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Villainous Voyage - May 20th, 2006 7-night Western Caribbean **Completed, No Lie**

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Trip Reports' started by RoyalVizier, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. churchlady

    churchlady New Member

    You know, Babs417 and I, Churchlady, were on the May 20th Western- so if worse comes to worse we are going to have to subsitute for his Royal Evilness. pirate: Okay...here goes...Ship Great! Weather Great! Food Great! Never saw the kids! There...how was that??? :joker:

    Okay, I stink! :confused3 Oh please, Your Highness-BRING US THE LAMP!! :sad1: :sad1: :sad1:
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  3. Dawn414

    Dawn414 New Member

    It occurred to me that I hadn't read the ending and I saw that the last post was 7/21. EGADS! So, ROYAL...where is it? Just making sure you know we still want the ending....PLEASE! ;)
  4. Diamond_Girls

    Diamond_Girls New Member

    I think he has moved on back to the real world or the end of his trip was really bad and he doesn't want to tell us. Either way, I don't expect we'll see the end of this story. It was fun while it lasted but at least we have some other double dip trip reports to read!
  5. pppiglet

    pppiglet DIS Cast Member<br><font color=deeppink>Don't like

    Yeah....like my scrapbook from my trip. Went gung-ho on it for months then took a break and haven't been back to finish it! I know how it is. Wish he would come back though!
  6. famof8

    famof8 "I'm too excited to sleep!"

    Can you believe that there have been almost 10,000 "views" of his post. Yeah, I can, cause about 9,000 of them have been me checking to see if he's finished. :rotfl2:

    This is like waiting two years for a sequel to a good book or movie pirate: ......ahhhhhh, don't tell me it could be two years! I'll just loose my mind before then. :crazy:
  7. klife132

    klife132 look a guitar ... OMG WHERE

    wow its funny im only 14 yet i love this trip reports. well when i first looked at the report i thought it would be all done i mean like 10 pages ok its done but nooooo its not and now im waiting just like everyone on the tip of my chair
  8. RoyalVizier

    RoyalVizier <font color=purple>I'm sorry... I'm a gutless flip

    Edit: ALERT! The planets have aligned and I was able to complete the report. I am going to leave this post instead of deleting it, but know that if you keep reading through the thread there is indeed a conclusion.

    Actually, you're really not that far off. :guilty:

    Okay y'all, here's the deal. The vile and ugly head of procrastination reigns in my life and I think it only fair to all of you that I be completely honest with you. At this point, I really don't think that this trip report is going to get done. :sad2:

    The sad thing is that I don't even have an excuse. It's just one of those things, ya know? I've been around here, checking the boards and reading things but I haven't posted anything at all because I thought it would look really weird to post something when my trip report is still over here hanging in the breeze. :laundy: I don't blame anyone if they never want to read anything I post again.

    I'm sure I've disappointed a lot of people and for that I'm sorry. I should have never started the report in the first place knowing my history of dropping the ball.

    So I'm pretty much calling this thread complete. But hey, you never know... a few months from now (oh who am I kidding... a few years from now) you may see this thread miraculously shoot back to the front page with a big THE END tag on it. Here's to hoping. :blush:

    Love ya all... thank you for hanging in there for as long as you did. It was fun sharing it with ya!

    Fade to Black...
  9. Babs417

    Babs417 New Member

    Oh Nooooo not those words "ITS OVER" :confused3 :sad2: :confused: :sad1: :sad: ChurchLady help
  10. churchlady

    churchlady New Member

    Oh no, :eek: the old "IT'S NOT YOU, IT'S ME!" Haven't we all heard that before? :rotfl2: :rotfl2:

    Babs417- I will surely intercede to the "POWERS THAT BE" :worship: on this one, but you know that whole FREE WILL thing may apply here.

    Have faith all!!! As long as we are subscribers, there is always that chance the RoyalV will throw us a bone!! :surfweb: And remember, we will always have each other!! :grouphug:

    P.S. I must confess a dirty little secret! :rolleyes: I've been working on my own trip report in a Word Document. It is far from finished and you definitely won't see it until it is complete. Until then, it's TTFN! :wave2: :wave2:
  11. RoyalVizier

    RoyalVizier <font color=purple>I'm sorry... I'm a gutless flip

    Not posting a report until it's complete... what a concept. I'll make a mental note. :rolleyes2
  12. Windy City Heather

    Windy City Heather New Member

    Maybe he is waiting for this be become so big that it gets it's own sticky at the top???

