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(UPD 1/19) Yo Ho, Yo Ho- Rum and Sharks for Me!An Eastern Fantasy TR May 31-June 7

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Trip Reports' started by Tinker326, Jun 13, 2014.

  1. Tinker326

    Tinker326 Mouseketeer

    DisFriends- Welcome to another Trip Report. I have moved from the land to the water (inhabited by ferocious man-eating sharks) and here we will record our adventures on the High Sea!

    We had Pirates, we had Rum, we had treasure galore. All on the crystal blue Caribbean Seas. We lived dangerously, perched precariously on top of an underwater world filled with Jaws.

    Oh, sorry. Did I divert? Let me mention this as a preface. My greatest irrational fear are sharks lurking in the ocean. It haunts my mind whenever I enter a body of water. I spent considerable time pre-vacation talking about it on my PTR. And I, of course, (as every smart person should do) researched all shark attacks occurring in areas I would be traveling to.

    It's only natural, you see, that the shark makes it into my TR title.

    Anyways (I ramble)... 7 glorious days were spent on the Disney Fantasy.


    From May 31st-June 7th, 2014


    Within the confines of these pages I will report in minute detail our adventures with Rum and Sharks. Oh, and right... you know, all the stuff in between.

    I even took notes so 7 months from now I'm not making things up like I did in my last TR. Here will reside the table of contents for quick access to our fun:

    Castaway Characters 6/13/14
    How the Cruise Came to Be. And Travel Day 6/18/14
    We Board the Ship 6/19/14
    Exploring and Sailing Away 6/22/14
    And Then There was Dinner. And a Sea Day6/27/14
    Formally Formal Night 7/6/14
    Braids and Fish Eggs 7/10/14
    Where Am I? Who Am I? 7/13/14
    Dinner and Roy 7/28/14
    A Port. And Some Airplanes 8/1/14
    And That Wraps St.Maarten 8/14/14
    Pirate Night Part Uno 9/2/14
    Pirate Night Part Dos 9/2/14
    Snorkeling with Jaws 9/9/14
    Drunk Old Lady 9/22/14
    Return From Neverland 11/14/14
    A Little Birdie Told Me To Enjoy The Pool 11/19/14
    John Travolta Jr 12/30/14
    Castaway Cay..Strange Fish Happening Here1/2/15
    Beach Time 1/19/15

    Please sit back, enjoy the ride. It may be a long one... Ask the bar staff to bring you the Drink of the Day to relax while your read through my humble adventure. Yo Ho, Yo Ho.. A Shark-Filled Pirates Life for Me!


    Next up... Cast o' Castaway characters (aka- the ones that didn't get eaten by Jaws)
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  3. Tinker326

    Tinker326 Mouseketeer

    Let's introduce you to some characters. Castaway Characters that is. Oh, I'm so clever..arn't I? Using the pun on Castaway Cay.... clever, shmever...that's me!

    Me. Who am I?

    Hi. I'm Nicole.


    Oh look. Rum. In my hand. Sweet. (shh. I think it's Vodka but we'll pretend it's rum since that's the word in my TR title)

    I'm the Dis Freak in the family. I love Disney lots. Although that love has lessened with Mickey Mouse's new girlfriend 'the magicband'. I am working on getting past that to bring back the pixie dust that keeps me going. I'm sarcastic. Like...a lot. I ramble... like...a lot. I love to take photos. Scrapbook. Read. Oh, and travel. Yes, I love to travel. This was our 3rd Disney Cruise (Magic & Dream previously). Likely our last (cue the sighs, cries & disbelief...don't worry, I'll likely eat my own words in a few years!) I'm a bad speller (sorry). And, as mentioned, I have a fear of sharks. I run. I am not great at it. But have done one RunDisney event with 2 more in the works. Feel free to join over in the PTR for fun run talk.



    Not so much a Disney lover. A Disney tolerater is a better word. Although it's not a word actually because spell check won't correct it to anything. Anyways.... he likes steak. (see above picture of two plates of steak) and beer and cruises and Pirates. And so.. along he comes on a Disney cruise with us. Although his "Wish Upon A Star" would be that Disney add a casino to their boat. Ha! His role on this vacation was to protect me from sharks. But I think he had too much beer for that to ever been a reality should a shark made an unlikely appearance.

    DD #1- Rebecca


    Tweeny 12 year old. She loves all the Magic and Wonder and pixie dust that surrounds us at Disney. She's an accomplice in all my Disney Dreams. And if I can throw a sentence about Fantasy in here, I'll have managed to get all four Disney ship names in her description. Um.. It's her Fantasy to be a princess when she grows up. Look, I did it. Again, let's marvel at my cleverness. She still loves characters and all that jazz. I love experiencing the joy of Disney with her.

