Thumping Our Way Through Disneyland.

Discussion in 'Disneyland Trip Reports' started by Thumper_Man, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. Thumper_Man

    Thumper_Man DDC 684

    Jul 30, 2009
    I'm curious to know how you would know. I remember someone getting busted and had their bottles confiscated. :rolleyes1 Must've been a different trip. Yeah, that's it.
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  3. Thumper_Man

    Thumper_Man DDC 684

    Jul 30, 2009
    Oh now you tell us. :rolleyes2 Kidding of course. You'll have to ride it and let us know. Don't think we'll get the chance anytime soon. Hopefully next year.
  4. Thumper_Man

    Thumper_Man DDC 684

    Jul 30, 2009
    This is very true. We found ourselves comparing a few things here and there. LIke PotC. We would say, "Oh this is different. Did they have this at MK? I don't remember." I think we did it mostly to take mental notes for this TR. :goodvibes

    And I can blame Nebo all I want. Don't mean he's going to take the blame. He knows it's all in good fun. I hope. If he didn't, then I'm sure he would've cancelled our meet by now. :laughing:

    Me to. Going to have to give this a try in December.

    Hey, now you're getting ahead of us here. Kidding of course. I'm sure many know this already.

    So far it started out to be a great day. Would it last though? :scratchin
  5. Thumper_Man's Wife

    Thumper_Man's Wife DIS Veteran

    Dec 15, 2009
    At that place, with the thing, and the stuff, and the ride and…You member!

    What is life thinking? Getting in the way of Dis’ing! :p

    Oh great, Now I got that stupid tune in my head! :crazy2:

    Phew…I was afraid you were gonna ask me, and we know how well that goes over. :bitelip:

    Wait a minute, if your making stuff up here…How come you got to do it and I didn’t? :confused3

    I held on and I think it was still kinda rough. Looking at it from the ground, it looked a lot higher than it really was once you got on it. After riding Everest at Animal Kingdom, I expected worse, so I was happy that I got through this and lived to tell the tale. I would ride it again without repeating my mantra too, so that should say something.

    For some reason the one thing that stuck out on this ride were the people in front of us. I want to say they were from England if I remember the accent correctly. But it was 2 small children, probably no older than 7, and the grandmother. And as they got up to the front of the line, the grandmother actually wanted to see if one of the kids could ride by themselves while she went with the other child. Talk about picking favorites. You have to wonder what that conversation went like before getting in line…

    “You go on and ride that car there, I’ll go with my favorite, if you fall out or anything, we’ll come back around and pick you up OK?”

    Needless to say, the CM didn’t allow that to happen, and they all had to ride in the same car, together.

    In my defense, My camera was pretty new. I won it at a training I went to and had only used it once or twice before this trip. So I was still learning all the settings and what it could actually do. Your camera on the other hand, is the one you use all the time. So you have no excuse Mr. :snooty:

    T-Man has hyped up these Dole Whips so much I was excited to try one. I don’t mind Pineapple, and while I may not be as enthusiastic as he is on the subject matter, but I had to try these things and then the place is closed. And evidentially this is the ONLY place to find them at DL.

    Looks like Nebo had that one covered for you. We may need to take lessons from him when we meet up in December.

    We noticed on a lot of the major attractions, the wait times were posted as 10-15 minutes but by the time we got to the actual ride, we walked right on. After walking through the crazy queue’s we realized the wait time wasn’t so much wait time as it was walking time.

    If my memory serves me correctly (and we all know how accurate that can be :rolleyes2) I believe it was Blackbeard in the mist. I remember this because I commented on trying to remember who it was, because I have yet to see all of PoTC 4. We even commented that there were a few added scenes from the 4th movie and that I would have to see the whole movie now to understand it all.

    Obviously I was not informed that I was now the cameraman for this ride, and didn’t take any pics. Of course it’s always hard to get good pics on the ride when you can’t use your flash because of how dark it is inside.

    We knew we had to get in at least one ride today, since it was going to be closed the rest of the week. The queue was a little different from what I remember from MK, but once you get to the actual ride, it’s exactly the same in regards to the moving walkway. I had completely spaced this out until I stepped onto the moving walkway and almost biffed it.

    Well now we will definitely have to ride the one at MK in December to make a better comparison. This may be why I thought the queue was different.

