Viking River Christmas Cruise

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    Jun 27, 2010
    I just heard Kevin talking about the Viking River Christmas Market Cruise on Viking and it sounds so fun! I started looking up prices and reviews online, and it looks like a great trip DH and I might want to take at some point for Xmas. My one question is whether this cruise (or cruise line) is more geared towards older travelers or retired couples. Some of the reviews I saw online suggested it catered to "older couples" and all the photos on the website seem to be older couples. I'm not opposed to being on a cruise with older couples, but I'm just wondering if DH and I (we are mid-30s) will feel out of place on the cruise. We've never cruised before, although I did do a one-day European river cruise several years ago (which was amazing). It would just be the two of us cruising, possibly with one other couple, and no kids. Also, is food included on the cruise or does it stop often enough that everyone just eats on their own in the cities?

    I should add, I don't consider Kevin and John (from what I know about them from the podcast) to be and "older couple," so perhaps that is enough of an answer right there. I guess my real question is the cruise seemed geared towards retired couples, and I'm wondering if there are any programs with the cruise, or if the cruise is basically just a room and a means of transportation around Europe. DH and I have traveled a lot, so we aren't really looking for any organized tours, but the idea of having a "roving hotel room" in the form of a river cruise sounds like a lot of fun.

    Also, we have never done any group touring, and we usually like to get to a new city and explore on our own. I'm wondering if this cruise would be a good fit for us since we don't really want to spend money on any group tours or excursions, but would be amenable to pairing up with other similar-minded travelers to explore the cities.

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