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Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by mvndvm, Sep 1, 2009.

  1. mvndvm

    mvndvm Mouseketeer

    Aug 31, 2009
    Just curious if anybody has requested anything special (non-food related) for their experience at the Chef's Table at Victoria and Albert's. Are they accomodating to those requests? Here's what I'm thinking, my wife and I will be celebrating our 11th anniversary (I know, it would have been better for our 10th, but life happens), and I want to see if they'd play a special song for us while I give her an "updated" wedding ring, maybe brought out by Victoria or Albert, or even the chef. Would that be something I could pull off there? Any info would be great, or even better suggestions to make the night even more memorable for my wife and I. Thanks in advance for any replies!
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  3. Jeanieblue114

    Jeanieblue114 DIS Veteran

    Aug 6, 2009
    HEY! Hubby and I are about to celebrate our 11th too! We will be in Disney on the date thanks to a slight change of plans and an upgrade by Disney.

    I would say just call V&A and ask what they suggest.
    They are in the business of creating "special" moments!
    Especially since they are the $500 dining experience.

    Btw, 10th isn't necessarily better than 11th just cause it's an even number. Any number is good when it comes to jewelry. (Don't want to be a bummer, but I just hope she doesn't mind a new wedding ring. I would be a little upset if mine was changed even if it was wouldn't be my 'wedding' ring. I'm assuming it's something that she has hinted about in the past.)
  4. Cheshire Figment

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    Jan 12, 2001
    First of all a reservation for CT is the most impossible reservation to get, as there is only one reservation per day for the CT. And it is 90 days out, not the 90+10.

    Unless you are a real foodie, you may be better off in the Main Dining Room. Chef's Table is in an alcove from the kitchen and lit with industrial-level lighting.

    Also, there is a harpist in the Main Dining Room who takes requests. And it is really much more romantic in MDR than at CT.
  5. TheRustyScupper

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    Aug 8, 2000
    1) I agree.
    2) We did Chef's Table before they built "the wall", and it was clever.
    3) Now, we prefer the Main Dining Room.
    4) It is far more elegant and sophisticated. *
    5) Each table has a waiter & waitress (Victoria & Albert).
    6) I am sure they can help with the ring.

    * Just ask to not sit under the dome. Your conversations can be heard everywhere due to the acoustics. Almost like a parabolic dish magnifying your voices.
  6. CarolinaGirl453

    CarolinaGirl453 Earning My Ears

    Mar 29, 2006
    My husband proposed to me during dinner at Victoria and Albert's. We were in the main dining room. Near the end of the evening, the waiter came to our table and said that the chef had prepared a special dessert and would I be willing to try it? I agreed but was a little disappointed as I was looking forward to the banana gateau I had ordered at the beginning of the evening. I just figured the kitchen had run out of one of the ingredients.

    The "dessert" arrived on a covered silver platter. When the waiter removed the cover, the platter was covered with rose petals. A small rose bouquet sat in the middle. Into the petals of the center rose, was tucked a diamond ring. My husband dropped to one knee and proposed. I said yes and still got my banana gateau afterward.

    The entire experience was arranged by the V&A staff. And they did a great job! To the OP, just give the restaurant a call. I'm sure they can come up with something wonderful.
  7. mvndvm

    mvndvm Mouseketeer

    Aug 31, 2009

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