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Tut-Tut, it Looks Like Rain! May '09 Trip Report. *Finished! 9/27 Pg. 69.

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by Lady Lallie, May 31, 2009.

  1. kschafer

    kschafer Mouseketeer

    DARN! I was hoping to see a pic of you and Jen on first meeting. Hurry up and update again!!! (please) :flower3:

    Oh, and I want to know if this is the lunch you picked out Christine's future husband ;)
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  3. D&R love Disney

    D&R love Disney Mouseketeer

    I think these are the first pictures of an All Star Music room that I've seen. Very nice! Looking forward to reading more popcorn::
  4. Roxychica7

    Roxychica7 Mouseketeer

    Grr! :rotfl2: I was hoping for the first meeting photo too! Blake and I LOVED AsMu in 2007, I love the themeing of all the buildings. We were in the Country Fair section right under big boot :rotfl: I can't wait to see your tshirts!
  5. Rozz

    Rozz Mouseketeer

    Looking forward to your EPCOT adventure! popcorn::
  6. MeMom

    MeMom DIS Veteran

    Did the Music rooms seem so much fresher to you than Pop? As much as we love Pop, we really appreciated the new paint and new bedspreads at both Sports and Music, since we've stayed at both since they've been fixed up. I'm ready for Pop to get repainted and have fresh new bedspreads, too! :)

    It's great that you guys felt at ease right away. I think I would enjoy the company of many Disers, but I could never stay in the same room with anyone else. My snoring would send them home before dawn the next morning!
  7. cjackearl

    cjackearl Mouseketeer

    Your room looks nice, LL. I'm impressed whenever I see a curved shower curtain rod. What can I say? It's the little things.:laughing:

    I can't wait to hear about your first lunch at Disney.:)
  8. Lady Lallie

    Lady Lallie DIS Veteran

    I did like the pool areas. I felt they were more inviting than Pop's. Meaning, the chairs and tables were set up better, I think. I was able to sit and relax around the pool more so there than at Pop.

    Did they just refurb CSR rooms? I think I have some pretty awesome pictures of the rooms.

    It was no cliff hanger! I can't give it all up at once! :lmao: No this wasn't the doomed Le Cellier lunch, that was the next day. :rolleyes:

    The faces in the bathroom didn't freak me out, I was just trying to figure out who they were suppose to be. I have issues clearly.

    I haven't counted the light fixtures yet, I am still uploading to smug mug. It's a long process and I didn't even take as many pictures as I did in September.

    I really did love the Broadway section, it was a lot of fun. It made Mom inspired to sing every time we walked up to the building. :rotfl2:

    Oh pffft! It wasn't meant to be a cliff hanger! Oh yes, the waiter was delicious. I really was tempted to take a picture of him for you but thought that might get me ejected from Les Chefs. :lmao:

    You know, I didn't even think to have a picture taken of us during our first meet. Yes, we did pick out her future husband at this lunch. *Drool*

    Thanks! I really was happy with the room, it was nice and clean and spacious enough for the two of us.

    The Country Fair section was so neat! There were a couple of bands in that section though so I am really glad we didn't end up getting put there.

    Thanks! Maybe tomorrow I will update again. I guess this is what happens when you have nothing planned for a whole week of vacation. :laughing:

    I did think the Music rooms were a bit fresher than Pop, there didn't seem to be as much wear and tear. I bet Pop will get refurbed soon!

    Oh, just wait about the snoring MeMom. I always thought my dad was the snorer, but I know better now! :rolleyes1
  9. Lady Lallie

    Lady Lallie DIS Veteran

    You know, I almost said something about how much I liked the curved shower curtain rod but thought I would be the only one who thought those were special! :lmao:
  10. Tnkrbelle565

    Tnkrbelle565 DIS Veteran

    You are definitely NOT the only person. After all our hotel stays...I'm insisting that we install one in our new house!!!
  11. Lady Lallie

    Lady Lallie DIS Veteran

    :rotfl: Marc & I have talked about having one someday when we finally have a house of our own.
  12. SwansLoveDisney

    SwansLoveDisney Mouseketeer

    You're so thorough with your picture taking! I love all the room pics.

    It's wonderful that meeting Jen went so well!

    Can't wait to hear about lunch...
  13. MegansMom

    MegansMom Always Ready to Go Back with my "Minnie" Megan Mou

    Love the room pictures!!!! I knew you guys would hit it off, but I am glad that everything clicked so smoothly for you once you got there......here's to hoping in the future the hike to the buses doesn't become too bad for you!!!!!
  14. belle8306

    belle8306 Mouseketeer

    I love all of the little details you include in your trip reports! The Broadway section looks nice. The coat rack is really cute (your right that it doesn't match the rest of the room). I am looking forward to Epcot pics!
  15. ILuvCrush

    ILuvCrush Mouseketeer

    great update LL!!

    I doubt that any of us would think you are a giant wierdo in person:lmao:

    I liked ASMu alot... it is more...I dunno...'cozy' (????) than POP. I loved the broadway section..too cool... I was in Country Fair though, back in the boon-docks LOL!!

    Can't wait to hear about lunch...too bad you didn't get a pic of C's hubby to be.... oh well, at least I'll be there when Jen introduces them in Sept;)

  16. julezdisney

    julezdisney Boo to the b!

    I don't know how I missed this update. Perhaps my supervisor had walked by :laughing:.

    The room is really cute!
  17. princess&her4princes

    princess&her4princes Mouseketeer

    We have one in our bathroom and LOVE it!!!:lovestruc
  18. princess&her4princes

    princess&her4princes Mouseketeer

    Great update LL! The room looks great!! So glad that you finally got to meet Jen! Can't wait to hear more about lunch and see more pics!!:goodvibes
  19. MEK

    MEK DIS Veteran

    Love the Broadway section of ASMu. When my DS and I stayed there in 2007 we swear there was a man out under the marquee posing as a street cleaner. We checked in late at night (11:30pm) and there was no one around but that man. Very weird, now that I think about it. :confused3

    Then we were awoken (atleast I was) at 5 am by rolling suitcases on the walkway. I did not enjoy the first floor, but loved the rest of the place.
  20. MEK

    MEK DIS Veteran

    I almost forgot to ask.....Did you decorate your window????? Oh, wait....I guess you are not going to tell me until...ta da.....the next installment! :sad1:

    :sad1:Today is the first time I noticed that little, tiny tears actually fall from this smilie face. What do ya know!
  21. slamgtr09

    slamgtr09 Earning My Ears

    That line cracked me up! What's the worst is when you wave to someone, who isn't who you thought it was! :rotfl:
    Great update, keep the pictures coming!

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