    Regarding the actual ride, I noticed a few differences, the graveyard to me was a little different than I remember. Wasn’t as “lively” as I recall from MK, but again, it’s been a while since I’ve been on the one in MK so I could be mistaken.

    And I can never get a picture of that darn hitchhiking ghost. I’m pretty sure it’s because of the holographic image, and trying to take a picture of a holographic image is almost impossible. But one of these days I am determined to do it. That way when odd things start happening around the house, and things go missing, I know who to blame.

    Hmmm…Maybe this is why I don’t remember the graveyard as much…

    I forgot you took this picture. The sun was directly in my eyes so I was squinting to even see what was going on. I thoughtfully stored my sunglasses in my bag instead of on my face! And of course T-Man has to take an over the head shot of my dimple…Lovely! :blush:

    This was a little uncomfortable, but I think it was more so because we also had our bags with us, so we were trying to hold onto our bags in a way so they wouldn’t get too wet, or at least so the stuff inside will stay dry. I had graduated to raising my hands in the air on the drop at the one in MK, this was whole new territory for me, with the new sitting arrangements. My hands were securely holding on for dear life.

    I was quite proud of this picture, I finally found the anti-blur setting on my camera just as the ride was about to end and snapped it.

    Now I understand why you weren’t so upset with me when I dyed my hair red recently!

    Yeah, this ride I let T-Man drive since I got to drive on Mr. Toad…Not that great of an idea. If he thought I was a crazy driver… (no smiley). He had us spinning in every direction. To say the least, I couldn’t get any good shots of this ride. The minute I had a shot lines up in the lens, there we go spinning again.

    If I remember correctly, you can’t spin the whole ride, which is good. There are certain spots that you have a little control over the spin. It was rather fun to watch T-Man trying to spin the heck out of the thing on the straightaways and then let out a whoo hoo when we would go into a major spin because he had the wheel turned all the way to one side when the spinning sections came up.

    Given the opportunity, he would have had both of them. Don’t think he’s kidding here. And I did like it. I will do another comparison later on the whip vs. the float, but I really did enjoy it, except for the fact that I was getting it everywhere but my mouth. It was literally melting faster than I could eat it.

    It was interesting to see the lines and the wait times now as opposed to when we first got there. If I remember correctly, even Star Tours was up to a 40 minute wait when we were walking out. :scared1:.

    I really wanted to try the aging computer. It would have given me an idea of what T-Man would look like in a few years…but alas…other people were thinking the same thing I guess, because there was a wait to get to this…where’s the fast pass when you need one!

    Literally walked in circles. We kept seeing the exit sign, and there were doors, but we had no clue where they would take you or if you could walk out of them and land up still in the park. I was afraid I would end up in the backstage area, and security would be there to throw us in Disney jail for trespassing. So we kept bypassing each exit until we came to the exact area we began. At least it was familiar. The only problem now was hoping that the door that lead back to the center of it all was making its way around with us and we didn’t have to stop and wait for the rotating door. [​IMG]

    Manny was fun! And he was very proud of his new look from Ramone. He kept mentioning it as we went.

    I couldn’t believe that we did it all in half a day. By the time we sat down for lunch I was already pretty tired, and now I know why. But it was nice to be able to see the park without the massive crowds we are used to seeing.

    Great chapter! :thumbsup2
  6. Thumper_Man's Wife

    Thumper_Man's Wife DIS Veteran

    Dec 15, 2009
    Never thought about this…Will save info for future reference. By this time we still hadn’t made it to the store for mini’s.

    We have some info on that coming up later actually. This also includes pictures :upsidedow

    It was definitely fun and exciting.

    Awww. Thanks! :flower3:
  7. queenbetsey

    queenbetsey DIS Veteran

    May 31, 2010
    did you find our favorite bar while you were at DCA? they have a great little place above the itialian restraunt there called the alfresco lounge, quiet and really pretty. they also have on that overlooks screamin but that is really kinda loud, fun but loud
  8. Thumper_Man

    Thumper_Man DDC 684

    Jul 30, 2009
    I'll say this. We saw both. I think I know which one's you're referring to. There was one particular bar we were rather fond of. You'll find out which when we get there. It may or may not be one of these you mentioned.
  9. bankr63

    bankr63 DIS Veteran

    Aug 3, 2010
    Yeah, give him a little "love tap" for the rest of us will ya?

