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Tomorrowland Terrace Dessert Party Information

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by Hunclemarco, May 23, 2012.

  1. Quin

    Quin New Member

    We need this posted in caps in a sticky: IGNORE YOUR ADR TIME FOR THE DESSERT PARTY. The ADR system insists on treating this event like a restaurant, where you have to stagger the ADR times or the staff would die. It ought to be in the ADR system as a single timed event like HDDR or the Luau. There is only one Dessert Party per night and if you have an ADR for any time at all, you have an ADR for that night's Party. The Party is supposed to start 1 hour before Wishes although some nights people report being let in a little earlier. I would imagine it has to do with whether they are fully staffed and set up early.

    Anyhow, if Wishes is at 10, the Party officially begins at 9 and could begin a little earlier. I would not recommend getting there before 8:30 just in case it doesn't start until 9; part of what you are paying for with the Party is the convenience of NOT losing the entire evening in the park standing around waiting for fireworks viewing.

    Try searching over on the Disney Dining Review board for Dessert Party pictures; I know someone just added pictures in the last few days as part of their review. ETA: review by the little marla, title starts " I fell off the ice cream truck", page 7. And there are lots of others, too.
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  3. andapanda

    andapanda New Member

    Sure, I'll try my best :)
  4. tiink3rbella

    tiink3rbella me0w~*

    Just booked our Dessert party for September 19th at 8:20. Now when people are saying to arrive "45" minutes before are they talking about the reservation time or before the fireworks? Wishes is usually at 9 So isn't the time of my ressie for 45 minutes before? :confused3
  5. Hunclemarco

    Hunclemarco New Member

    You would want to arrive 45 minutes to an hr before the Fireworks begin...so if the fireworks begin at 9pm, you'll arrive at the dessert party about 8-8:15pm.
  6. Quin

    Quin New Member

    I disagree. If Wishes is at 9 the Dessert Party opens at 8 or maybe 5-10 minutes before that. If you wait until 8:15 you're simply giving everyone else first crack at the buffet tables. I would plan on arriving at about 7:45. No earlier than 7:30 but certainly no later than 8.

    And, as has been said before, you can ignore the actual time of your ADR. This is a single hard-ticket event that opens for everyone at the same time no matter what the ADR system has assigned you.
  7. 2Pirates2Princesses

    2Pirates2Princesses New Member

    This is good to know. We really want to do the dessert party on our next WDW trip so I am trying to get some more information and helpful tips.
  8. Hunclemarco

    Hunclemarco New Member

    Here's another way to gauge when you should arrive at the party.
    If you look at the pictures at the beginning of this post (up to where people are watching fireworks), they were taken at 8:55pm. We were allowed in at 8:40.

    As you can see, there are a number of people already there, with desserts in hand. This was 5 minutes before the "one hour before the start of the fireworks suggestion".

    This is why i first stated about 1.5 hrs. I apologize for the 45 minute suggestion; as i do feel you should arrive sooner. I was placating to those that felt it wasn't necessary to arrive early to the party.

    I guess i'll answer the "when do i get here" question with...how important is the dessert party for you and your family? Everyone is going to have a different response. Some will want to be there well in advance, some will mosey on in at one hour. We noticed that some came in just before the fireworks started :scared:, and every time in between.

    When we first went, we had no idea that they opened it up earlier than the one hr mark. My wife and i always side on getting to all of our destinations on the early side. We're at Disney 2-3 times each year, and take a very relaxed approach in the parks. But that's our style, and wouldn't want to impose our schedule or style on anyone here.

    So, As Disney suggests, they will open 1 hour before the fireworks... What you decide to do from that point will be up to your personal vacation style.
    Hope the pictures and advice helps.

    Oh..and i agree with Quin...please remember that Reservation time has no bearing on when you can enter the party... Not sure how to make that a sticky.:thumbsup2
  9. Hunclemarco

    Hunclemarco New Member

    Someone had asked on another thread about tipping....

    To my knowledge, there is no tipping at the party. You are not given a specific waitperson, and as i mentioned on the other thread, i haven't seen anyone there being tipped. Most everything there is self service.

    :goodvibes:goodvibes:goodvibesEDIT TO ADD August 10: I MADE A MISTAKE!!!! I just noticed that the thread on tipping at the Dessert party was locked. At the time i wrote this, i wasn't aware of the limited discussion of tipping on the boards. Please take this information said above as it is, and please allow for no more discussion on tipping on the thread... i'd like the thread to stay open.. With much appreciation,
    Thanks! :goodvibes:goodvibes:goodvibes
  10. gymbomominNC

    gymbomominNC New Member

    Just got ressies for the DP for July 26th! I can't believe it! I am sooo excited! So, do you have a really good view of Tink flying out of the castle? My DD was almost 3yo when we went to WDW and she still talks about seeing Tink flying out of the castle. We were at hub for that show but it was so unbelievably crowded. I just did not want to deal with that again.
  11. Gary M

    Gary M New Member

    Tink flies just a few feet over the party, great view.
  12. DsnyMama

    DsnyMama New Member

    I'm hoping to score a reservation for December 1st!!! can't wait until I can book!!
  13. DeeCeeSW

    DeeCeeSW New Member

    I was able to get tix for August on a night where Wishes is being shown at 10pm. only a couple of days ago. In fact, there are a couple of shows at 10 during our vacation week and there appears to be plenty of availability on those nights. Could it really be due to the hour difference?
  14. gymbomominNC

    gymbomominNC New Member

    Yeah! DD will be thrilled!
  15. Hunclemarco

    Hunclemarco New Member

  16. tkme4ard

    tkme4ard Merry Christmas!

    how do you know when its open to book??
  17. Hunclemarco

    Hunclemarco New Member

    Generally booking the party is about 2 months prior to your visit. There is a thread at the top of my signature where there is more discussion concerning this :thumbsup2
  18. Shagley

    Shagley If you don't move when I say "beep beep", I will r

    Does anyone know if they would care if we brought a bucket of popcorn in with us? I love desserts, but I can get "sweeted out" if I don't have something salty to eat too. I was thinking I could get a bucket of popcorn before we get in line, then we could have that to eat along with the desserts.

    My reservation is at 8pm for 9pm fireworks, so if I get in line by 7:30, that should be fine, right?

    Thanks for this thread! It is so helpful!
  19. Hunclemarco

    Hunclemarco New Member

    I don't see the popcorn being any problem. (my personal opinion)

    For a 9pm fireworks, anywhere between 7:30 and 8 should be fine :thumbsup2
  20. DisneyDork1969

    DisneyDork1969 ChicagoDisneyDork

    Last July I attended one of the viewing parties...I tried to tip one of the servers/bussers...but he declined the tip and said it was not needed...oh well...!!!
  21. garnet1240

    garnet1240 Please stand clear of the doors.....

    I have been wanting to try this for some time! We have a family trip with 9 of us going ...just booked Oct 3rd!! Its our last nigh, surprising the family ...shhhhh:goodvibes

    Taking my brother and family with us this year. Great to know we don't have to wait until our ADR of 8:20... will be there at 7:30 with bells on!! Whooo hoooo!!!:yay:

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