Tut-Tut, it Looks Like Rain! May '09 Trip Report. *Finished! 9/27 Pg. 69.

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by Lady Lallie, May 31, 2009.

  1. Charleston Princess

    Charleston Princess DIS Veteran

    Jan 28, 2008
    Hurray! Your mom has arrived! I am sorry though that one of the first things she did was change from DHS to Epcot and nixed Brown Derby :(.

    Poor LL! I can't imagine the pain you were in with your feet! :hug:

    Cracked me up that your mom told a complete stranger about your light fetish! :rotfl:

    Seeing your Rose and Crown pictures made me crave it something fierce!

    I do hope that you are able to make it through AK the next day! :goodvibes
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  3. GlassSlippers

    GlassSlippers Mouseketeer

    Apr 5, 2009
    I read somewhere a right before our first Disney trip that one of the biggest causes of blisters is dampness causing extra friction. If you spray your feet with antiperspirant, they won't sweat so you reduce the chance of getting blisters. We tried it and now we do it any time we'll be walking long distances. I carry a travel sized stick of antiperspirant with me just in case what I used in the morning wears off. Neither my DD nor I have had a single one since. It might be worth a try for you.
  4. jordanyosh

    jordanyosh DIS Veteran

    Jun 23, 2003
    sorry about the feet....so sad.

    man, people keep talking about Rose and Crown. I have never heard so many positive comments as I have heard recently. I am definitely gonna have to give it a try.....

    epcot and you are not friends....so much walking required at this park....your poor feet.

    you have definitely opened my eyes to light fixtures..great thing about the DIS you learn so many other cool things about WDW...
  5. Native NYer

    Native NYer DIS Veteran

    Dec 25, 2007
    OMG I can't believe all of the foot pain you had. How terrible! I hope you never experience that again. No fun at all!

    What do you use for blister prevention/care? I'm VERY prone to blisters and would love your advice.

    I love the carpet bag witht he lamp coming out. I have to find that when we go in August. I'm reading Mary Poppins with my third grade class and think they'll get a kick out of it!
  6. lovedonaldduck

    lovedonaldduck DIS Veteran

    May 19, 2009
    So sorry to hear about all the foot pain, I hope September will be much better for your feet. :goodvibes I always wear my sneakers in the morning and switch to flip flops for the evenings after our mid day break. It works really well for me.

    Sorry you didn't get to go back to Brown Derby, but Rose & Crown is so good. We went there on our last trip and loved it. :love: It looks like you still got in a nice tour of the World Showcase for your mom despite your feet. You didn't seem to miss much. It was so nice of you to be such a trooper to make your mom's vacation more magical, what a sweet daughter. :cutie:
  7. MEK

    MEK DIS Veteran

    May 8, 2005
    LL: Was this a one day ticket that you purchased? The reason I am asking is my DH and I will have 2 one day tickets from our "free dining" trip in september. Can I give them to other people to upgrade into a park pass?

    Sorry about your plans changing for Brown Derby. I know you love it, but your meal at R&C looks pretty good. I'm sorry I changed my ADR there for September. Oh well, next time!

    Such a cute picture of your mom! You look so much alike!

    Kudos to you for waiting 70 minutes for Soarin. No WONDER your feet were killing you at the end of the day. Sorry you ended up giving away your later FP's, but I'm sure you made someone's day a little :goodvibes

    Love this picture. Almost worth the embarassment you had to endure to get it!

    Absolutely beautiful. I never really made it to the countries on my trip, so I will be going indepth on the Sept trip!

    LL - This was such a great update! It sounds like you had a fabulous first day with your mom. so sorry that you feet are still such a mess. I hope AK day brings better feet!
  8. kschafer

    kschafer DIS Veteran

    Jan 26, 2008
    I don't think I have posted much but I am reading along! So exciting for your mom to arrive and dinner looked divine!! Your poor feet, you do have this problem figured out for the next trip right?
  9. dlwharp

    dlwharp Mouseketeer

    Aug 30, 2004
    Just found your TR the other day and subscribed. So sorry about your feet. I really feel for you - I have the same problem and keeping my feet from hurting is priority #1 for me at Disney. Not only blisters, but keeping my feet from aching from walking. Last year on our first night I made the mistake of walking very fast around the entire "world" (in the WRONG shoes!) at EPCOT during F&W to get something from one of the stands and killed my feet that very first night. Like you, sometimes I was in tears from the pain. :sad2: I hope you find something that works for you!!