    That is a lovely dimple! And a very nice natural looking candid pic. Now for the big bunny, is that fur in the foreground getting a bit thin?!? :lmao:

    For that, check out the picture above and extrapolate...
  10. Thumper_Man's Wife

    Thumper_Man's Wife DIS Veteran

    Dec 15, 2009
    Right…that’s it. Somewhere down the line, we must have blown it on the ridiculous rate of postage to Canada. (Yes)

    Between you and T-Man, My head is going to explode. Now not only am I going through the Jeopardy theme music, but randomly Green Acres starts creeping in and it’s not pretty!

    Sure. Anything can happen in the land of make believe…didn’t you ever watch Mr. Rogers?

    Less painful for whom?

    Kind of. Well…No, but in a way…Yeah…Hmm…Technically, It’s as close to Everest as you will get here. The drops are not as steep, and you don’t get attacked by a Yetti, you get attacked by an Abominable Snowman. His arms move and his eyes glow, and he does growl at you. But I think that’s pretty much where the similarities stop. Matterhorn isn’t as tall as Everest, and you don’t get the big knee buckling drops you get at Everest…Of course I’m not the best person to compare the two, since I’ve yet to open my eyes all the way through Everest :rotfl2:

    I forgot all about Mr. Toads Wild Ride until we came upon it and then we just HAD to go. I knew it wasn’t going to be anything majorly exciting for T-Man. His idea of exciting is Space Mountain. I’ll take Mr.Toads any day.

    Hey, How do you get carry-on service?


    Let’s not bring up that poor cow again…I think the poor things been through enough. :rotfl:

    Obviously I wasn’t as exciting as the hidden Mickeys.

    I’m no fool. That is exactly why I let him have the seat in front of me. Needless to say, I still got pretty darn wet.

    I love Roger Rabbit’s ride. It’s fun, and you never know when to expect those spins.

    Then we did our job…There will be a test at the end of this TR.
  11. Thumper_Man's Wife

    Thumper_Man's Wife DIS Veteran

    Dec 15, 2009
    You got it!


    Thank you for saying my dimple is lovely. :blush: As for the fur getting a bit thin...We don't talk about that. It's a sore subject for T-Man. Just kidding. he considers it a sore subject. I just laugh every time he brings it up...he's threatened shaving off his hair numerous times now.

  12. Thumper_Man

    Thumper_Man DDC 684

    Jul 30, 2009
    Something feels funny. I must be thinking too hard. (Winnie the Pooh)

    And thinking too hard we were. We were hungry but didn’t really want to eat CS. We wanted to sit down for a while, relax. Ok, what we really wanted was an ice-cold beer. Two options: A. we head over to DCA and get one there; or B. go to Downtown Disney and get one there. Obviously we had already decided that from the last chapter.

    Lady H and I board Manny and let him take us back to Downtown Disney. We’re leaving the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy, today; only to come back later since we won’t be going there tomorrow but later on in the near future.

    Another reason we’re headed to downtown is so we can go to Paradise Pier and buy postage for the postcards. When we bought the postcards, we asked the CM where we could get postage. She let us know that PP sold it. We figured we can sit down and have lunch, have a beer and explore the resorts.

    Manny is cruising along and tells us how Ramone gave him and the other monorails a new pimped out paint job. We should go check him out over at the new Carsland. On our way to downtown, Manny also cruises us through the Grand Californian. Looks nice. Might have to stop by and check this place out as well. We may never afford to stay here, but at least we can see what we’ll be missing out on.

    Manny pulls in to the downtown monorail stop. We hop on out and start going down more stairs. At the end of the stairs is a CM with something in her hand, and she’s smacking people’s hands with it. Lady H and I pause afraid we might lose our hand until we examine the situation. Everyone seems to be getting through with both their hands and all their fingers intact, so it must be safe. We finish proceeding down the stairs and stick out our hands and hope for the best. 10 seconds later I’m through and so is Lady H. We both have our hands and fingers but are now branded with this invisible mark that can only be seen with a special flashlight. We’re told if we want to get back into the park, we needed this special hand stamp.

