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Discussion in 'Southern California Theme Parks' started by carandem, Sep 1, 2012.

  1. carandem

    carandem Earning My Ears

    Aug 25, 2012
    I cannot seem to find many threads about hollywood universal

    Please share tips, travel reports etc from universal hollywood here

    I also have some questions

    going oct 27-nov 2 to DLR am considering universal but have some reservations, My daughter is only 6.5 she isn't scared too easily and will meet all the ride requirements as she is 48". Good time to go, too old for her

    It would be a one day trip only. Any idea on crowd levels it would be Nov 1 we go. Only open 7 hours and we would shuttle there

    Any deals for tickets/shuttle you can recommend

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  3. tinkerbelt

    tinkerbelt DIS Veteran

    Feb 16, 2007
    The crowds at Universal usually aren't bad during off season, and it's a small park, so you should be able to see a lot. The rides really aren't scary. The only thing that my 9 year old won't do is the House of Horrors. The Mummy ride is pretty intense, but it's fun.

    I'd knock out the tour in the morning, it takes about an hour, and the wait times get pretty long. Universal also does the front of the line pass, but we never use it, so I'm not sure if it's worth it. FWIW, we have passes, so we've never tried to cram everything into one day. But it could easily be done, I think. You just need to be able to plan out which shows you want to see early in the day.
  4. Minuet888

    Minuet888 DIS Veteran

    Apr 19, 2009
  5. GaSleepingBeautyFan

    GaSleepingBeautyFan DIS Veteran

    Aug 12, 2007
    It's more shows than anything.

    There are a few rides but it's nothing like Universal Orlando.

    The tour is interesting and a must do. But would your 6.5 year old enjoy something like that?

    Just a few things to think about.

    Also go to the Universal Hollywood website. You can get a list of what there is to do in that park so you can decide if it's worth it.

    I know for me, I never need to go back. I'd rather choose to do something else in that part of California. I want to check out Long Beach and go to the Aquarium of the Pacific or go to Knotts Berry Farm instead to see what that is like.

    Now my husband loves Universal Hollywood so he would want to go again and again.
  6. ktaggie

    ktaggie Mouseketeer

    Oct 21, 2009
    I would not recommend it for her age. We went this summer with a 9, 6, and 1 year old. We all agreed another Disney day or just a day to explore would have been better.
  7. rosie2283

    rosie2283 Mouseketeer

    Jul 14, 2011
    We went last fall. Definitely knock out the tour ASAP when you arrive. Our kids were 12, 8, and 5 when we went. It was a good mix for us. For everything intense and scary, you can counter it with Dora, Diego, curious George, Shrek and sponge bob. It was a neat place to wander and explore. And for the tram tour...I found covering my daughters eyes was helpful but I only had to do it once or twice LOL. She asked for me to do it! We are headed back to California this November and have planned a day at universal again.
  8. chrissiecutie

    chrissiecutie Once a Princess, Always a Princess

    May 1, 2008
    We took DS on our last trip, he was 6. He liked some rides like Jurassic Park & Simpsons but was completely bored with the walk thru haunted house thing, the tram tour & the shows. The Mummy ride wasn't up yet or it was closed the day of our visit- cant remember....so he didn't get to do that.

    Keep in mind that Universal has very short hours, especially in off season. We did open to close, something like 10-5 & we weren't able to see/do it all. And this was with NO wait times. We even did the tram tour mid day & only waited 15 mins. We did Jurassic Park many times & a few times we were the only ones on the ride!!

    Personally- its a once every 5 yrs park for my family. It's fun but just not worth the additional cost & I think older kids would probably enjoy it more. DS was bored. :(
  9. zavandor

    zavandor DIS Veteran

    Jul 22, 2011
    Universal Hollywood has the new Transformer ride. It's fantastic! I did it 7 times in one day, could not stop to ride it again and again :)
    I think it's the second best attraction in the world (after Harry Potter Forbidden Journey, Tower of Terror is the third).
    Since it's new, it can have the longest queue in the park; if possible, ride it as the first time in the morning just after park opening.
  10. Mary Jo

    Mary Jo Techarita Moderator

    Dec 15, 1998
    I'm going to go ahead & move this over to the theme parks board. :)
  11. cornhead

    cornhead Earning My Ears

    Oct 22, 2011
    Thanks for the info. Looking forward to Universal Studios

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