam - Have fun at the Princess!! My LLB and I are doing the 5k, but alas, work schedules conspire to keep us (her) from doing the 1/2. Maybe next year......

    Ya'll take care & stay safe!!
  6. smileyk8

    smileyk8 Active Member

    Jim- I'm always amazed by swimmers who seem to do far less strokes than me but as so much faster. I'm guessing its a strength thing? Hope your training goes well. Yep I'm in a 25metre pool, but I don't just do front crawl otherwise I'd never do that many. Always break it up with breaststroke. I feel really gutted for you guys that you can do 5k and not princess half :(

    Any other princess trippers from Warriors that I can virtually stalk/cheer?

    Me- good game of badminton with the hubby (trip to the zoo!) and a swim, nothing much of any excitement to report. I'm kind of surprised how long my Achilles has been cross for, thought it might have got over it by now!
  7. DrMomof3

    DrMomof3 Active Member

    I'm doing the Princess Half and the 5k. We're doing the stroller division of the 5k with the whole family. Should be an adventure!!!
    My bib # is 4626 and I'm starting in Corral B. My last long run was this morning - 12 miles at 12:49 pace. Felt pretty good!
    I can't wait to escape the snow-covered Northeast and head to sunny Florida!!!

  8. Bookwood

    Bookwood Active Member

    Same old same old for me. Lots of teachers out so I've been subbing a lot. This weekend has been spent in the kitchen- I'm "goodies hostess" for after church today. I may try to get a run in this afternoon (missed Thursdays regular run getting the final bits of my costume for Princess.) Have to stay awake long enough to pick DH from Airport tonight, he is arriving from a business trip to India- then getting his laundry done and he leaves again Wednesday for Morocco. (Gotta love the airline miles if not being a work widow), he won't be back from that trip until after I get home from Princess.

    Bib # 31664 and 31665 (team) probably in corral D from what I've read for the race.

    My quilt squares are done and today I'll probably start piecing them together. I also need to put my costume together yet.

    Have a good week of training Warriors!
  9. JimB.

    JimB. Active Member

    Hey Warriors!

    Warm Sunday in NE Florida. 6.4 miles running + approx 31 miles biking. Really windy on the bike. Headwinds and crosswinds for a good portion of my ride. But on the other hand, one leg was reeeeeeally quick (relatively speaking). Going swimming tomorrow. Hopefully I do not drown. See ya afterwards. I hope.

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  10. John VN

    John VN DIS Cast Member<br><font color=red>N.Y. Style CHEE

    Hello Gang, good to read you-all are keeping busy.

    Nice pace Amanda. Going to be lots of race history in the quilt Pam. Just add some gills and you would be a super-duper long distance swimmer Kate. Come back slow and strong because there is still plenty of time JimB.

    ASM, I found a fitness trainer and swim coach. Will be using their expertise to help to improve. Had a fantastic and exhausting week.

    Tuesday a 30 mile bike ride then 7.5 mile jog at a 9:35mpm pace.

    Wednesday went to pool and found out that it will be closed for February maintenance. :sad2:

    Thursday a 60 mile bike and a 5K slow jog.

    Friday I chilled-out because Thursday's ride was with some racing boys and they dropped me 3 times. Just can't hold on when they jump to 30+mph.

    Saturday a 61 mile bike with a 10 mile jog. Fast ride followed by a 10:45mpm pace that felt comfortable.

    Today Kathy and I went to her Dad's and I put on the wet suit for 800 yards in little backyard lake. His neighbor came out and mentioned he saw a small gator yesterday. Nowhere in sight today so I'll look before I creep into the water when swimming there.

    Hang in there everyone and the princess: is almost here.
  11. JimB.

    JimB. Active Member

    Happy "No Sun" Wednesday Warriors!

    I got rained out of a bike ride this a.m., and spent a hour on the spinny machine of boring death instead, followed by an hour of weights with my LLB.

    FINALLY got back I the pool on Monday. Did about 1600 yards. Not bad for a long layoff. Had so much fun I'm going back tomorrow. Hopefully I'll be able to stretch out the intervals and total distances it more.

    About 3 months to go before the Florida 70.3. Lots of work ahead, and frankly, the motivational level is somewhat lagging right now, BUT I'm cheap, have lid out the $$$, and dammit, going to get my money's worth. Looking to shave a 1/2 hour off my time from last year. Fun. Times. Ahead!!!