    Let me refresh your memory here a little. I said there would be a love/hate relationship with the tickets. No finger scans, but they use a stamp. Keep this in mind as we move along.

    Lady H and I walk through downtown trying to figure out what we want to eat. Don’t want to do Rainforest Café because we have reservations for later on in the week for dinner.

    Tortilla Jo’s is out of the question. One thing about living in New Mexico, we get accustomed to the local Spanish cuisine. It’s very rare that we will eat Spanish food when we travel, unless we take some along with us and make it ourselves. Which we’ve been known to do in the past. The chili here in NM is much different than most states. Anyone ever heard of Hatch Green Chili? It is grown in the southern part of our state. Leave it growing long enough and eventually it will turn red. So if you ever have been in NM, or come to NM, the famous question you will here is “Red or Green?” Anyways, since we’ve become so accustomed to this NM favorite, canned chili just isn’t all that great to us.

    Still trying to decide on a place, we spot the ESPN Zone. I read good reviews about this place so we agree to give it a try. We walk in and give our name the hostess. She says give her a couple of minutes and she’ll seat us right away.

    Cool. We walk in with no reservation and get a table almost right away. People weren’t kidding when they said you don’t really need reservations here like you do at WDW. Lady H and I each order our much needed beer along with a soda. Ok, our much desired beer. We look over the menu (because it would’ve been too simple to put it down and watch the games on all the tv’s) and try to figure out what to eat.
    After a looking at the million and one things they have on the menu, we decided to get only appetizers. The Ultimate Tailgate Appetizer Platter that is. Comes complete with hamburger sliders, buffalo & bbq chicken wings, chicken tenders, bbq riblets and dip.

    Now the dip I have never tried before so I was little leery about it, but it turns out I would absolutely love this dip. I could’ve eaten only this and I would be content.

    I’ve never tried artichokes before. Thought they would do just that, make you choke. Turns out I was wrong. If you ever want a good artichoke and spinach dip, I would recommend it here; unless of course you don’t like artichokes, spinach or even cheese for that matter.

    A fair warning if you’re going to order this platter as well. Take an army with you because it is a lot of food. That or don’t eat all day and have this for dinner. For 4 people, this could probably be a decent appetizer. For 2 people, it’s a meal and then some. I think we managed to finish half, but that was about it. Price wasn’t too bad either. $39.99 for the platter.

    While sitting down and enjoying our beer, I remember that the battery in my camera died. Now would be a good time to switch it out. We’re headed over to the hotels and it would be nice to get some pics. Waiter comes over and hands us the bill. Lady H has so graciously offered to treat me to lunch. A woman after my heart, although she already knows it belongs to her. She glances at the bill and sees it’s less than $30. Wow for a $40 pile of food, 2 beers and 2 sodas, that’s cheap.

    Now I know what you’re thinking. Some of you are thinking we need to let the waiter know he charged us wrong. Others are thinking like me. Cool, he screwed up let him take the loss. We did what was right and brought it to his attention. Turns out he handed us the wrong bill. Trust me, we thought about not saying anything and just pay for the bill he handed us, but then we would feel guilty the next hour or so. While Lady H is waiting for the proper bill, I excuse myself and go the restroom.

    Now guys, is this the coolest thing you’ve ever seen in a restroom?

    Even above the used beer department.

    I’ve read advertisements and the sports page, but never have I been able to stand (or sit for that matter) to do my business and WATCH sports.

    I showed Lady H the pics and she started laughing. “Only you would think to take pictures of that,” she told me. I told her I want to do this at home now. I got that look. Guys know the look. "Uh-huh. Sure. Go right ahead" she tells me. "Where you going to get the money to do that?" Always a catch.

    After lunch, we set out for Paradise Pier Hotel.

    I tell Lady H “I wonder if Earl of Sandwich is open yet?” So we head out in search of EoS. We’ve yet to eat EoS so we thought maybe we could try it for lunch later on in the week. Get to where it’s supposed to be and they’re still working on it. I think. You can tell it’s almost done, but I didn’t see any workers actually working on it at the time. So who knows how much longer it will be until it’s open.

    We walk to Paradise Pier and enter the back way. Again we must try to navigate our way through the hotel. Wasn’t as hard as the DLH and we find our way to the front desk. We ask the CM where we can buy postage stamps for postcards.

