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Ty-bugs MAW pre-trip to ride Jaws and go to Disney! July 10-16 2010

Discussion in 'Pre-Trip Reports and Plans' started by cantwaittoseemickey, Feb 25, 2010.

  1. cantwaittoseemickey

    cantwaittoseemickey Mouseketeer

    Our son Ty was born on time(barely) but has quite a few medical conditions. He has a swallowing disorder that leaves him choking and gagging quite often. He also has a neurogenic bladder and is in the begining stages of preparing for possible reconstructive surgery. He also has spina bifida Occulta and had surgery in May to correct his teathered spinal cord. He is mostly fed by a feeding tube.

    Ty was granted a WISH this past November. It did not take him long at all to know what his Wish was. To ride JAWS and go to Disney! We met with the WISH granters and he told them his Wish.His Wish was originally planned to take place on Valentines Day but we had to reschedule so this is his new ptr.

    Sierra is our sweet girl who has her own struggles. So this trip will be just as special to her as to Ty. She is so excited to pet the dolphins and see Shamu.

    We are arriving July 10th and we will be staying at GKTW.We are beyond excited about this. To be able to stay in a place just like home is just unreal. We just cannot imagine what lies ahead for us. We are so grateful! He has quite a few apts coming up and this will be such a great thing to think about during them.

    Im looking forward to making some links and starting over with our Disney nights!!!

    Here are some pics so you can put a face with the name:)

    Here is our Wish child

    Here is big sis
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  3. reyasmommy

    reyasmommy Mouseketeer

    YAY!!! Hope you and your family have a wonderful, magical trip! :wizard:
  4. cantwaittoseemickey

    cantwaittoseemickey Mouseketeer

    :welcome:Thank you! Wow your trip is very soon!! Have a wonderful trip! I will catch up on your ptr tonight:)

  5. Thumper321

    Thumper321 Member

    :woohoo: Glad to see that you've started the new PTR. Can't wait to follow along!
  6. Momofwishkid

    Momofwishkid Mouseketeer

    :banana: Im so glad you got your new dates and started your PTR! Cant wait to start following again.
  7. pipersmom

    pipersmom Mouseketeer

    Woohooo! Can't wait to follow along again..the time will fly by ;) :hug:
  8. cantwaittoseemickey

    cantwaittoseemickey Mouseketeer

    Thank you for finding me again Miranda:). I can't wait to REALLY get going:cool1:
  9. cantwaittoseemickey

    cantwaittoseemickey Mouseketeer

    Hi Jennifer Thanks for finding me again! Im so excited for these new dates. I cannot wait for his upcoming apts to be over with so we can have that hurdle over.
  10. cantwaittoseemickey

    cantwaittoseemickey Mouseketeer

    Hi Amanda! Welcome to our new PTR! I definately hope the time will fly by. I can't wait to get started!
  11. cantwaittoseemickey

    cantwaittoseemickey Mouseketeer

    Ok Since my birthday is 3 days after we get back from Ty's trip:cool1: we are going to see about celebrating it while we are there. So since this is Ty's trip I am going to see if he wants to plan MY birthday. I just can't imagine what he will pick for his momma. :rotfl2:

    This is going to be a very busy summer. I have 2 40th birthday parties to plan, our anniversary is the end of July, Sierra's is in June and Ty's is in September. My mom and dads anniversary will be while we are away as well.

    Oh and did I mention that my mom and dad might come with us on this trip? They would be staying on property, and renting thier own vehicle. My dad has dreamed of going to Epcot for years. And my mom wants to go see her aunt so we wouldnt be spending a huge amount of time together but are hoping we could at least fly together and spend a little time together. But they never make plans and its always a "possibility kind of thing". But after Ty's apt and we are sure of thing then Im going to get on them to make their decision final. lol
  12. noahsketomom

    noahsketomom Mouseketeer

    Hi Tonya!!!

    I'm so glad you started a new PTR....and got your new dates! Tell Ty he's a man after my own heart --- I too can't wait for the Jaws ride!! :yay: Silly, but it's on my short list of "must do"!!!

    I also can't wait for what he chooses for your bday! Will be one to remember for sure!

    Can't wait to follow along....
  13. Momofwishkid

    Momofwishkid Mouseketeer

    How cool is that to get to celebrate your birthday at disney!! Im sure Ty is going to pick something amazing. My DH's birthday is 3 days after we get back also. I think were going to celebrate it at Margaritaville since that's somewhere both Gavin and DH will love.

    How exciting that your parents might come along too and I think that will be perfect that they have their own plans but you'll still be able to spend some time with them. :thumbsup2
  14. kellyw8863

    kellyw8863 Mouseketeer

    Yay on revised dates!:cool1::cool1:
  15. maroo

    maroo DIS Veteran

    i am here!!!

    and i added u to the Wish Trippers thread, too! :)
  16. Soooo excited you have dates again!! Can't wait to follow the planning!! How are you all hanging in there?? :hug:
  17. cantwaittoseemickey

    cantwaittoseemickey Mouseketeer

    Thank you for finding me:) Yeah he is going to LOVE that ride. I hope to get a good pic of him because I plan on putting him on the side that Jaws comes right up to :rotfl2:

    I am totally not sure what he will chose probably just pick me something out for my bday that has Mickey on it. That is totally find with me cause I LOVEEEEEE MIckey!!!!
  18. cantwaittoseemickey

    cantwaittoseemickey Mouseketeer

    Thank you I hope so too. No drs. No therapy just having a great time in Disney with our favorite Characters and the most awsome rides!

  19. cantwaittoseemickey

    cantwaittoseemickey Mouseketeer

    Change of plans already:rotfl2: I knew it. My mom and dad has changed thier minds so lets see if it changes again. We'll see. They just dont want to be a burden on our trip since it is going to be such a once in a life time trip and so much to do they could not keep up. So I told her that is perfectly fine that we would see them as soon as we got back. We will be doing lots of things with them anyways throughout the summer.
  20. cantwaittoseemickey

    cantwaittoseemickey Mouseketeer

    YAYY!! Thanks Maroo!!

  21. cantwaittoseemickey

    cantwaittoseemickey Mouseketeer

    We are doing great thank you! It was a tough time there through the passing of FIL but we are doing awsome now. Dh had his knee surgery a week ago tomarrow and the difference is amazing. He had to take a little more time off work which is not good but we are glad he can have a little more time to heal. And I have someone to keep me company at home. It has be so wonderful having him home with me during the day.

    Can I just say that OMG my child!! He just lost his 3RD CAP this week!! One was VERY loose. And we expected it to come out. Then the other night he found another one just barely loose. Well that one came out before the first one did:rotfl2: then that next night the original cap came out. Well he just walked in and said look. He was holding the 3RD cap:rotfl:And he didnt even know that one was loose!! Crazy I tell ya! That tooth fairy is working overtime with him :laughing:

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