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Thumping Our Way Through Disneyland.

Discussion in 'Disneyland Trip Reports' started by Thumper_Man, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. nebo

    nebo <font color=red>sharkbait<br><font color=teal>Uh o

    Hey man, great chapter, mean it! Wish I knew a better way to pick a few things out of here;

    NO, we started out just looking for stuff on Disneyland, now we are reading for stuff on Disneyland, and the Thumpers! The more you know someone, the more interesting the report gets.
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  3. smidgy

    smidgy dimples

    resrot looks great.. was that a timeshare also? how far a walk to disneyland?

    SO funny about Larry. just last night saw a King of Queens episode where they went on a "free" ski weekend, and they had the salespeople masquerading as guests.
  4. Thumper_Man's Wife

    Thumper_Man's Wife Mouseketeer

    Hey now...I've told you a million times I don't know how that bear keeps getting into our room, but it's him, not me! :snooty:

    Nope, I still have it in a secret hiding place in the off chance that he's driven us to the point of crazy by the end of this TR and i need to send him a bill for the psychiatrist. :p
  5. Thumper_Man's Wife

    Thumper_Man's Wife Mouseketeer

    I'll tell you my pretty...and your little Nebo too :rotfl:...All in good time my dear, all in good time.

    You think I've watched Wizard of Oz a little too much? :confused3
  6. Thumper_Man's Wife

    Thumper_Man's Wife Mouseketeer

    I wish we would have taken pictures of this...It was hilarious. Picture about 6 or 7 petite oriental women rushing through the crowds to get to their luggage. and then proceeding to pick it up (which took at least 2 of them per bag) and set it on it's rollers, and then roll it to the next oriental in line, and that one would run it (literally) over to the nearby seating area, where a line of other oriental women would be waiting to roll it down their line until all luggage was accounted for. :rotfl2:
  7. nebo

    nebo <font color=red>sharkbait<br><font color=teal>Uh o

    That's good stuff, I could not begin to count the number of times I have used a quote from that movie. My favorite "Oz-ism" was when we had to get up reall early to catch the boat from Beach Club to early entry at the Studios, and a rabbit ran in front of us on the path.
    I did my best Scarecrow impersonation: "Look, he's come, to take us to Dorothy!"

    And Smidgy responded with a verb, and the word, "Dorothy."
    She's not a morning person.

    Cool. Synchronized baggage!
  8. Thumper_Man

    Thumper_Man <font color=red>DDC 684<br><font color=purple>Do w

    Of course he was nice. He wanted to sell us something. :rotfl:

    He really was a nice man though. As I mentioned, he was fun to talk to and really made us feel welcome from the start. I know he was just doing his job. We've experienced some that can get really put the pressure on you to attend, to the point we've had to walk away.
  9. Thumper_Man

    Thumper_Man <font color=red>DDC 684<br><font color=purple>Do w

    That's exactly what it was. If they had an olympic event for this, I bet they could win the gold medal. :lmao:
  10. Thumper_Man's Wife

    Thumper_Man's Wife Mouseketeer

    Now I'm not a morning person either, so I hear Smidgy there...but that was good :rotfl2:! WoO is one of my all time favorites. There are some pretty good lines in that movie.

    [​IMG] That's exactly it! I was expecting music to come from somewhere up above as they did this. Cue Mission Impossible Theme or Circus music...:rotfl:

    I told T-Man yesterday that I really wished we would have thought to have taken video or even a picture of it, but as he mentioned, we were so enthralled watching and trying desperately not to laugh out loud that we didn't think about it.
  11. cjlvsccm

    cjlvsccm Mouseketeer

    :laughing: Musical accompaniment would definitely have sent it over the edge! :rotfl2:

    Holy cow! I forgot to thank y'all for the postcard!! We both just love those image-shifting-3d-ish scenes... and DH fondly remembers taking them apart as a child to see how they work. :headache: Thanks for brightening up our fridge, which is where it's now hanging under a Mickey magnet. :upsidedow
  12. Thumper_Man's Wife

    Thumper_Man's Wife Mouseketeer

    I'm so glad you liked it! We had so much fun picking out the postcards and then deciding who would get what. They actually had a nice selection to choose from. And how else would you display a DL postcard but with a Mickey magnet?! Sounds like a perfect match to me :goodvibes
  13. Thumper_Man's Wife

    Thumper_Man's Wife Mouseketeer

    OK all (I say all like there is a whole stadium full of people reading this :sad2:)...Starting to work on the next chapter. I have to remember where T-Man left off and then try to remember what all we did. Hopefully we can get this TR moving a little and not bore you to tears [​IMG].
  14. jcc0621

    jcc0621 DIS Veteran

    :thumbsup2 Actually have the ahem album. CHocolate Cake for Breakfast is one of my favorites.

