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Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurant/Dining Help Thread

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by Plasticletters, May 24, 2010.

  1. hpfan100

    hpfan100 Active Member

    Kimmers- If you are a vegetarian not a vegan you will find plenty of wonderful options at the world. Don't be shy they will most likely find something to make you happy. :thumbsup2
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  3. DaymanX

    DaymanX Member

    Earlier in the thread, there are some great CS places mentioned with vegetarian/vegan options:

    Sunshine Seasons at EPCOT
    Pizza Planet at DHS (Vegan pizza isn't on menu but they have it)
    Restaurantosaurus at AK
    Liberty Tree Tavern at MK
  4. jgplimdesign

    jgplimdesign Under the spell of a very famous mouse. . .

    Has anyone tried the 'new' vegetable stone pie at the Rose & Crown? Tried Google images and couldn't even find a pic?! Last year was the curried vegetables...
  5. DaymanX

    DaymanX Member

    Going back in late October. Anything new or recent to report about vegan options around the parks & resorts?

    I know there's a vegan booth at Food & Wine this year. I also heard that Sunshine Seasons added some Gardein stuff.

    How is Boma for vegans lately? Has Tusker House changed its food now that it's a character meal? Is Chef TJ still at 1900 Park Fare?

    I'm thinking about branching out this trip and trying to see what vegan stuff I can get at places like The Wave, Crystal Palace, and others.

  6. cp'ersmom

    cp'ersmom Member

    If its the same as the vegetable shepherds pie, it was good. Not great but good. I would order it again.
  7. vacationer1954

    vacationer1954 Active Member

    Here's some non-news. According to reports from WCC CMs vegetarians can order the vegetarian meal a la carte at dinner. (The only option for non-vegetarians is the AYCE skillet.)

    We had great vegetarian (not vegan) meals at Tusker House, and The Wave, earlier this year.
  8. Teresa Pitman

    Teresa Pitman Active Member

    We're starting our drive down tonight, so I will be able to report back on the vegan booth at Food and Wine next week. I ate at Tusker House in March, with the characters, and had some excellent vegan food. They brought out the chef (Joaquim) who walked us through what we could have on the buffet, then made us several extra dishes which he brought to our table, and THEN made us a special vegan dessert as well. We were so happy. Also VERY full. (Helpful tip: do not go on Expedition Everest right after eating a big meal at Tusker House. I am speaking from experience here.)

    I last ate at Boma in March as well. It was very good, although not as amazing as in the TJ days. They certainly had several vegan options.

    If you are looking for new places and haven't eaten at Sanaa, I highly recommend it (if you like Indian food). It's one of our favourites. And lots of vegan options.

  9. DaymanX

    DaymanX Member

    Yes. Loved Sanaa last year. Mainly trying to get a feel for what new to try this time and if anything has changed since last year.

    Would love confirmation that TJ is still at 1900 and anything else you can report back.

    Thank you!
  10. DaymanX

    DaymanX Member

    This post on the Disney blog has info about the vegan booth, "Terra" at Food & Wine:

    From this post, "Festival Fun Facts":

  11. DaymanX

    DaymanX Member

    Does anyone know which restaurant in the UK pavilion that Phillip Mathen works at? If it's a TS restaurant, he might be another Chef TJ when it comes to custom vegan meals. :)
  12. MamaPotts

    MamaPotts Member

    According to the post, he works at the "UK Pavillion" do I'm guessing he's at the Rose & Crown. It would be nice if they were to start incorporating seitan, tempeh and even plain ol' legumes into vegan offerings throughout the resort. The F&W offerings may signal a new era (even if I don't generally eat seitan).
  13. LisaS

    LisaS DIS Veteran

  14. lilpooh108

    lilpooh108 Active Member

    A few questions for our upcoming Dec 2012 trip:

    (1) Does anyone know if the Udon Noodles served with dinner at Teppan Edo are OK to eat for milk/egg allergy? In general udon noodles (usually just water & wheat) are OK w/DD (allergies).

    I emailed Special Diets and never got an answer. I don't want to make a dining ressie there unless she can have the noodles (she loves udon, and we love teppan).

    (2) Sounds dumb since it's all french & butter & whatnot but any good vegan options at Chefs de France?

    (3) Is all regular popcorn at WDW vegan? Do I need to ask at each & every stand?

    (4) Are Divvies still available? Last time in Nov 2011 I checked at a few places and never saw them. Some CS CMs told me they're not around anymore.

    (5) I read somewhere that the "Amy's" brand of vegan microwave meals were available at some CS locations. Does anyone know where?

    I really wish Special Diets would at least email me back...

  15. DaymanX

    DaymanX Member

    3. The general consensus here has been that all popcorn on property is popped in Canola Oil.

    5. Pizza Planet at DHS has an off-menu vegan pizza. I believe it's Amy's and is in the "Special Diets" binder. Just mention that you have a special diet and they'll bring it out for you to order from. Makes me wonder if other quick-service places have something similar.
  16. DCDisney

    DCDisney On my way...

    The popcorn is vegan in the parks but special things like the caramel store you should ask. Divvies seem to gone. Lots of CS places theoretically stock some Amy's products but on our trips it seems like they are only available about half the time. Not sure why they don't keep a constant supply. It's usually Mac and cheese or pizza but some of the resorts sometimes have better options.
  17. cherylp3

    cherylp3 Florida Resident

    Divvies were replaced with enjoy life .

    There are vegan options at chefs de france, just ask to see the chef.
  18. lilpooh108

    lilpooh108 Active Member

    Thanks everyone....

    Does anyone know if "allergy chicken tenders" are still around?

    My DD had those the first few times we went with her to WDW (2009-2010) and last year I didn't find any...she loved those...but it seems harder to come by. :confused3
  19. DaymanX

    DaymanX Member

    What are "allergy chicken tenders?" Are they vegan?
  20. vmb123

    vmb123 Disney Mom

    OK, So this is the first time I have returned from Disney VERY FRUSTRATED. I return every year and have never had an issue successfully finding Vegan options in restaurants or in the Hotels. We stayed at the Beach Club again, and their options were very limited. All premade salads had gobs of cheese or Chicken on them-as with the wholefoods bakery next to spoodles), the option to do a special vegan pizza aka flat bread or a veggie Quinoa wrap was shot out the door with the cross contaimation of cheese ALL over the Bay marie. They do have Baby cakes options, however I dont eat lots of sweets and really just wanted a healthy choice. They offered Strawberries and Blueberries in the pint or 1# package, however- I am a Sale Representative for Produce to Chefs...and 9.99 for a 1# container of Strawberries and 8.99 for a pint of Blueberries is OUTRAGEOUS (especially when I know the Cost), I will admit I did have to buy them or my children would have thrown a tantrum. The Wave in the Contemporary was the only place that did a wonderful job with the curry stew for me. However for my son, the whole wheat pasta with just red sauce was very gummy and he refused to eat after the first few bites. I will say, on the Disney Cruise before hand I was SPOILED, each night I had wonderful vegan options-just AMAZING. The several years in the past I have always been able to modify options given on menus, and have enjoyed the options however if your Vegan and or Gluten Free I suggest bringing some items to snack on for Disney has missed the mark this year. :( I will be returning with an extra suitcase of healthy vegan options for my next stay. THE GOOD SIDE...I lost 4#!
  21. DaymanX

    DaymanX Member

    Sorry to hear you had such a disappointing trip!

    Can you give us any particular ideas on restaurants to avoid?

    I always assume that counter-service is going to be hit or miss, but I feel like I did well 90% of the time last year with table service restaurants. Granted, this thread gave me a lot of pointers in the right direction.

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