    "I can sell them to you right here."

    "Great we’ll take 10."

    "That will be $3.20"

    I had him over my debit card.
    “Oh I’m sorry we only take $CASH$ for postage. I have no way of ringing them up on our computers so it has to be a cash only transaction.”

    We knew this would come back to bite is in the rear. We tell the CM we don’t have any cash at the moment but we saw the ATM as we walked in the building. We’ll have to go get cash and we’ll be right back. Off we go to surrender ourselves to the enormous ATM fee we knew we would eventually have to pay. Knowing Disney, it’s probably going to be something like $10 on the top of the fee my bank is going to charge me. Since we knew we would have to pay the fee, might as well make it worth our while and get the max we’re allowed. Turns out, the fee wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. Between the ATM fee and my banks fees, I think I paid $3.25.

    Now that we finally have cash, we head back to the front desk for our postage. The CM that was helping us the first time is busy with someone else. Another CM comes out from the back and helps us. Younger CM. Looks like he would be a college student. We tell him that the CM next to him was helping us prior but we would like purchase postage for postcards. He asks the CM next to him and he tells him “Oh yeah. I put them back in the money bag” and he hands him the bag.

    Now junior starts counting out 10 more postage stamps. Grabbing the ones that the prior CM had already counted out probably didn’t sound like a good idea. After counting out 10 postage stamps, he finally realizes there were already separated. Shrugs his shoulders and says “I didn’t realize there was already 10 there. Oh well. That will be $4.50.”

    “Huh?! $4.50 for 10 postcard stamps? Shouldn't it only be $3.20? That's the amount he told us.”

    “Oh, you were needing postcard stamps and regular stamps?"

    Ok. Now junior is really lost. I think we finally tell him twice that we only want the postcard stamps. Not regular letter stamps before he finally gets it. So now that he has the right amount of stamps and the right total, I hand him one of the 20’s that ATM machine just made for us.

    Ok this next part is so true. Stuff like this I can’t make up even if I wanted to. After I hand him the $20 bill he just stares at it with this blank expression on his face. Almost like he’s never seen money before. Of course with all of today’s technology, he probably hasn’t. You can see the hamster running in the wheel as he’s figuring out what to do with it. Finally he realizes that I’m using it to pay for the postage since they don’t accept credit or debit cards for postage. Next problem, junior doesn’t have change. Which I can understand. Since it’s the check-in/check-out desk, most people pay with their credit/debit cards and they don’t have any need to have cash on hand. Unless you’re selling postage stamps. So off junior goes in search of change for a $20. Must have to go to the bank or US Treasury to get change. Took him a while to come back once he disappeared. At least he came back with the right change.

    After 30 minutes, we were finally able to get postage and mail the first batch of post cards.

    Because it took so long to get postage, we lost our interest to look around the hotel. This time we went out the front door and across the street is the Grand Californian.

    Since it was on our way back to the parks, might as well go check it out. We crossed the street and went in to the GC.

    I have to look back at our pics and see if we have more. I thought we took quite a bit here. I guess I missed uploading some. Oops, my bad.

    We also looked in some of the gift shops, restaurants and pool (through the security gate). Not too shabby of a place. I wouldn’t mind staying here. It’s the closest hotel on property to both the theme parks. Anybody want to contribute to the “Thumpers Wanting to Stay at the Grand Californian Charity Fund?”

    Anybody? :confused3



    It was worth a shot.

    After touring around the GC for a while, we decided to head on over to DCA and prepare ourselves for Tuesday’s visit. Little did we know that you could get into DCA directly from GC. We saw the entrance during our quick tour. Our first thought was you needed to be staying at the hotel to go in and out that way. We would find out later in the week that anybody may go in and out through here. Still we weren’t too from the main entrance.

    Now here is where the love/hate relationship of the tickets comes in to play. We had the huge platter over at ESPN. It was all finger foods. What do you do after you eat finger foods? You wash your hands. What was on our hands?

    I felt like a kid again when we tried to enter DCA. The CM scolded us for not having our stamps, even though we did have them. The system clearly tells her that we have park-to-park privileges on our tickets. She could probably also tell this was the first day we used our tickets as well. We explained that they must have washed off when we washed our hands. She let’s us off with a warning and makes it crystal clear that we need the stamp to go in and out, and from park to park. Ay Ay Captain. No stockade for us today.