    Nope, can get them here in Philly!

    THe pictures are great. Looks like a really nice place:thumbsup2
  15. Thumper_Man's Wife

    Thumper_Man's Wife Mouseketeer

    "Dad is great! Give us the Chocolate Cake" :rotfl:

    We have the video ourselves and will occasionally watch it, even though we know it pretty much by heart. My favorite is bath time. :rotfl2:

    Ok, now that T-Man's team has officially slaughtered my team, I can get back to work on the latest chapter. I should hopefully have it up by tonight. :hourglass
  16. Thumper_Man's Wife

    Thumper_Man's Wife Mouseketeer

    In the last episode we left you with some wonderful pictures of the resort after narrowly escaping The Resort Host from H…I mean, the gracious, pleasant, and witty resort host Larry:rolleyes2. He explained that at 3:00 that afternoon there would be a wine and cheese social at the club house, which was where he explained to us that if we had a little too much to imbibe at the whine and cheese social (see what I did there? Haha…*cricket cricket cricket*) that the luggage carts could be used to cart more than said luggage. Evidently an elder couple used this trick once before when the wife had a few too many wine samples and the husband couldn’t carry her all the way to the room. We stored the information away for later, since we already had a 36 pack of beer in the SUV that was calling our names.

    Before leaving for Anaheim, the ever so thoughtful husband found some great coupons at Restaurant.com for certain percentages off at places like Johnny Rockets and Buca Di Beppo. So naturally, having a Johnny Rockets close to home, and never having been to Buca Di Beppo, we chose Johnny Rockets for lunch.

    Actually, we didn’t want to eat too much as we had reservations for Steakhouse 55 at 7pm, and not really knowing what their portions were and knowing full well that we would, if nothing else, have steak, and that in itself can be filling, we wanted to eat something light and familiar, and early enough, so we would have an appetite later.

    We headed to Garden Walk and after getting turned around only once, were able to find the parking structure. Garden Walk is your typical outlet mall of sorts, 3 or 4 stories of shops and restaurants all with an outside walk way. I saw a few shops that looked promising, but we were on a mission to find lunch, not souvenirs, so on we went. And on, and on and on…Where was this place? Honestly Garden Walk didn’t seem like it was that big, but goodness, we’ve walked around the whole ground floor, and nothing. We find a “You are here” map and see that Johnny Rockets is on the top floor, so off we go again in search of an escalator.

    Finally, on the top floor, clear on the other side, we find Johnny Rockets.
    We love this place back home because of the fun the employees have. Certain songs that the customers play on the tiny jukeboxes on their tables will get the servers to bust out in spontaneously choreographed numbers in the middle of the joint. Of course, when we got there, we still had NO CASH, therefore, no change, in order to play anything on our mini jukebox. But it may be all for the better, the employees all look like they can barely speak English, let alone break out into a spontaneous dance. Plus this place is really small compared to the one we have back home. So with a slight disappointed sigh, we grab a menu.

    Both of us were undecided about two different burgers that they had. One was the “Houston”, which was the spicy burger, with Jalapenos, pepperjack cheese, and a spicy sauce, which I believe was pretty much a spicy aoli. The other, was called the “Route 66” which was your typical mushroom, swiss burger, with grilled onions and mayo.

    So, being the smart ones that we are (I’m setting myself up for something here aren’t I?), we ordered one of each, and decided to split them, that way we each got a taste of both burgers. We also ordered the Bacon cheese fries, thinking we would share them as a side (little did we know that we should have specified that to the waiter, as it seems he thought only one of us wanted to substitute the fries that come with the order for bacon cheese fries, and the other plate should come with a heaping pile of fries that could feed an army!).

    Unfortunately, this was the second fail of the trip so far…No food porn pictures of our lunch. But the burgers were good. We have never had mayo on our burgers before, usually opting for mustard or spicy mustard, but were pleasantly surprised by how well the mayo went with the burgers. The spicy burger was just that, spicy, but tasty. The mushroom burger was good, after I was able to pick out all the onions (blech).

    Once lunch was over and we had given Jose (This is the name I so distinctly gave our heavily accented waiter) the discount coupon for 20% off, and paid our bill, we were off once again to find our vehicle and the grocery store we saw on the way to the resort.

    Grocery shopping was pretty blasé. The only good thing was that we went while we were full, and not while we were hungry, which probably helped in the long run. We always manage to get way too many snacks and then never eat them while we are in the room. We did manage to find a package of onion dip that T-Man just HAD to have, and then almost forget the sour cream that was needed to mix it. I had to run through the store while Mike stood holding our place in line.

