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Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurant/Dining Help Thread

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by Plasticletters, May 24, 2010.

  1. danijake

    danijake Vegan Cupcake Baker Extraordinaire!

    It sounds okay to me, even though I hate mushrooms. :( But my husband is a very picky vegan. He doesn't like mushrooms, eggplant or zucchini. I want to visit this restaurant, but I'm not sure it's worth it to have meal we won't really enjoy.
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  3. vdub322

    vdub322 Are we there yet?

    Hopefully they would have the chef come out and offer other options because it would be nice to have a choice!! I am confident, with all the trouble they have gone to for BOG, they will make an effort :thumbsup2
  4. Sehsun

    Sehsun New Member

    nansmama, I am very sorry I missed your question. =/

    I threw out the receipt, but I want to say it was about $6.19?
  5. DaymanX

    DaymanX New Member

    My experience this past trip was that if there is a vegan--or easily modifiable vegetarian option--on the menu, they won't offer to make you something special. That's the reason they add these things, after all.

    It might not hurt to ask, but at least there's a pretty good vegan option on most menus around WDW. I'm pretty picky as well, but I was mostly happy with what I got when I did order off the menu this past trip.
  6. vacationer1954

    vacationer1954 New Member

    Some restaurants have a lot of their stuff premade, but assuming BOG doesn't, then you can look at the menu and see if you can see a dish they could put together for you from the ingredients of the dishes on the menu. I see tomato, garlic, onion, basil, green beans, shallots, potato, quinoa, bell pepper, mushrooms, eggplant, zucchini, and pasta (assuming it doesn't have egg in it). So eliminating mushrooms, eggplant, and zucchini doesn't leave much to work with. I suppose they could do a saute built around green beans, and put it over the quinoa. Do you like green beans?
  7. lsg1

    lsg1 New Member

    Has anyone gone to the Polynesian luau and had a vegetarian meal? If so what did they serve?

  8. everythingALICE

    everythingALICE I can't explain myself, I'm afraid, Sir, because I

    When I went to the luau, I was offered a veggie lasagna, a veggie stir-fry, or couscous with veggies. I believe that both the stir-fry and couscous dish were served with tofu, but I can't quite remember. I was going in September, and knowing that it would be outdoors, likely hot and humid, I didn't want to order the lasagna because I felt it might be too heavy.

    I went with the couscous and was incredibly disappointed. It was just so bland and flavorless. The only redeeming part of the meal was the salad, which was actually really awesome, but not worth the $55 or so. I'm hoping that perhaps it was an "off" night?

    If you're dead set on going, I guess I would suggest opting for the lasagna? If the veggie options are still the same.
  9. lsg1

    lsg1 New Member

    Thanks...I don't really want to go but we are staying at the poly, and my son (the meat eater) wanted to go last time we were there....maybe I'll let the kids go and we will go somewhere else...hate to use two dining credits too

    Thanks again
  10. somethingblue

    somethingblue New Member

    In my experience, yes, they will allow you to substitute potatoes for the meat.
  11. cheryterese

    cheryterese New Member

    Can anyone tell me if there is a vegetarian kid's offering at San Angel Inn? The kid's menu is all meat. I'm wondering if they might substitute beans in the taco? We're on the dining plan. Last time we ate there we weren't on the dining plan and I remember ordering a cheese quesadilla (maybe from the appetizer menu?) and some kind of bean concoction for them, but nothing was from the kid's menu and I know with the dining plan we have to order from that if one is available. We loved our meal and the atmosphere there last time and would like to eat there again if we can get them a veg option. Thanks!
  12. vacationer1954

    vacationer1954 New Member

    Don't quote me on this, but I remember asking once and finding out that the beans at San Angel Inn were cooked with pork or with chicken stock, or something that made them into something we wouldn't eat.
  13. cheryterese

    cheryterese New Member

    If that's the case, I'll need to change my ADR!
  14. MotifNumberOne

    MotifNumberOne New Member

    We ate at hacienda de San angel a few nights ago and had an incredible vegan meal. Maybe consider going across the path to the newer place? They have a dedicated vegetarian menu and its beautiful inside.
  15. MotifNumberOne

    MotifNumberOne New Member

    My boyfriend and I had this a few days ago. It was tasty, but the portion was a little small. The highlight of our meal was the salad trio we got as an appetizer!
  16. cheryterese

    cheryterese New Member

    There was nothing available when I was making ADR's, but I'll keep trying!
  17. nansmama

    nansmama New Member

    Thanks for the info. :) Sounds like a really good deal.
  18. mmolson

    mmolson New Member

    My wife and I are going to disney the first week of March. I'm a vegetarian but I do not eat dairy. I do eat eggs. She is a pescetarian but is mildly lactose intolerant. I have IBS, which for me means that eating raw fruits/veggies is a no-go, as well as fried foods. Unfortunately, I am also a fairly picky eater- i generally dislike tofu and anything too "exotic". I know, it's a tall order! :laughing:
    I've done a fair amount of research on vegetarian/vegan eating and have found a lot of tips. We have found a decent number of CS restaurants that seem okay for us, and have those listed for each day we're going to the parks to pick from.
    For the sit down meals we're a bit more stumped.
    So far for restaurants we are looking at:
    Portabello in DTD
    wolfgang puck DTD
    (i think there may be others, but I'm at work and don't have my lists with me)

    and we had talked about Boma and Ohana, but my wife isn't sure about buffets- she's concerned there won't be anything for either of us to eat, and that the quality won't be very good. Can anyone offer us some tips for restaurants as well as feedback on the buffets such as Boma and Ohana?
    Also, does anyone know of any sushi restaurants that have veggie sushi? Every menu I've looked at has pretty much nothing....

    Thanks SO much!
  19. cherylp3

    cherylp3 Florida Resident

    I believe the Sushi at the dolphin has veggie sushi - instead of Boma, consider Tusker house.
  20. gardengirl628

    gardengirl628 I'm sorry I bit you....and pulled your hair....and

    O'Hana is not a buffet. It is more family style. The regular meal is a lot of meat. But I have heard that they do a great job for vegetarians/vegans as well. I have not eaten there myself, but have seen pics and reviews that are good.
  21. LisaS

    LisaS New Member

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