    I understand the reasoning behind the stamp. Since you ticket isn’t tied to a fingerprint scan like at WDW, anyone can just use the ticket. Neither Lady H or myself ever signed the back of our ticket; and not once were we ever questioned about it. Since all we received was a slap on the hand, anybody probably still could. Regardless, we got in and that’s all the mattered to us.

    Once inside, we could see why the wait times over at DL were so short. The crowds are here. Our plan for DCA is just to look around. We'll save riding the attractions for Tuesday when we come back. This being the first time to DCA for either one of us, we look for a park map. Can you believe they ran out of park maps printed in English? Well in the front of the park anyways.

    Oh well, we'll wing it. We'll follow the road and see where it takes us. We walk until we reach the crossroads. Straight, left or right. Right it is. Along the way we pass Soarin', Grizzly River Rapids and the entrance from the GC. Now we're seeing it from the other side. Wait time for GRR was 40 minutes and Soarin' it was 30 minutes. Definitely not doing rides this afternoon. Besides by the time we finished lunch and toured the resorts, it was already close to 3:30 by the time we got to DCA. We want to head back to DL to watch Fantasmic. Now that summer has ended, they shortened the days when it would be showing. Tonight would be one of the only chances we would get to see it.

    Continuing on our way we land up at Paradise Pier.

    Isn't this the one picture everybody just has to take. Us included.

    Once here, Lady H and I go searching for another beer. Again we head to the right in search of a place to quench our thirst. We pass Ariel's Undersea Adventure and see Goofy's Sky School up ahead. We stop when we get close to GSS because we have found what we came looking for at the Bayside Brews.

    To answer Betsey's question from earlier, this would not be our favorite watering hole. It would do for now.

    With beer in hand, we see where Carsland is. Might as well go see what all the hype is about. We were really impressed with Carsland, but couldn't believe the crowds.

    Out of curiosity, we went to go see what the wait time was for Radiator Springs Racers. Yikes!:eek:

    Wandering aimlessly through Carsland, we saw a famous race car. The real Lightning McQueen this time. He had his own secret service and everything.

    We even saw an old tow truck. We were told he's a real knight. Sir Tow Mater is what they call him.

    This concludes our brief tour of Carsland.

    What you wanted to see more pics? Well we have plenty to show you. Just not at this moment. It's time for another beer. From the Pacific Wharf this time. There's a beer truck that sells microbrew beers from a San Diego microbrewery called Karl Strauss. Sorry, we missed taking a picture of this beer truck, but you can do a google search and easily find a picture.

    There were some pretty good brews here. I got the Amber and Lady H got the Endless Summer Light. Both were pretty good, but this would be the only time we would get a beer from here. We found a place where we could get beer much faster. We sat down and just took in the sights of DCA while we killed a little time and killed these beers so we can head back to DL. Kill is such an awful word isn't it. Maybe I should rephrase that.

    We sat down and waited for time to pass by and enjoyed our microbrews so we can head back to DL. We want to stake out a piece of real estate so we can build a home and live at DL forever. Since we really can't build a home there, we'll settle for is a good spot to view Fantasmic.

    We're done with this beer and I'm done with this chapter. I'll tell you a little more about our night at DL and finish up this day. Once I'm done here, Lady H will take you through the next day.

    Have a good weekend.
  13. Thumper_Man

    Thumper_Man DDC 684

    Jul 30, 2009
    Yeah. Getting thin 'cause of all the love taps. [​IMG]

    Now for sure I'll be shaving it off. Thanks bankr, that's the extra push I needed.
  14. bankr63

    bankr63 DIS Veteran

    Aug 3, 2010
    Oh welcome to the club (the "he-man gettin' older club", not the "Nebo's throwin' out the hairdryer club"). I'm a few years ahead of you; still got full coverage, but i can see more scalp each time I go for a cut.:scared1: Why is it that gravity takes over and our hair starts migrating south? By the time I'm 100 I'll be a giant hairy toed Hobbit.