    Love your light fixture photos - cool idea! I will certainly be much more aware of them on our next trip. :thumbsup2
  10. TravelBug86

    TravelBug86 Princess of Quite A Lot

    Jun 25, 2009
    YOU SKIPPED THE BROWN DERBY ???? :eek: The shock, the horror!!! That's all I got out of this post... LOL Just Kidding!! :rotfl:
    I cannot believe your poor feet! But you should be proud that you did SO MUCH despite all the pain you were in. Rose & Crown looked reallllly good, I haven't been in a few years! OH- and So You Think You Can Dance is my all time favorite (reality) show!!! The choreographers are brilliant, aren't they?! I'm sure you and Momma LL are going to have a great next day! I just know it! :goodvibes
  11. MagicShell

    MagicShell DIS Veteran

    Jul 21, 2008
    I am so sorry to hear how bad your feet got. I don't see how you walked to all with your feet being one giant blister. I am glad you got to eat where you wanted to though. I hope you find a way to not be in so much pain.
  12. belle8306

    belle8306 DIS Veteran

    Mar 26, 2007
    I am so sorry your feet were giving you so much trouble!! :hug: Especially, when you are at Disney and there is tons of walking!! On the bright side, the pictures of you and your mom are so cute! I love your pink shirt! It is so pretty!princess:
  13. MegansMom

    MegansMom Always Ready to Go Back with my "Minnie" Megan Mou

    Mar 27, 2006
    I'm all caught up!!! So glad you were able to enjoy some rides, some good food, and shopping with your Mom on her first day!!! I feel SO badly for you though about your feet!!! I can only imagine the pain you were in!!!! I am praying that none of us in September have to suffer the same problem!!! I hope it gets better at some point before you have to leave!
  14. meeko_33785

    meeko_33785 <font color=teal>Surrounded by characters<br><font

    Oct 20, 2000
    Nice update. Sorry to hear you missed out on Brown Derby and more of Hollywood Studios, but it sounds like you had fun with your momat EPCOT. So glad you got to get into Rose and Crown. I've never done Nine Dragons but I can't imagine it being as good as Rose and Crown.
  15. wigdoutdismom

    wigdoutdismom DIS Veteran

    Jun 25, 2008
    I knew you were worried about your feet heading into the trip, but the blisters were unexpected, right? So how was the other pain you were having pre-trip?

    You were very gracious when your Mom wanted to change your HBD ressie, so in my opinion you were repaid by getting that R&C ressie. Way to go !
  16. disneyfan61

    disneyfan61 DIS Veteran

    May 1, 2005
    Your meal at R&C looks great!! So sorry to hear about those darn feet. My husband used to get blisters (not as bad as yours) but once he started using Body Glide & Moleskin he never had an more blisters. PLEASE go out & by some for your September trip!!! I hope your feet get better for your next day with Mom.
  17. Lady Lallie

    Lady Lallie DIS Veteran

    Apr 7, 2008
    I've been working on it!

    I love popovers too. So yummy!

    Blisters really do make you dread every step that is a wonderful way of putting it.

    Yes, I made her promise she wouldn't tell anyone else about my light fixture fetish! So embarassing!

    I have bought socks that wick moisture away and I also have a bandaid glide product that helps prevent them too. I'm hoping all of these ideas will work!

    You really do need to try Rose & Crown, it's such a great atmosphere and so delicious.

    Yes, Epcot and I have a love/hate relationship. I'm dreading this park on my next trip! Sigh.

    So far I have bought a bandaid glide stick which works like body glide, moleskin, bandaids, gauze, ointment. Yep...I've bought a lot and will continue to buy! :rotfl:

    I try to be a good daughter since she has been the best mom. It was really hard that day though I just wanted to go to sleep and not think about my feet!

    Yes. I had a one day ticket with my name on it and I gave it to her upgrade, no questions were asked even with the problems we had. I am going to attempt to upgrade the other one which has Marc's name on it this next trip I have coming up!

    Yes I hope I do. I'm very nervous about it!

    Thanks for reading! Good shoes are so important at Disney. I don't think anyone can read any of my reports and not notice more light fixtures. :rotfl:

    I know! I can't believe I allowed it! I probably wouldn't have had a foot meltdown that day either if we had gone to DHS! :lmao:

    My heels were fine, it was more near my toes but it was awful!