    This ranks up there as if J.K. Rowling said "you know I think I will just quit with the six book, you don't need to know how Harry Potter ends".

    :sad2: :badpc: :sad2:
  13. zzzzjohnzzzz

    zzzzjohnzzzz Captainnemo

    We all should have know that anyone who can't figure out how to open door (See Day 2) Wouldn't be able to complete a comprehensive report without that tiny little mind wandering on to other complex issues like raising the seat or using a fork!!!!! :rotfl2: :rotfl2: :rotfl2:
  14. Dawn414

    Dawn414 New Member

    Sigh...that's just downright mean! :teeth: There can't be that much left....Shouldn't take long? (OK, so I"m whining). That's like not finishing Lord of the Rings....Star Wars....Not having a Jaws 3 (ok, bad example) crazy: Seriously though, if that IS the end...it WAS fun while it lasted.

    Thx for the laughs.

    Dawn McG

    (1st Dis cruise 4/21/07---western carribean---Disney Magic)
  15. RoyalVizier

    RoyalVizier <font color=purple>I'm sorry... I'm a gutless flip

    Okay, having been completely consumed and riddled with guilt over prematurely ending my trip report earlier, I've decided that all of my life's events shall cease from this moment forth until my trip report reaches its rightful conclusion. After reading the latest responses from Churchlady and Babs417, I know that it isn't fair to call it quits. Plus, being a fanatical Harry Potter fan, the comment of Windy City Heather socked me as well. I have once again pulled out my cruise journal, wiped off a fair amount of dust, and settled into my chair. So without further ado…. (if ever there was need for a drum roll…)

    Cast of Characters
    Ward - that's me
    Cheri - the lovely wife
    Sadie - the lovely 13 year old daughter

    Friday May 26th - Day 7: The Return of the Fish

    We awoke this morning at 7am. Breakfast was once again at Topsiders and there were STILL no toasted ham and cheese croissants. I was sure hoping that they would make a second appearance during the week, but I guess all hope was lost at that happening. Cheri and Sadie went right back to the room to start getting ready, but I decided to go out on deck for just a bit to walk around. To me, Castaway Cay is one of those islands that just pops up out of nowhere. You see nothing, and then all of the sudden a glorious and lush landscape rises from the horizon. Although a bit overcast that morning, it did not hinder the landscape any. I watched the approach for a bit, mesmerized by the serene crystalline water, then myself headed down to get ready to go.

    At about 8:30am we walked Sadie up to the Stack. She was booked on the teen-only excursion, the Wild Side, where they would go hiking, kayaking, and snorkeling, so this would be yet another day that we would be on our own. We left her in the counselors capable hands and began to make our way down to deck 1. The hoard of people trying to get off of the ship stretched from deck 1 to deck 3 and it was really rather chaotic. :crowded: Sitting here now, I’m wondering why we even joined in the throngs of people instead of holding back, but I guess the draw for a hammock poisons everyone! So we stood there in the masses and made our way down the decks at a snails pace eventually reaching the delicious outdoors. We picked up some towels (yep, they hand them out) and started the lovely walk to the family beach. Since my wife and I are completely able-bodied individuals we forgo the tram for the scenic walk and photo opportunities.

    Castaway Cay, to us, is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. One of life's "Happy Places". There are geographic places on the planet where you feel a sense of peace and happiness. Places where even in the darkest of times you can go and smile. In Walt Disney World, my happy place is Epcot. Specifically Italy in Epcot. More specifically, that marble patio area that juts out into the World Showcase Lagoon… at dusk when the light is just right, the torches blazing… standing there with a drink in my hand, a Nestle Toll House Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich in the other, waiting for Illuminations to start. That is my WDW Happy Place. Castaway Cay is my Disney Cruise Line happy place. I think the "staging" of the island is amazing. Disney found the perfect island with the perfect shape. Ship, sand, water, and landscape just seem to belong, ya know? They work together, stretching before your eyes in a color palette only found in the Caribbean. I love it!