    The wake up bell for me was the first time I burned the heck out of my scalp while at Canada's Wonderland a few years back. I've always had thick thick hair and had never considered that I could burn up there. I always try to wear a hat now, but I look stupid in most ball caps and I often rely on the kids to remind me to put one on. I now own 3 Disney caps caused by forgetting to bring one along; for some reason I do like Disney caps over all others. :confused3
  15. nebo

    nebo <font color=red>sharkbait<br><font color=teal>Uh o

    Jul 5, 2006
    Mike, yu don't have to shave it, i've got a 12 dollar buzzer thing I'be been using for 8 years now and I just set it on the lowest setting and it get's really close, and no, never been cut yet. Heck, I hate shaving my face, if I had to shave my head too, uh uh, never happen.

    Mike, a great chapter again, but wow, a 40 dollar appetizer tray and you don't mind the price? Boy, I really must be a cheap ***turd. Boy, I can't wait to go there, I hope I hope I hope we can rent points and stay at the Grand Cali, I think it is.

    That strikes me odd that they don't have the finger imaging thing going on threr, I remember so well having to get your hand stamped on the way out.

    I also think your style works just great, the two of you switching off like this.
    I'm not sure if you mentioned it yet or not, but I've heard that unlike World, Land is definately more crowded on weekends, your thoughts?

    Looking forward to hearing about that big coaster in teh background you took a pic of, you DID go and ride it, right?
    I don't care how many "Dumb wife, Dumb wife" Heather had to chant!
  16. pkondz

    pkondz Hoping to get lucky

    Mar 9, 2007
    Darn... now I've fallen two chapters behind! Time to lace up the boots and wade right in...

    Well, it's been a while, but I think you were in DisneyLand.

    Could be wrong.

    I'll take Disney trivia for $500, Alex.

    See? I was right.

    Oh, yeah! There you are, up at the top.

    I know! I saw you right away.

    No, no. I saw you. Really.

    Okay, now you're just getting annoying. I see you! I see you!


    For excellent TR reporting sake, let's not pretend. Be firm T-Man.

    Be firm.

    I didn't say anything... I believed you.

    You did? Must've missed it.

    Was it as rough as MK's Space Mtn?

    A ringing endorsement if there ever was one.

    Says the man in the neck brace.

    Emphasis on was a cute ride. Now that it's been destroyed by Mrs. T, neither coast has this ride.

    I'm sure it's embarassing when your stomach screams... probably scares the little kids too.

    Your stomach is a plant?


    Man, I miss those.

    Gee that's so sad. Forced to eat not one but two dole whip floats. Oh, the humanity!

    That or the fluffy tail sticking out of your pants.

    just sayin'

    Really? You don't know them? They're quite well known.

    The one on the left is a depiction of the wheel of life (Not to be confused with the circle of life) which represents man's journey from life through Limbo, Nirvana and Heaven and then returning to the earth. I might have left out a step or two, it not being my faith.

    The one on the right says "Party rock is in the House, Tonight"

    A lot of people prefer the one on the right.

    But you're going to anyway, right?


    You did a pretty good job of comparing them, I thought.

    :laughing: That's right you did... or didn't... You know what I mean.

    I have no idea what you are referring to. My battery was completely charged up. Sure the camera was at the beach and the battery was in the hotel... but still. All charged up.

    Yes. I believe it was sing, was it not? No? Could you elaborate?

    Okay! I'll play! Ummmm..... how about 45 minutes?

    Shoot! Okay, wait! Lemme have another chance. Uhhh.... 30! 30 minutes!

    D'oh! Okay I'll take one more crack at it. I'll guess.... 15 minutes.

    Man! I just can't catch a break!

    I think I knew that... but interesting nevertheless.

    Yeah... but I hear ya.

    You guys look like you're having a blast.


    But you probably spent some time trying to decide if it'd be worth it.

    Why not? You can climb mountains, right?

    Oh, of course. You had Mrs. T with you. I'm sure she could leap tall buildings but then how would you hold her hand? :confused3

    You spin me right 'round, baby
    Right 'round like a record, baby
    Right 'round, 'round, 'round,
    You spin me right 'round, baby
    Right 'round like a record, baby
    Right 'round, 'round, 'round

    I noticed that right away and immediately wondered if you saw it. Interesting that they'd allow it there after what happened.