    Thanks. I bought it at Old Navy...in fact I am wearing it today!

    I hope no one every has to suffer like I did ever again!

    Thanks. I agree, I don't think Nine Dragons compares to Rose & Crown.

    The heel pain was FINE after a few days. In fact because I was walking so much it stretched my heel out which is what I need to do.

    Oooh, you should see my blister supplies! :lmao:
  18. Lady Lallie

    Lady Lallie DIS Veteran

    Apr 7, 2008
    Thursday May 28th. Day 7.

    The night before we had decided to go to Animal Kingdom for the day. We debated about going at park opening but decided to take our time and not worry about rope drop. I'm not sure what time we woke up, I think it was before 8AM. Mom, the trooper that she is walked to the Food Court to grab some breakfast for us both and brought it back to the room. She got me a yummy breakfast croissant and she had...eggs I think with bacon. Mine was delicious! I loved it. I was still in bed so no pictures for you. Hehe.

    My feet were not better at all once I got up and walked around. The amount of blisters I had was making it impossible to walk comfortably. Sigh. I told Mom that she could go to Animal Kingdom by herself. Mom wasn't having that. She said she would rent me a scooter. THE HORROR! I didn't want people looking at me and wondering why I needed to have a scooter. I was extremely embarrassed at the thought of having to go around in a scooter. I decided right then to suck it up and pretend I was fine.

    We got ready, made the long walk to the bus...and I wanted to cry. I spent the bus ride telling myself that a scooter wouldn't be that bad. That I had to just do it so Mom could enjoy her AK time.

    As we made our way into the park, I asked Mom, "Are you sure you don't mind renting me a scooter?" Sigh. I didn't want everyone to look at the fat girl in the scooter. Silly I know but that is how I saw myself. We stood in line for a scooter, $65 later...although you get $20 of it back at the end of the day if you return. Plus if we went to another park that night we could have used our receipt to get another rental. The nice CM showed me how to drive it and away we were. I didn't have any specific touring plans for AK. I knew I wanted to see Finding Nemo, Expedition Everest and the Safari. Beyond that, Mom was our guide.

    I took off in the scooter, learning how to drive, not running into any people. I was quite proud of myself. I didn't know where I was going so at one point I pulled off while Mom was catching up. Gazing all around enjoying the sights. She took this pretty picture.


    Have I ever mentioned that Mom is a horrible guide? Seriously. I think she has spent so much of her life just going with the flow of Dad, Me and my brother that when it comes time for her to make a decision for the group, she can't. She's so go with the flow. So I made the executive decision to head for what I believe was the first Finding Nemo show of the day.

    This is where I learned there are perks to having a scooter! We got to the area where the line begins and noticed everyone parking their strollers. We asked if we had to park and the CM said nope, just go all the way up. At one point the line split into a handicapped entrance and a regular entrance. I felt super guilty about this and told Mom we should just park the scooter and she said NOPE get going. So scooting I went.

    We were escorted right in, a nice CM showed us to our seats and then scooted the scooter outside and parked it for me. A few minutes later he came back with my key. What service! I felt a little bad but I was quickly getting over my guilt.

    Here was our view.

    Again, Mom convinced me to save myself some weight and just bring her point and shoot. I wish I had brought mine because I could have gotten much better photos I think plus with the scooter, I didn't have any weight to carry around!







    Not the greatest pictures but you get the idea. I thought the show was fantastic and it is now on my MUST DO LIST for any trip to AK. Mom loved it too.

    After the show was over, I hopped onto my scooter and we took off. I wanted to do It's Tough To Be A Bug, Mom really didn't' have any interest. She was getting hungry so she decided we should go to Flame Tree Barbeque. Okey Dokey.

    I went to try to find a seat while she stood in line for our food. I went to the area right near Flame Tree and it was crowded and narrow...too narrow for my scooter. I attempted to back up and turn around and much too my dismay...I RAN INTO A CHAIR! I was so embarrassed! I knew no one was in it, there were people at the table though. !!!! I was too embarrassed to even look back, I just apologized and scootered my butt out of there PRONTO.

    I was too ashamed to keep looking so I just waited for Mom. She led the way to one of the sitting areas down the path and towards the back.

    We both ordered the bbq pulled pork sandwich with beans. YUMMO. I remember the beans being gross but they were good this time around.


