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    Apr 11, 2011
    wow , its amazing for weddings , a surprise for the entry
    And the first dance.. :cool1:
    The groom and bride can write their song and even to sing their vows at the reception,
    they will cherish the song forever :cloud9:
    listen to the sample in their official website, just search DREAM TO SING.

    They taking bad home recording and transform it to great music
    you can get a coupon discount on their facebook fan page:
    search for DREAM TO SING
    but I have a better coupon for you here , it will be valid until 15 of April
    code: wwr7932035 (copy it)
    that coupon give you the 20$ discount and also gives you another 30 minutes worth 10$
    If you have a site or a page or you are a wedding planner that can help to promote the service
    if you want to be affiliate
    please contact them for details about the collaborate plane
    im colaborating with them for example..

    SO LET'S SING TOGETHER!! :rotfl:

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