    Okay, but first I've got to catch up.
  17. pkondz

    pkondz Hoping to get lucky

    Mar 9, 2007
    No, havent' read the last chapter yet, but...

    It's an excellent movie about a pool shark starring Paul Newman and Jackie Gleason.
  18. pkondz

    pkondz Hoping to get lucky

    Mar 9, 2007
    It's amazing how you knew what the chapter was going to tell you to do even before you wrote it!

    I don't know why, but my head hurts now.

    Did he use the words 'pimped out'?

    Reminds me of one of my 5th grade teachers. Sister Beatrice. Yes she was a nun and the old cliche about the mean nun teacher who'd smack kids with a yard stick was invented by her.

    How I feared and hated that loathsome... ummm... SOB (take out the S and the O).

    It lets the other theme parks know who you belong to.

    No, but I do use green chilis in a recipe. Comes in little cans, usually chopped or diced. Is that the same thing?

    Interesting. So it's the same plant just younger or older. Is the taste that much different between the two?

    So now there's a hostess who's called... what? Thumper_Man's Hostess?


    I should hope so, since she now has your name. That's what family's for.

    Sounds good... and filling.

    I don't mind artichokes, spinach or cheese... it's the dipping that I can't abide.

    Oh, alright, I'm kidding.

    I know Nebo flinched at that... but if it's enough for 4 people, that's not bad.

    Don't mind him, though. He fell on his head, ya know.

    I probably wouldn't have noticed. I usually don't even look at the bill and just pay it. I'd guess 95% of the time it's right and the other 5% is usually in my favor and occasionally against. Obviously if it's really off (What? My hot dog, fries and coke is $82.75???? or Lobster, filet mignon, escargot, french onion soup and bottle of wine comes to $3.75) I'll catch it and let the waiter know.

    Yeah! Those potlights are great! And that ceiling ventilation is amazing!


    Two things... 1. It's a wonder that there weren't a bunch of guys in there all staring at the screens and 2. I really hope there was no one else in there... "Uh, buddy? Would you mind putting the camera away until I finish my business, here?"

    Would this be a bad time to tell you that I have a flatscreen TV installed above my soaker tub?

    Now that I think of it… wouldn’t it make more sense if they didn’t take cash, instead? I dunno.

    Well, that’s your fault. You told him you needed stamps for postcards when you should have said postcard stamps. I can translate clerk speak, this is what he heard.

    “Blah, blah, blah, stamps, blah, blah.”
    Instead of
    “Blah, blah, blah, postcard stamps, blah, blah.”

    See? Totally your fault.

    And the hamster is limping right?

    Definitely limping.

    That’s no save. He was probably told what the change should be from the person who gave it to him. Or more likely he was told, “Here give these papers and these slivers of metal to the same person who gave you the paper you just gave me.”

    :lmao: You look like you’re thinking, “Here’s your freaking cards, I hope you’re happy!”

    Sure. I’ll kick in the price of postage to Canada. That’ll get you started.

    I said I would, but with that attitude, forget it!

    So next time, both of you order ribs with extra sauce.

    Do not wash your hands. When you go back to the park (with BBQ sauce dripping from your hands), make sure you shake the CM’s hand who’s checking for stamps and give ‘em a hearty clap on the back for doing such a good job! They’ll appreciate it! They really will! Lets ‘em know they’re appreciated.

    Hands stamped and slapped. Boy, you sure this was Disney land and not Marquis De Sade Land?

    Yes. I believe it’s mandated by California Law. Nice pic, ‘tho.

    Two and a half hours?

    No ride is that good.

    Curious, did his eyes move by any chance?

    That’s better. That description is dead on.

    Great chapter T-Man! Thanks! :goodvibes:
  19. nebo

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    Jul 5, 2006
    I don't feel like working on my chapter, I'd rather pick on you two guys:

    Ok Mike, I did it for you. Your Welcome. ha ha
  20. pkondz

    pkondz Hoping to get lucky

    Mar 9, 2007
    Who was that masked man? Oh wait, that's not a mask it's a bandage.

    Shame it's not around his mouth...


    jk Nebo
  21. smidgy

    smidgy dimples

    Aug 27, 2006
    just wanted to wish you a happy thanksgiving!!! do you eat turkey on your thanksgiving? probably goose, right? (canadian geeese)

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