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Discussion in 'Disney Collectors Board' started by kbritton, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. kbritton

    kbritton Earning My Ears

    Apr 23, 2011
    Last time we were in Disney was 2009 and the vinylmation was kinda new. You could paint them and trade them. I thought to myself this is going to go nowhere. Who wants to pay for a plain vinyl mickey color or paint it then trade for someone elses shoty artwork. Sounded like a dud to me. I'm seeing the vinylmations on line and they are AWESOME. I could see my kids going crazy over these. We are going down in the fall and I want to be prepared for this trip. My kids are already loving the pin trading they have no idea what they are in for with the vinylmations. For you experts I have a few questions if you don't mind. I'm completely new to this but I would say we have an addictive personality so this could be bad.

    1. What should I do to get ready for for this trip? Prepurchase some?

    2. What should we focus on trading the 3 inch or the 9 inch, are the 3 inch more popular?

    3. Any place for good tips /secrets?

    4. What else am I missing or should be thinking about?

    Thanks for your help! I need it
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  3. figment_jii

    figment_jii DIS Veteran

    Apr 22, 2006
    Vinylmation trading isn't quite as prevalent as pin trading. Mostly it's in the stores, where there are either blind boxes or clear boxes.

    Yes, I would buy some before going. You can often find them on sale in the Disney Store's online shop. Otherwise, they run about $13 in the parks. You can also sometimes find pretty good deals on ebay and other places. Unlike pin trading, it doesn't seem like there are "scrapper" Vinylmations (yet).

    There aren't any trading (at least with CMs) that involve the 9 inch. There are probably some non-CM's that might be willing to trade, but I've not run across any with the 9 inch.

    When trading with the blind box, as the CM what the policy is. I think the official policy is that you must go through with the trade, even if you do not like the one that is offered. Some CM's don't make you go through with the trade, but it's best to ask before starting. In my experience, D-Street is very strict, but some of the in-park locations are more relaxed.

    You cannot trade a Vinylmation for one that is already in the clear box. In other words, the one that you offer must not be in the box already.

    Have you looked at Disney's vinylmation website. It has a lot of useful information about trading.
  4. Rynosaur

    Rynosaur Mouseketeer

    Jun 21, 2011
    also if you have access to a local disney store or outlet store they often have deals on older vinyls. like around 5-7 dollars each.

    the will have some on sale as well, but keep in mind there is shipping costs unless you plan on spending a lot.

    there is another option that i took. i found a forum, vinylmation kingdom, and i bought from a person there. it is a bit of work because you dont have access to the for sale forums for a month or so after you join.

    But as an example, one gentleman is selling vinyls in lots of 10 for $50. plus it is another community to trade with those you get or want from your trip.

    i also hear that people find a lot of good stuff at the resorts, assuming you are going to WDW.

    if you do prepurchase, look into going to a craft store and buying small ziplock baggies.( about $1 for like 50 or so) and putting the vinyls into them while traveling. You are not supposed to trade damaged/scuffed vinyls into boxes.

    i am sure i am forgetting a lot but at least you have a good start
  5. BebopBaloo

    BebopBaloo DIS Veteran

    Jul 21, 2008
    I would definitely stick with the three inch ones, if you are buying them to trade. As others have said, check The Disney Store website periodically for sales. I've also purchased a few for much less on ebay and that included shipping and they were from reputable sellers. Usually, when I buy on ebay I am buying for my own collection though.

    Have you seen the jr.'s? I'm really looking forward to the Snow White set coming out on April 20th. :goodvibes
  6. tntwalkcoach

    tntwalkcoach Earning My Ears

    Aug 9, 2012
    I knew nothing about these until I went to my local Disney Store in search of trading pins. I was told they do get in the pins because they are a parks clearance store but were out at the time but she suggested the Vinylmations. They had a ton of them for $4.99 so I picked up a few. My kids will be 6 and 3 when we go in December, I guess we'll see if they like the pins or Vinylmation trading better.
  7. sushi candy

    sushi candy Foodie

    Jul 24, 2012
    I just started researching into Vinylmations and fell in love with the Bakery series. Are these still available for purchase? I am going to WDW in late Sept. I really hope I can find them.
  8. pgumiela

    pgumiela Disney addict and not ashamed to admit it

    May 29, 2009
    After resisting for some time I've started buying vinylmations, we already do pin trading so I really did not want to start this but I just couldn't resist anymore. I blame the disney store... ;) The last time we were there they had a bunch of them for maybe $5 each, the create your own were even less. I bought the kids one each. Then I looked on e-bay... well now they are all lined up on a shelf, and I ordered several more today :thumbsup2 . The ones that I ordered today are for trading on our upcoming trip, if you watch e-bay you can get them really cheap, I got them for $2.25 each and since they all came from the same buyer he discounted the shipping on the second two. So I got three for $12.50 total. But really I need to start avoiding e-bay...
  9. redboxcar

    redboxcar Mouseketeer

    Jul 10, 2009
    I was at Disneyland two weeks ago and they were still there. They are open edition, so while I can't guarantee anything (especially since you are going to a different park), I feel like you have a good chance of finding them. Otherwise, if I'm incorrect, then it's possible that they've turned up at that outlet that everyone talks about, Sawgrass, or something like that? :thumbsup2

    :rotfl: I am the same way! Started with one or two, now a few months later, I have 130! :scared1:... I almost always go for the "deals" and rarely pay the full price, either via trading for what I want, or waiting till they are on sale.

    And FYI for anyone interested - is having a VINYLMATION MADNESS sale right now! Vinyls for as low as $5, and some are discounted more than 60% off!
  10. artesian

    artesian DIS Veteran

    Apr 2, 2008
    My last trip a month ago I stopped in the disney outlet store at the premium outlets on Vineland. They had brand new vinylnmations at $2 a piece. I jumped all over this and got my kids traders. They are also retiring one of the urban series and in some of the stores on property were selling buy one get the second for 70% off. My kids had a blast trading this. As one of the pp said make sure when trading with a mystery box you ask the cm the rules in if you have to trade. This rule seemed alot relaxed this trip but I would want to know up front

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