    Y'all all rock! Keep up the great work.........

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  12. smileyk8

    smileyk8 Active Member

    Pam and Amanda happy princess half day!!! Hope you really enjoyed yourselves and I'm very much looking forward to hearing all about it! Read that there were some bus and expo issues? Did you have any probs?

    Jim how was the 5k? Did you dress up ;)

    John how's the manic training going? Shoulder holding up ok?

    Jeremy Hope you're OK, haven't see you for a while. Fingers crossed that doesn't mean you're hiding with sore injuryness :(

    Me slacked a little, but think I needed a bit of a break so it's been quite nice really to get some decent sleeps! Haven't run properly for 3 1/2 weeks :faint: not loving that, but hopefully will be lacing up my trainers instead of squeezing my eyes into googles very soon. On that note, who on earth designs goggles? I didn't think I had particularly big eyes, but apparenty I do!!!
  13. John VN

    John VN DIS Cast Member<br><font color=red>N.Y. Style CHEE

    Kate-goggles sure are a pain. I have to have prescription one's and they are not exactly spot on so it's kinda weird.

    Pam and Amanda-I second the, how did you two Princesses do? ::yes::

    Jim-that new bike and going super fast should be good inspiration.

    I just returned from a swimming clinic and my shoulder is killing me but watching the video of my swimming opened my eyes. Now I have a better handle on what to work on.

    Went out yesterday for a 3.25 mile jog followed by a 60 mile bike then a 3 mile jog. If I'm not ready for the swim part of the 70.3 in 4 weeks I'll fall back to a 72.2 Duathlon. The County pool reopens on Tuesday and the real swim training starts in earnest.

    Stay well all and I hope you don't catch the bug I have, now that you read my post. :rotfl2:
  14. DrMomof3

    DrMomof3 Active Member

    Hey all!!!
    My whole family did the 5k together. Zachary was in the stroller with me pushing. Nathaniel (the 9 year old) took off at the start and was never seen again. Luckily I had designated a meeting place after the finish (family reunion letter R since my DH and children's last name starts with R). I was very impressed that runDisney had a representative wait with him until I arrived. He gave her our phone numbers and she called to let us know he was safe. He's pretty independent so I knew he'd be in the right place. As soon as he finished he asked someone in a uniform where the letter R was. The man didn't know but got a runDisney person to take him there. :thumbsup2 Zachary and I strolled at a leisurely pace and enjoyed the walk. My poor husband was stuck with Jessica (age 7). She started whining as soon as we crossed the starting line and continued until across the finish line. :rolleyes: He has FAR more patience than I do! After the race Nathaniel was ready to do another 5k (he has aspirations to do a triathlon this summer). Jessica was less certain but decided maybe she'd train the next time. And she wants to do the Princess Half with me as soon as she's 14!
    The Princess Half was great fun! I started in Corral B. Right before the start I decided to take a quick pee in the bushes and ended up covered in burrs! :lmao: Some nice woman helped me find and remove all the little suckers. :rotfl2: The race was warm and I started conservatively. Probably too conservatively. My Garmin time was 2:33:50. Unfortunately Disney has my time as clock time right now. I guess my tag didn't pick up at the start? I emailed them to get it fixed - not that it really matters... Clock time was like 2:41:xx so still not bad. The humidity definitely was a factor for me but I felt great after the race.
    My husband and children took a shuttle from our off-site hotel and arrived about 15 minutes after I finished. I changed clothes in the car (quite a feat!) and met them at the monorail. We spent a great day at MK followed by dinner at Epcot. Sadly I didn't get a post-race shower until 8pm! :rolleyes2 I'm sure I smelled quite ripe. My DH couldn't believe how salty I was. Yuck! :p
    A fun experience overall and I would do it again.

  15. John VN

    John VN DIS Cast Member<br><font color=red>N.Y. Style CHEE

    Amanda-ouch and glad you had a bunch of great times. :thumbsup2
  16. JimB.

    JimB. Active Member

    Happy Thursday Warriors...........

    It's been a little bit since my last post. To recap: did the Daytona Beach 1/2 last week. Time was 2:07. It was pretty cold (34F at the start). It was a fun race. Started and finished on Daytona International Speedway. The first couple of miles was around the track itself. Those banked turns are really steep! And tall!

