Top Ten Must Dos on The Dream

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    My family has been on the Dream twice (me, DW, DD7, and DD5). Florida residents, so we simply drive to Port Canaveral, park in te garage, and walk right onto the ship. We are one of "those families," that just love about everything Disney, especially with princesses, fairies, and the Fab-5. I've been thinking about our top-ten favorite must-dos from the last two cruises as we think about our next big cruise on DCL. Here it goes in no particular order...

    1. Aqua Duck - Love to ride it at night with the lights, but also love riding it while everyone else is off the ship in Nassau.

    2. Oceanears Club - While we initially didn't want to leave our kiddos with someone else, it became apparent that they would be in excellent hands. In fact, we done at the first seating, take the girls to "kids club" early, and go watch a dinner show (unless it is Believe --- we all watch that one!).

    3. Meeting the Characters - We see every character and don't wait long at all. Be sure to get a photo CD and photo package. We did almost 500 pictures last time, and the total coat was less than $1/photo!

    4. Talking to Crush at Animators Palate - Engaging and the girls adore all the characters. Plus, when you have a server like Kruno, the service is impeccable as he take such good care of the kids!

    5. Animal Towels - You never know what might be in the room each night. Our favorite was the monkey hanging from the curtain. The chocolate coins after pirate night were good too!

    6. Believe - "What makes the garden grow!"
    OMG, I tear up just thinking about this. Love it!

    7. Pirate Party - "Yo Ho Ho!" For one night, our princesses become little pirates, and our family goes all out! Having costumes from the Gasparilla pirate invasion each year in Tampa, it's easy to get into our pirate groove!

    8. Breakfast - We so enjoy spending time eating together as a family outside, up top, at the back of the ship.

    9. Massage for Two - OK, I admit I never had a massage until last year. Maybe because I am a a guy and thought I was too girly. Le me tell you, this will be a Must Do from hence forth. Most relaxing time I have ever experienced ever!

    10. Detective Game - the morning following the Castaway 5K, our Florida beach girls were more interested playing this game than spending time on the beach. Granted, it was a bit chilly in the morning. We ventured out for lunch and a dip in the afternoon. The game was very fun!

    There's so much more that I can't fit everything into a top ten list! The crew is amazing, and we can't wait to go back very soon. What's your favorite?

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