    We weren't able to obtain a hammock, but we set up house in a pretty prime location underneath an umbrella directly in front of Cookies BBQ and the restrooms. Perfect! We could already smelly the smoky aroma of lunch. :) Cheri and I went ahead into the water and played around a bit. It was chilly and still overcast, but not really looking like rain. For a short time, we had the ocean to ourselves. No one else had really made it that far yet. The water was crystal clear so the seeing was good. It's best early in the day before hundreds of people crowd the shore and stir up the sand tending to cloud the water quite a bit. Well that is when the fish decided to visit. I am not a fish expert so I have no idea what kind of fish it was, but it was white and yellow and big! I would say it was about two feet long and fat. He (or she I guess) swam right in-between Cheri and I. And this is where I have to pause to tell you a story:

    Once upon a time there was a girl. Her name was Sadie. She was nine years old, and she was on her very first cruise vacation in 2003 with her mom and dad. She loved nature and loved the ocean, but was just a little timid at what might be lurking in the ocean's waters. She was playing in the sand on the water's edge on Castaway Cay. Her mom and dad were going into the water and were trying to get her to come in with them. She agreed a bit reluctantly and came with them. The happy family was standing in about three feet of water looking around soaking in the serene sea when another mother a few feet away started gaping and pointing near where the girl was standing. The father saw the big yellow and white fish first and every muscle in his body tensed for what he was sure was about to happen. The darling girl, Sadie, looked down into the water at her side and saw the fish, and I do believe that the entire island seized up on itself, retching from the bloodcurdling scream that erupted from the girl's throat. :eek: I do believe that seeing a massive, thirteen tentacled Kraken rise from the deep to engulf the island in one gulp would have been a more pleasing sight to her. She literally climbed her dear mother and could have possibly ended up standing on her shoulders had her mother not latched onto her. The girl screamed and screamed as the mother hauled her towards the shore. The father (evil, villainous father that he was) couldn't help but chuckle. The End.

    I firmly believe that the fish… the very same fish from our first cruise three years ago, had come back to finish what it had started. Although this time without incident as Sadie was off with her crew.

    We pretty much hung out all day. Isn't that what you do on Castaway Cay? We wandered out to the Heads Up Bar, a first for us. We found a few free hammocks over that way so grabbed those and laid around for awhile. We checked out the new Castaway Rays Stingray Adventure. Shopped a bit and then went to lunch. Lunch was fabulous as always. We were really looking forward to the soft serve chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream! I believe that we consumed roughly five cones of the stuff between us in an hour time frame. At about 2pm we gathered our things are headed back onboard. We went right to the room and crashed for awhile. Sadie came back around 4pm and was looking very glum. Her hat was missing. She went with a Volcom baseball cap and it was missing when they came back from kayaking. We went down to Guest Services, and they said they would keep an eye out for it but there wasn't a whole lot they could do.

    Dinner that night was in Parrot Cay and this would be the highlight of the entire cruise for my wife. She fell in love with a dessert on our last cruise called the Celebration Cake. It's some sort of strawberries and cream cake concoction that (I admit) is to die for. Well she had been waiting and waiting and waiting for this night to come. She knew it fell on the last evenings menu. The main course over, it was time to select desserts. I told Octavian that this was the moment my wife was waiting for. I had teased her endlessly up to this point saying that I was sure they weren't going to have it. Well not only did Octavian bring her Celebration Cake, but he brought her two to take back to the room with her! How's that for magic-making? Psst… only one piece made it back to the room.

    That evening was the final show, Remember the Magic. This one was new to us. They didn't have it on the Wonder last time. Oh my gosh, talk about magical and emotional. I highly recommend this show.. Especially for the true Disney fans. A magical mixture of drama, video clips, and music, it is Disney magic at its finest. After the show, we weren't quite sure what to do with ourselves so we pondered the navigator for awhile and saw something called Pub Night in Diversions. I had never heard of this and had no clue what it was but something drew us to it. So we went… this may be the funniest thing I have ever ever EVER attended. I'm not going to say much about it for fear of ruining it (plus there is no way I could do it any justice) but all must see this! It is a skit starring your cruise entertainment staff. If only I had had my camera. :lmao: :rotfl2: :lmao: :rotfl2: :lmao: :rotfl2: :lmao:

    After the laughs, it was way past our bedtime. That heavy mushy sack of dread and sadness had settled in our stomachs about this time knowing that in a few hours we would be having our final breakfast before leaving for good. So it was off to bed for the last time. We put our bags outside of our room and went to sleep.

