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Victoria's DISign Thread *Closed*

Discussion in 'Creative DISigns' started by LittleMissMagic, Feb 14, 2010.

  1. sistersville

    sistersville Member

    thank you so much!!!!!
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  3. LittleMissMagic

    LittleMissMagic Victoria on Vacation

    Here you go!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    And sure, if that's what you want! :goodvibes (Nicholas' implies that there is more than one Nicholas; even though his name ends in an s, it's grammatically correct to have 's since Nicholas is a singular noun)

  4. 6disneylovers

    6disneylovers Earning My Ears

    Thank You Victoria! Those look great & I appreciate the additional option again for Caitlin's!
  5. Mummy Minnie

    Mummy Minnie Member

    Hi Victoria

    I think your work is amazing & have been searching for the right autograph cover for my DD's 1st autograph book. I love the pink Fab5 cover but I wondered if it was possible to get one including Daisy so the Fab6 as I know my DD will just question why she isnt in the picture as she is an avid playhouse disney fan!!!
    Could it say Bella's Autograph Book at the top & Disneyland Paris at the bottom? Please can you let me know if this is possible.

    Im doing books for my BF's family too as a surprise so if possible could you do ones with blue covers for Harrison's Autograph Book & Sebastian's Autograph Book & Disneyland Paris too?

    Thanking you very much in advance.

    Ps Congrats on your upcoming trip - would love to do WDW!
  6. quandrea

    quandrea Active Member

    Thanks so much. I loooove the fireworks one!:worship:
  7. JenniferW33

    JenniferW33 Member

    love all your character autograph pages! I was wondering if you have made ones for Rapunzel and Flynn yet? I didn't see it in the Photobucket album.

  8. mysevendwarfs

    mysevendwarfs Member

    How fun for you! That's when we will be there too :)
  9. LittleMissMagic

    LittleMissMagic Victoria on Vacation

    Cool! Are you wearing any of my DISigns? Maybe I'll see them!
  10. mysevendwarfs

    mysevendwarfs Member

    Hoping dd's will be wearing them if you are able to alter the zebra wish trip request I made. I know your probably very busy getting ready for your own trip though so I totally I understand if you are too busy. We are using your luggage tags though if I can get my act together and get them done. If you see a huge family with your luggage tags, that's us :)
  11. LittleMissMagic

    LittleMissMagic Victoria on Vacation

    Sorry for the delay!


    P.S. I just started reading your pre-trip report! "Bridget the Brave" is very fitting! Any other designs I can make for you? (And I'm looking at all of these gifts that people are sending you, and now I want to send you something! Do you have autograph books already? :goodvibes)
  12. mysevendwarfs

    mysevendwarfs Member

    No problem. It's perfect! Thank you so very much for taking the time to do this. Wishing you safe travel and a wonderful time at Disney!
  13. LittleMissMagic

    LittleMissMagic Victoria on Vacation

    Here you go!


    (P.S. - sorry the filename is spelled wrong!)
  14. quandrea

    quandrea Active Member

    Could I request a Lady and the Tramp design for my twins' 2nd birthday. Their names are Beatrice and Elliott and their birthdate is September 10. I'll be using the logo for posters, invitations, thank you cards, etc. Thanks in advance. Your vow renewal logo for me was great.
  15. LittleMissMagic

    LittleMissMagic Victoria on Vacation

    I now have Super 6 autograph book covers! I consider Daisy part of the gang, too!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  16. Mummy Minnie

    Mummy Minnie Member

    Thank you so much for the covers. They are fab. Daisy is definitley part of the gang now! I cant wait to see my DDs face when I give her the book. :yay:
  17. mcgrawfan

    mcgrawfan Peace Love Mickey Mouse

    Could I please have the zebra Mickey Head with pink bow with the name Harper.
    Thank you!
  18. amyren

    amyren Active Member

    Hey Victoria!
    We returned from our incredible European adventure earlier in the week. Here's a pic of the awesome door magnet you designed.
    Our door
    Your design!
    Thanks again! After 10 days on the Magic and several days in a suitcase it is now proudly displayed on our fridge ;)
  19. LittleMissMagic

    LittleMissMagic Victoria on Vacation

    Aww, thanks for sharing, Amy! That's honestly one of my favorite designs that I've ever made! :goodvibes
  20. LittleMissMagic

    LittleMissMagic Victoria on Vacation

    Here you go! Sorry for the wait!

  21. danetter

    danetter Active Member

    Hello, can I get 2 autograph covers please.

    I need to get the Fairies Fireflies white background with Chloe's Autograph Book and just Walt Disney World at the bottom no year please.

    and I need to get the zebra, mickey head w/pink bow autograph cover with the name Christin's Autograph Book and again at the bottom with just Walt Disney World and no year please.


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