    Now, the Albertson’s grocery stores in our neck of the woods, does not do discount cards, they used to, but did away with them and now go by the, “we always have low prices for our customers” way of thinking. I think it’s one of the very few places that does not do it in NM. But of course we are now over the rainbow and no longer in NM, and this Albertson’s does have discount cards. So the lovely lady at the register asks if we have a card. We tell her no, we are just visiting her fine establishment and will only be here for a short time. So of course she asks if we want a card. And again we tell her we are just visiting and won’t be around long enough, and don’t need it. We mention that we had one a long, long, long time ago, and now she is practically begging us to give her a phone number that she may be able to look up in her database. I’m very close to telling her that the possible phone number that the card could have been under is a phone number that I haven’t had or used in at least 10 maybe 15 years and is no longer in service, and I can barely remember what I had for breakfast, let along what my number was back in the days…but before I could get all that out, a wonderful, thoughtful, and sweet lady behind us, took out her savings card and handed it to the cashier and told her to go ahead and use it. We thanked her at least 10 times, paid for our groceries, and left the store.

    It’s a little after 4:00pm now as we load the car with groceries. T-Man left his phone in the car charging while we were in the store, so naturally he missed a call. There is a voicemail from the resort saying our room is ready. [​IMG]

    As we are driving back to the resort, we are thinking about all the baggage…let me rephrase that…All the luggage, we have, plus the groceries that we just bought, and hoping and praying that we get a room on the ground floor.

    Each section of the resort has a block of probably 10 or 12 rooms, and two floors. The problem was there are no elevators, or escalators. There are stairs. Lots and lots of stairs. So of course, with 4 bags, plus our carry-ons, plus the groceries, naturally we would be in the very back, and on the 2nd floor. [​IMG]

    Here’s what our room looked like.





    Oh look a hidden Mickey!

    After about 30 trips up and down stairs and to and from the room, we are finally settled in. I throw a few beers in the freezer to cool down while we unpack and situate ourselves, and then we are strategically placed on our balcony, overlooking the courtyard, with an ice cold beer in hand.

    This lasts all of about 30 seconds before we have to start scrambling to get ready for dinner.

    Now of course we don’t go all out on our appearance for the evening. I’m wearing a cute sundress that of course I cover up to hide the fat complimented by a pair of sandals. I left my hair down; this is a huge deal to me. I hardly ever leave my hair down because it’s long and will end up bugging me within a span of about 10 minutes. But T-Man loves my hair long and so, I deal. I believe T-Man was wearing jeans and a black polo.

    We take the stairs, because that’s all we have. Jump into the SUV and head to Downtown Disney.

    T-Man is paying attention to the other woman in his life, the GPS, as we make our way to the DtD parking lot. The good news is we get to park for free for the first 3 hours.

    We get a pretty close parking, and head on over to the Disneyland Hotel. Since we have never been here, we have no idea where the restaurant is, so we choose the first door we come upon and enter.

    Magically we are transported to another dimension. It’s a Disney-esque version of Gullivers Travels. Everyone around us is as small as ants, and yet, we are normal sized. Or maybe the ants are normal sized and grew, like Alice in Wonderland when she took a bit of that cake?!


    Alright, alright, that was just a scale model of Big Thunder Mountain that we came across as we walked through part of the hotel.

    We then walked right out of the hotel.

    Now I’m pretty good with directions. I can remember how to get in and out of any casino or park, and will more often then not, be able to tell you where we parked in a sea of thousands of cars. But now, right here, I’m lost. We walk out of what seems to be the ballroom part of the hotel, and start wondering through a courtyard. Here there are signs pointing the way to every destination possible, we see the sign we need and head in the direction it tells us to.


    Along the way we see the Disneyland Hotel pool, and another restaurant that looks quite interesting, with tiki torches all along the outside perimeter. I bet that looks awesome once the sun goes all the way down.



    We finally see another door leading to what we now hope is the restaurant and YES! Jackpot!


    We walk up to the counter and T-Man gives them our names and reservation time.

    “Happy Anniversary Mr. & Mrs. Sandoval”

    Huh? How did they know? I look over at T-Man with a quizzical look, and suddenly he has amnesia. Can’t figure out how they would know that we are celebrating our anniversary. Uh huh…Sure you don’t remember.

    They are still working on setting up our table, so they usher us into their bar area to wait. We begin to look at their drink menu and just as we order, our table is ready.

    I got a Godiva Chocolate Martini,

    and I think T-Man got a Hurricane or Mai Tai.

    They give us the opportunity to pay for and receive our drinks before being carted away. And off we go.

    The first thing you notice when you walk into the restaurant is the huge black and white photo of Walt Disney in the archway. This looked like a perfect place to take a picture. Which we did…right after we ate.