    Up Next: The Conclusion
  16. RoyalVizier

    RoyalVizier <font color=purple>I'm sorry... I'm a gutless flip

    Cast of Characters
    Ward - that's me
    Cheri - the lovely wife
    Sadie - the lovely 13 year old daughter

    Saturday May 27th - Day 8: The Conclusion

    There really isn't a whole lot left to say about this morning... it was very simple, cut and dry.

    Every morning of the Disney cruise we woke elated and excited about what was to come that day, but it is hard to do that on that final morning knowing that you are going to exit the ship. :guilty: Breakfast was full of hugs and pictures. I had to tear Cheri away from Octavian, poor thing. Debarkation was uneventful and easy as usual. We checked one more time at Guest Services for Sadie's lost hat, but it hadn't turned up. My father picked us up on time and we headed for home.

    To us, a Disney cruise is the vacation of a lifetime. The perfect mixture of Disney, excitement, and relaxation. It can be whatever you want it to be. It is what you make of it. It is a delight and a pleasure to also share it with other Disney fans and to be able to share ideas and stories with one another in a forum such as this. Thank you all for putting up with me and for showing remarkable patience with the progress of this report. I appreciate it.

    Fade to black... :faint:
  17. Windy City Heather

    Windy City Heather New Member

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:

    Also, I am so glad that Harry Potter helped get the rest of the story out of you.

    It really was the best trip report I have every read.
  18. cinderella_mom

    cinderella_mom Disneyland is my 2nd home...

    Thank you for the lovely and endearing story of your cruise adventures. You are a true storyteller.
  19. famof8

    famof8 "I'm too excited to sleep!"

    Thank you, Ward, for finishing this trip report. I think that waiting for it was as fun as reading it! ;)

    You are a talented writer....you should consider a career as a Disney Cruise Line Trip Reporter....wouldn't that be great. Contact Disney and see what they say :lmao: You never know, they may pay you to cruise full time!!!

    I will be stalking the trip report board next April...... :wave2:
  20. churchlady

    churchlady New Member

    I think Live2Vacation sums it up for a lot of us! :thumbsup2 The bright and cheerful bunch of DIS friends on this thread has shared a great deal of humor, fellowship, and plain old PIXIE MAGIC :wizard: together party: ...all thanks to our well-versed albeit EVIL leader, the GREAT AND POWERFUL ROYAL V.

    Ward, on behalf of all of us, it has been an honor taking this journey with you :sail: (especially for those of us who were actually there!!). This thread was just what the doctor ordered for my Cruise withdrawals. :thanks: It's been over 2 months since we touched ground again and the little sparks of pixie dust pixiedust: from this thread helped me to wean myself back to reality.

    Another dirty little secret.....Shhh, don't tell anyone :ssst: but...
    you are all invited to meet me over on the DISNEYLAND thread as I prepare to fly our DIS family of 5 (DH44, DD's 9, 12, 14) from GA to CA for the 1st time ever Oct. 13-17. We are staying 4 nights at the DLH w/Concierge. I suppose I shall have to focus on moving forward now-but I will never forget you guys! :grouphug: :wave:

    And Ward, I find it ironic that in the strange fashion of art imitating life, you have not only redeemed YOURSELF but you have also changed my feelings toward the RoyalV. I never thought that I would say this- but because of you, I have actually come to be fond of JAFAR :blush: . I shall purchase/trade for a top notch Jafar pin for my complimentary 50th Anniv. DL lanyard and wear it with pride to honor the survivors of this thread!!! :earsgirl: :earsboy: :earsgirl: :earboy2: :earsgirl: :earsboy:

    :tink: Fade to black...
  21. carol31j

    carol31j New Member

    Excellent writing. Very entertaining.

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