    DD #2- Sarah


    9 year old polar opposite of her sister. She tolerates Disney like her dad. Mostly because she likes rides, adventure & vacations. And she loves ice-cream on the Lido Deck. Boy does she love that ice-cream! She has no use for Princesses, Pink or character meets. A complete tomboy. She's fiercely opinionated and stubborn to boot. But has the most inquisitive mind you will ever meet. I love seeing the world through her eyes because she notices and questions things I never would. She's amazing with that.

    DD #3- Charlie Girl


    My beautiful 5 year old China girl! She joined our family about 2 years ago. We had some hard times as she came from a hard, hard place... but she has overcome so much! She's my hero. The fact that she can smile, laugh, love and trust when she's gone through more than most adults- well, it's amazing! She's sweetness personified. We took her to Disneyworld in November (see TR link below) and I think she loved this cruise more than that vacation! She enjoyed everything... the water, the food, the adventures, the shows... she cried when we were leaving the boat "I don't want bacation to end" (she can't say her 'v's')

    Last but not least. My mother.


    Those following over from my TR will be happy to know that this was attempt #2 to sell my mother to Pirates. Will we be successful? Mom is mom. What can I say. I love her, I enjoy her. She adores her grandchildren. But she's a little bit of martyr and a little bit of crabby. And has low tolerance for many things. Like children (see the problem coming in.. on a Disney ship). She had never been on a Disney Cruise before and she wanted to join us. She also really, really loves Chip and Dale. Like my husband, she wishes for a casino on the boat. However, she was a wonderful accomplice in my rum drinking.

    And there you have it. The castaway group of characters on this adventure!
  4. Twoboysnmygirl

    Twoboysnmygirl DIS Veteran

    WOOT! :cool1:

    I'm first! I'm first!

    TweedleDee beats Ann. Neener! ;)

    I cannot WAIT to hear every little detail!

    and you had me at RUM. pirate: :drinking1

    Let's DO this!!
  5. Tinker326

    Tinker326 Mouseketeer

    Tweedle is First! :cool1:

    Ann better get her so we can do Mockingbird. :grouphug:

  6. Victoriasmom98

    Victoriasmom98 Mouseketeer

    Wow! Way to be a good winner, Karen!!:rotfl2:
  7. Twoboysnmygirl

    Twoboysnmygirl DIS Veteran

  8. Dis_Yoda

    Dis_Yoda Mouseketeer

    I'm in!

    I'm sooooo tempted to share pictures of the shark hunting two of my coworkers did!
  9. Imbri

    Imbri Member

    Yay, new TR! Can't wait to see everything from your cruise!
  10. mae5731

    mae5731 Member

    Woohoo! Found it!!! I'm ready to relive the week again!:cool1:
  11. Tinker326

    Tinker326 Mouseketeer

    But I'm still glad your here Ann! Even if not first. :)

    Yhea! Run Friends!!!

    We are hoping to go to Hawaii next year and I'm completely freaking because of the surge of Tiger shark attacks. I already told my DH we are NOT going to Maui since that seems to be where the most are. It's pathetic. I know.

    Welcome friend! I'm writing this from Traverse City, btw, and wouldn't you know- we've yet to run into a 7-11 now that you brought it to my attention! The nerve!!!

    Hard to believe it was only 2 weeks ago we were starting our vacation. Seems much longer than that, doesn't it?

    Glad you are joining along!!
  12. lizzyb

    lizzyb Mouseketeer

    Joining in!
  13. momabaarjo

    momabaarjo In Pursuit of Cupcakes, Booze, & PHM

    I think I might have just made it on your first.
  14. skier_pete

    skier_pete DIS Veteran

    Here I am! :wave2:
  15. maggonz9

    maggonz9 Earning My Ears

    Looking forward to a new trip report! Lovely family!
  16. lauralynn0612

    lauralynn0612 Member

    I finally made it! Catching up after vacation is the pits!
  17. Tinker326

    Tinker326 Mouseketeer

    Welcome! Thanks for joining!!!
  18. Tinker326

    Tinker326 Mouseketeer

    I'm glad you made it over Tammie! Thanks for joining. There are even cupcakes at the tail end if this report! ;)
  19. Tinker326

    Tinker326 Mouseketeer

    Peter's in the house!!! Thanks for coming over! Any bets if this trip report takes as long as my other one?!? Hahahahaha!!!
  20. Tinker326

    Tinker326 Mouseketeer

    Thanks for joining and thanks!!!
  21. Tinker326

    Tinker326 Mouseketeer

    It is the pits! That's why I took another one a week later! (To Upper Michigan). Hahahahaha!

    Thanks for coming over! You will, of course, be featured in the TR with our matching shirts!

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