To early? July 4th 2014

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by Bean786, Jul 7, 2013.

  1. Bean786

    Bean786 New Member

    Few questions.

    The fireworks this year on the 4th were different then other years? If you watch from the Polynesian? Or are they like that every year?

    Is it to early to book for July 4th?

    Also is there a way I could make sure I get a room that faces magic kingdom so I can watch the fireworks from the room?
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  3. FiggieFan

    FiggieFan New Member

    Not sure about the July 4 or Poly specific questions, but booking for 2014 packages opens July 10. I believe if you want a room only reservation, you can call and book that now, but you can not do it on-line until July 10 also.
  4. Aliceacc

    Aliceacc <font color=royalblue>We had a wonderful time, but

    I agree... we're planning to book for next August on July 10.

    And I imagine that, if you're willing to pay for "Magic Kingdom View", you'll get it. But this year it would have cost you $631 instead of the $474 you would pay for Garden View.

    Personally, I would pay for Garden View and just walk down to the beach for the fireworks. When we stayed at the Poly, we were able to see bits and pieces of the fireworks from our Garden View room, but missed the bulk of it.
  5. momofboyz3

    momofboyz3 New Member

    I'm also planning to be there July 4, 2014! I'm going to book it online July 10th (since I want a package) but we will stay @ POR - no way could I afford the Poly ~ but will hope to get a reservation at Ohanas & watch the fireworks from there :)
  6. Aliceacc

    Aliceacc <font color=royalblue>We had a wonderful time, but

    Just a word of caution:

    I was reading a thread yesterday started by a man who had been to WDW numerous times before. He's there this week, and said that the crowd levels for the 4th were absolutely beyond belief.

    Of course, everyone chimed in and pretty much called him out on it, saying he should have known that the crowd levels on the 4th were always way beyond a "10" and that the parks usually experience some level of closures.

    Are you guys SURE you want to be there for the 4th of July??
  7. Bean786

    Bean786 New Member

    I saw that thread as well. I won't be going to the actual amusement parks at all. Just a little disney feel complete with fireworks :)
  8. Bean786

    Bean786 New Member

    Garden view for me lol when I was on the beach, I saw everybody on their balcony and thought how awesome
  9. Bean786

    Bean786 New Member

  10. Aliceacc

    Aliceacc <font color=royalblue>We had a wonderful time, but

    OK, great. I just wanted to make sure you knew what you were in for :)

    Oh, and the Poly is AMAZING!!! You're going to LOVE staying there!!
  11. ajsmama

    ajsmama New Member

    We booked our March 2014 trip almost five months ago now. We are just changing/adapting it when the packages come out. I'd much rather have my dates set and then change as I go.
  12. Bean786

    Bean786 New Member

    Lucky enough I live here soo it makes it easier going to the parks. We are gonna do all the little stuff. Water parks.. Go carts.. The free disney movies. And stuff they offer outside the park. Im excited!
  13. Bean786

    Bean786 New Member

    Smart :)
  14. Traveliz

    Traveliz New Member

    The July 4th (and 3rd for the MK) have been a spectacular (and similar) display for quite a few years. So you are good to assume it will be that way next year as well.

    You would need to book a theme park view to see them from your room.

  15. TJA

    TJA New Member

    We just returned from a TPV at Poly (in Hawaii CL) and I will say it was an amazing view of Wishes. We will never see another display of "fireworks" on the 4th of July that could even come close to comparing to Disney, probably for the rest of our lives (unless we see them again in Disney....). We had a first floor patio room, which we ended up loving -- how awesome to be able to go out the slider and onto the beach! As far as Wishes, we were a bit worried on the 4th due to the thousands of people that came to Poly to watch the show. They were right up on the grass near our patio and some people were standing up! Luckily, management and security came onto the grass and asked the people to move away from the patios and to sit down if they were standing. So our view was spectacular, but I do think the grass should be roped off in the future, but that's another topic.....

    My whole point is to tell you that you would love the TPV at Poly. I thought the TPV at CR was amazing and couldn't be beat, but now I feel the same about Poly and I'm not sure which I like better.
  16. Bean786

    Bean786 New Member

    Typically how much of a deposit do you need to hold a room?
  17. Aliceacc

    Aliceacc <font color=royalblue>We had a wonderful time, but

    Room only: one night's stay. I think it's fully refundable whenever
    Package: $200. I think it needs to be paid in full 45 days before you arrive

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