    It was starting to get overcast during our meal. Combine that with the scary birds we booked it out of there pretty quickly. We could see EE from the trail and Mom watched the coaster go by a few times. She chickened out! I couldn't believe it. I thought for sure she'd want to go on it since she loves Big Thunder Mountain. No dice. She was scared. I wasn't going to do it by myself so we moved on.


    We decided to go wait in line for the Safari. We didn't have fastpasses so we knew it would be a wait. Oh well, at least we'd get out of the rain.

    Mom took pictures on our way over.


    I wonder who told her to take these....hmmmm...I wonder....






    By the time we made it to the Safari it had started raining, not heavy yet but it was only a matter of time! Standby line was at 40 minutes. I was able to drive the scooter right in! It was amazing. I have never noticed this before apparently. Our time in line went by quickly. It makes a difference when you are sitting! I offered to let Mom sit and rest her feet but she said she was fine.

    Before we knew it we were being ushered into the area for the handicapped safari truck. We probably waited a bit longer because it seemed they only had one truck for these people but that was okay with me. I don't know maybe they had two going. Shortly we were all aboard for our two week trip.

    Mom had camera duty. I had never ridden the safari without a camera glued to my face so I really enjoyed it this time.





    I never realized how well giraffes can blend in!




    This guy scared me a bit.


    It was a wonderful safari and Mom really enjoyed it. We made a bathroom break and couldn't figure out what we wanted to do. I suggested the train, the animal trails and Festival of the Lion King. Lion King was just about to start and we figured we could make it and we did!

    We made it and was ushered right into a front row spot with my scooter. I didn't take a single picture and neither did Mom. We just sat and watched and enjoyed. Mom really liked it. There were the cutest kids ever in the little parade at the end.

    After we were done with Lion King, Mom had enough. There wasn't a whole lot more she wanted to do and I was more than happy to head back to the resort. We returned the scooter and I hobbled out to the bus.

    We didn't wait long for a bus and made our way to All Star Music. I would think this was about 5 or so. We poked around a bit at the gift shop again, I know that I bought some trashy magazine with Jon & Kate on the cover...I couldn't resist. As I was paying for my purchases I exclaimed and made the cashier jump and Mom look at me weird.

    The CM had the Mickey Gnome pin!! Eeeee! I was so excited. I happily traded with her. While she continued to bag my purchases I noticed that she had the 5 legged goat that CP (CharlestonPrincess) told me about. The 5 legged goat is in the mural at the Contemporary and I believe it was designed by Mary Blair. Am I right CP? I was super excited. I asked how many trades I could complete and she said two so the goat was mine! Yay! Pin Trading Jackpot!

    I don't remember what we did for dinner. For some reason I don't think we did anything...? That doesn't seem right. Maybe we were still full from Flametree Barbecue? I think that Mom had her school bread this night and I think we may have just snacked a bit.

    It was sprinkling out so we decided to head back to our room and wait for the rain to clear so we could go for a swim.

    We waited all night. Yep the rain didn't stop in a timely fashion. I am sure you are surprised. We watched So You Think You Can Dance again and went to bed. This night I dug out my earplugs. I slept better. Hehe.
  19. If U Had Wings

    If U Had Wings DIS Veteran

    May 24, 2007
    I think that getting off your feet was the best thing that you could have done. Last year we had to rent a wheelchair for my mother after she injured her siatic nerve a few days before we left. We had to drag her practically kicking and screaming into the chair, but she would have never been able to make it through a day without it. So much better to have her with us in the chair than without us.

    Looks like you had a wonderful day with your mom.
  20. cjackearl

    cjackearl DIS Veteran

    Feb 15, 2008
    LL, I'm so glad you got a scooter! You could enjoy your time with your mom without being miserable.

    Neat light fixture pictures that your mom took. I too wonder who told her to take them. It's a mystery.;)

    Yea for pin trading nirvana!!:woohoo:
  21. MinnieNurse

    MinnieNurse DIS Veteran

    Mar 25, 2006
    I think the scooter was a good idea and definitely needed. You should not have to spend your entire trip that you paid good money for in your room. I never pay attention to the people on scooters, I guess being a nurse I know there are many handicaps that may not can be seen just by looking.

    I am glad you let your Mom rent the scooter. Good decision.:thumbsup2

    I think I am in the minority here (please no flames) but I just was really disappointed with the Nemo show. Guess the movie was just so great that the show for me fell short.

    Love the pulled pork at Flame Tree. FOLK is my favorite thing about AK.

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