    Just running/ biking/ swimming since then. My LLB and I did the 5k at the Princess last week. It was HUGE! 9000+ people for an untimed 5k. Yikes!

    And Katie, noooooooo, I did NOT wear a costume. All of my skirts were in the laundry! :P.

    I'm getting ready to try and get a consult with a new Ortho over in Gainesville. My back, unfortunately, is on a downward trek and I need to get a third opinion on what to do that excludes a spinal fusion ( which my 1st and 2nd opinions both recommended) or narcotic pain control or meds that will trash my stomach and/or liver. Meh.

    Not much else. Getting cold the next coupla' days. Going to try and get some miles on the bike tomorrow, weather/temperature permitting.

    Ya'll stay safe!

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  17. smileyk8

    smileyk8 Active Member

    John- how are you feeling! Hope the bug's gone by now!!! Intense swim session and shoulder ouchy sounds mean! :( glad it's not just me who doesn't get on with goggles!

    Jim-congrats on the speedway half. 34F is really chilly for you guys!!! Did you go blue? Have to say I'm very disappointed that you didn't wear a costume for the 5k.... Next time....

    Amanda- congrats on your races and how lovely that you got the whole family to do the 5k (whining or not!). I love racer solidarity, there will always be someone to get stuff off you when you're in need ;)!

    Me- back on the TM this week and my new onRunning shoes are here!!!!! Apparently I'll never be injured again, or maybe just less injured would be lovely. I'm on edge waiting for Tuesday AKA wine and dine reg day :D oooooooooohhhhhhh I'm just a little excited
  18. John VN

    John VN DIS Cast Member<br><font color=red>N.Y. Style CHEE

    Jim-any word on the back? Only a couple of months before your 70.3, keep at it. :thumbsup2 :thumbsup2

    Kate-have fun on the TM. ;) Please, no more injuries. Get that W&D entry done when available.

    The bug is almost gone. Another 60 mile bike ride Saturday. Hit the pool Sunday for 2550yds. Biked 40 miles yesterday and helped a couple of friends prepare for their Senior Games 5K and 10K time trials that's this weekend. Today I pounded the pavement for 7 miles walking at a 10:35mpm pace then 4 miles jogging at a 9:35mpm pace. Knees were OK. :thumbsup2 Followed that with 1250yds. in the pool. Only problem today was I ate a BIG dinner. Kinda stuffed right now. :)

    Stay warm all.
  19. Bookwood

    Bookwood Active Member

    I'm back and beginning to train for the Indianapolis 500 Mini now.

    I have to admit I liked the first 10+ miles of the Princess, it went great and didn't even feel too bad as far as being tired. But about mile 10.5 or so my calves gave out- or my potassium gave out depending on who you listen too. I sweat liberally and even though I carried a bottle of Powerade with me every 10 steps or so I'd have to stop and stretch out a cramp in my legs. I applied biofreeze but it didn't help a lot. So I had to walk the rest of the way. (couldn't even run over the finish line :( . )

    The expo was ridiculous we stood in line for about a half hour to get our shirts, and refused to stand in line for any merchandise. The booths were hard to find, and when I finally found the KT tape booth they had about 40 people waiting to be taped by 1 person again- I didn't wait. I tried to by a pair of socks and even though there were only a couple of people in front of me the first person in line was digging in every pocket, purse, and any other place she could find and recounting (10 minutes while I was there) to find cash for a purchase. So I put my socks back and may check my local running store for them today. I didn't need the socks, but they were cute!

    The expo IMHO was a disaster! The race and weather while I was at WDW was excellant.

    On to INDY!
  20. DrMomof3

    DrMomof3 Active Member

    Sorry your calves were bothering you so much Pam. I agree that we had a nice weekend weather-wise. Except a bit hot for running! :thumbsup2

    Update on the Princess: runDisney has fixed my finish time to be 2:32:10. It's not on my certificate yet but they said that should be updated in the next few weeks, too. Yay!

  21. johde

    johde Active Member

    Hi everyone. I see it's been quite a while since I've posted. Thanks Amanda for thinking of me. On the injury front, my knees feel much better but I'm still not actively exercising them. For some reason when ever I think about getting out, my knees give a little twinge that gives me a second though. This next week, I'm off for spring break. Hopefully, I can get out once or twice and at least get a good walk in.

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