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Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by dmunsil, Jun 8, 2013.

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    Because you demanded it!

    OK, no one demanded it but the voices in my head, but here it is anyway.

    These are all the Villas at Wilderness Lodge third-party sales recorded during the month of May, re-sorted by the date written on the deed, which is usually closer to when ROFR was waived. You could expect that the actual price was negotiated 3-4 weeks earlier. So this is lagging by about 2 months.

    Date    Points  UY      Sale PPP
    19-Apr  50      Sep      $70.00 
    25-Apr  50      Feb      $70.00 
    26-Apr  150     Sep      $64.00 
    1-May   30      Aug      $86.67 
    1-May   270     Aug      $69.26 
    3-May   100     Aug      $61.00 
    7-May   150     Dec      $70.00 
    9-May   250     Aug      $64.00 
    13-May  200     Dec      $60.00 
    13-May  600     Dec      $62.00 
    13-May  200     Dec      $62.00 
    14-May  200     Dec      $60.00 
    14-May  200     Sep      $69.00 
    14-May  100     Sep      $75.00 
    19-May  150     Feb      $65.33 
    21-May  314     Sep      $65.29 
    Date    Points  UY      Sale PPP
    15-Apr  200     Oct      $62.50 
    18-Apr  170     Aug      $60.00 
    29-Apr  200     Feb      $57.00 
    Median sale price was $65.31. Median ROFR price was $60.
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  3. BWV Dreamin

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    Mar 10, 2007
    Thanks for posting! Excellent data. As a VWL owner, I am always looking to add on to my home resort. It is interesting to see that the prices have ticked up (as expected after the direct point price increases for classic resorts). Still, even with the recent price upticks, VWL still looks to be a bargain resale!

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