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Tradition vs Change

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by stoudt6, Feb 23, 2013.

  1. stoudt6

    stoudt6 Member

    I'm usually for change and the new, but sometimes keeping a tradition is more important. And in my opinion having the Main Street Bakery is more important then having a Starbucks ON MAIN STREET. I understand that $$$ rules all decisons at WDW, but I wish the "Bean-Counters" would sometimes take into consideration what makes actual sense over financial sense.

    R.I.P Carrot Cake my old friend, we had a nice little run!
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  3. OKW Lover

    OKW Lover <img src=http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/images

    So, you would like to keep with the tradition of having a Nestle shop on Main Street?
  4. SarahKate

    SarahKate Mouseketeer

    This topic has been exhausted. They will incorporate Main Street theming into the Starbucks. The location will still have many of the fave bakery items. WDW has consistently had corporate sponsors ever since its been open. Just look more closely. Coca Cola, Edys, Orville Redenbacher, Kodak, McDonalds. You name it. You don't always notice because they blend it in quite well. This newest project will be no different. It's not going to be the same Starbucks that you see in the real world. Just give them a chance. They may surprise you.
  5. stoudt6

    stoudt6 Member

    Don't have a problem with Starbucks, just where it will be. The idea/concept of Main Street USA is how things were at Turn of the century 1900's when Walt was a child. And you have/had a bakery, an Ice Cream parlor, a Soda-Pop Eatery and a Store/Clothing Emporium. All them have remained true to their themes even by incorporating some of todays modern things. Now that is changing. The main street Bakery Presented by Starbucks serving Starbucks coffee would be fine, but just a plain starbucks even featuring some of the Main Street Bakery items isn't the same. Just my opinion.
  6. princessallegra

    princessallegra They call me Mrs. Disney

    It's not going to be "just a pain starbucks".
  7. disnut8

    disnut8 DIS Veteran

    Yeah but, Walt hasn't been on this earth since 1966 so no one knows what he would have wanted. It's like asking WWJD? No one knows.

    Some will say Walt would have had alcohol in the Magic Kingdom way before Be Our Guest. Some say Walt is spinning in his grave. It's all just a matter of opinion. For me, I don't care. I never went to the Bakery before, I won't now either. Don't really eat that stuff and I have never had a cup of coffee in my life. Way too many other things to see and do at Disney World than obsess over one shop and what may or may not happen.
  8. autismgoesdisney

    autismgoesdisney Mouseketeer

    My problem is Starbucks! YUCK! Dunkin Donuts and I'd be all over it. :rotfl2:
  9. JimmyV

    JimmyV Por favor manténganse alejado de las puertas.

    Why oh why are people so quick to congratulate Disney on the way it successfully incorporates acceptable themeing of other corporate sponsors but are just as quick to assume that Disney cannot or will not successfully incorporate turn of the century themeing into the MSB as it begins to serve Starbucks coffee?

    Trust in the fact that Disney "gets it". I promise that there isn't a single executive who is planning on having the MSB look like a 2013 Starbucks across the street from Casey's and the Crystal Palace. Not a one.
  10. minnie mum

    minnie mum Unapologetic Disney Fan(atic)

    Exactly. And how about holding off on the howls of indignation and moaning over the death of Main Street theming until the place has actually reopened and we can see how well or poorly the change has been handled? These guys know what they're doing- they've been doing it for a few years now.
  11. MrEVILdrPorkchop2u

    MrEVILdrPorkchop2u Mouseketeer

    Agree! We've always been huge Main Street Bakery fans but I have to say that our family is looking forward to giving this a try. We are hoping the change goes well.
  12. stoudt6

    stoudt6 Member

    I look no further then what has happened at Pleasure Island to draw my thoughts on "These guys know what they're doing--they've been doing it for a few years now.
  13. Hopefully

    Hopefully DIS Veteran

    No reasonable person would draw that correlation.
    As stated by a PP, this has been discussed to death.
    Let's wait and see.
    I am in the camp of I have confidence in Disney
  14. JimmyV

    JimmyV Por favor manténganse alejado de las puertas.

    Apples and oranges. At PI, Disney decided that it wanted to get out of the nightclub business and ceded that market to City Walk. This is about corporate themeing. Disney did fine incorporating Sara Lee, Carnation, Edy's, Nestle, Minute Maid, Tropicana, Sealtest, Coke and many others with nary a whimper. But we should declare Satrbucks to be an abject failure before it opens? Again...why?
  15. siskaren

    siskaren DIS Veteran

    This so much. Just take a look at Fiddler, Fifer & Practical Cafe in Disneyland. It's not a Starbucks, it's Fiddler, Fifer & Practical Cafe that sells Starbucks. Big difference.
  16. SarahKate

    SarahKate Mouseketeer

    Great comment and that is what I was trying to get across in my earlier post. People just need to chill and let Disney do what they do best. They're not going to ruin Main Street. Walt was all for progress and none of us know if this is a project he would have embraced. It is everyone's best guess! But I know Disney will do a great job blending things in.
  17. AshleeH

    AshleeH Mouseketeer

    Actually, Walt was all for change and progress and moving forward while still keeping the family feel.

    There are a ton of sponsors all over the parks, Starbucks is no different.

    Personally, I don't have an issue with coke vendors on Main St. so I don't have an issue with a coffee shop (even if it is a chain) because it's not like it will look like Seattle, it will look like Disney with the brand's name prominent enough to justify the sponsorship for that location.

    And I don't even drink coffee.
  18. stoudt6

    stoudt6 Member

    PI ,is now onto Plan C officially D/E/F from what wasn't official. All involved out-side company's having and running stores/restraunts/entertainment venues with Disney as the landlord. What do we have after all these years? Empty or Covered up buildings covering what is basically a segway from the the Marketplace to the West Side. Understand they wanted out of the the Nightclub Business but so far the Corporate Theming they have gone with has been 1 big Swing and a Miss, let alone even getting in the batters box.
  19. carrie1626

    carrie1626 Mouseketeer

    Sometimes I wish I never stepped in ADVENTUERS CLUB, then I wouldn't miss what was one of the best times I ever had in DD.
    Same can be said for the COMEDY WAREHOUSE.

    I miss them both terribly:sad2:
  20. minnie mum

    minnie mum Unapologetic Disney Fan(atic)

    All well and good, but still totally irrelevant to your original post. Big difference between Pleasure Island and changing the sponsorship of the bakery.
  21. JimmyV

    JimmyV Por favor manténganse alejado de las puertas.

    Think about the dots that you are trying to connect: "Disney closed 8-Tracks and hasn't been able to fill that space. Therefore, the Main Street Bakery will lose all of its Americana charm when it reopens." This is the very definition of a non sequitor.

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