    We are seated in a booth towards the back of the restaurant, in front of us, is a 6 top, with what looks like a triple date going on. They are quite animated and interesting to watch. We laughed when they were finishing up, because one guy kept going on and on about how full he was, and couldn’t eat another bite, but yet, kept eating until they finally brought over to go boxes and started packing it up for them.

    Our waiter comes around with menus and takes our drink orders. Since we already have adult drinks, we order Iced Tea as well and begin to look over the pricey but delicious menu. This is where we saw the Sustainable Fish item and thought of Nebo and our disboard friends.



    I order the 8 oz Filet Mignon with shrimp scampi,


    and T-Man takes the Bone-In Rib Eye with the Signature Steakhouse 55 Rub and scallops


    and a side of the Yukon Gold Garlic Mashed Potatoes.

    Dinner was delicious. I know for certain that I was able to cut my steak with my fork. That is how tender it was. Perfectly cooked and I ate every bite. I believe at the end of it all, we left about half of the mashed potatoes, that serving could have served the table across from us.

    Our server came back and showed us the dessert menu. We looked it over to be nice, but really we didn’t think we could handle dessert, so politely refused and asked for the check. It was taking him a while to get our check out to us, but it gave us time to finish our drinks. We weren’t in too much of a hurry at this point.

    About 15 minutes later (maybe it was 10, I wasn’t really counting) out comes our waiter with this.


    He said that it was our anniversary and he couldn’t let us go without at least a little bit of chocolate. A man after my own heart!

    We devoured it. It’s a good thing we were so full from dinner right?

    After paying the insurmountable bill, we ask for roll out service. Waddle over to the picture of Walt and take our pictures.



    and then one of the hostess’s offers to take a picture of us together. Awww…


    We decide it would be better to walk a little of the food off, otherwise we may go into a food induced coma before making it back to the hotel and of course we still have about another 30 minutes or so before our 3 hour limit is up on the free parking, so we take advantage.

    We stop in one of the cute souvenier shops and pick up a few postcards for later. T-Man thoughtfully asks about stamps and we are directed to the Paradise Pier Hotel for those (We decide to go tomorrow to pick those up) and off we go to DtD to get a feel of the land.


    Waddling through DtD, there are a multitude of shops, restaurants, and people. The World of Disney shop takes up about half of the right side, but of course we have to go through and see what there is. We see many possibilities and agree to come back closer to the end of the trip for souvies.

    We notice the entrance from DtD to the Disneyland and California Adventures parks at the end of the walkway and there are quite a few people coming towards us, so we turn around and hurry back the way we came, in hopes of not being caught up in the barrage of people leaving the parks.

    As we are headed out of the area, we hear the loud boom of what we can only think is a bomb. They’re bombing us! At Disney! What the…then I look up in time to see the beautiful colors of the fireworks display from Disneyland.

    We watched for a little while before realizing the time and hurrying back to the car.

    As we work our way through the traffic to the pay booths, we see a speed limit sign that strikes me as odd. Now I’ve seen speed limit signs for 10 mph, 15 mph, but never one for ... [​IMG]

    Yup, that’s right, 14 miles per hour people. Not 13, not 15, but 14.
    Nowhere else but Disney right?

    OK. I think I will leave it at that for now, if you are still awake that is...
  17. dwheatl

    dwheatl DIS Veteran<br><font color=limegreen>Can you tell

    Great update, Lady H. You make me wish I was there. DH says the 14 mph sign is to catch your attention, since we're all used to 10 or 15. Maybe he's right!?!
    We haven't been to Garden Walk yet, which is weird, because we usually stay right next door, at the Plaza Inn. We have had APs for the last couple of years, so we usually just end up eating in the parks.
    Love the pictures with WD. He looks like he's just stepping out the door to meet you.
  18. cp'ersmom

    cp'ersmom Member

    Enjoyed the chapter Lady H. I like the tag team TR writing. Your place looks great. How far away from the park is it?
  19. Thumper_Man

    Thumper_Man <font color=red>DDC 684<br><font color=purple>Do w

    Hmm. Don't remember paying attention to Dru here. Pretty sure I was just following the signs.

    I took a picture of the name.

    Can also follow the signs to Goofy's Kitchen if you ever decide to go to Steakhouse 55. SH 55 is right next to GK.

    Still have no idea what you're talking about. :confused3 All part of the Disney magic. pixiedust:

    A man after your heart on our wedding anniversary? Knew there was something fishy about that waiter. Me and him are going to have words the next time we go back.

    On second thought, I better not. Might not get free dessert again.

    Add one thing here. As we were strolling through DtD, we noticed a souvenir kiosk and couldn't help but think of Ponzi when we saw this.



    Little did we know that we didn't need to hurry back. We could've stayed watching the fireworks. We knew the first 3 hours at DtD parking lot were free; after that, you need to leave your first born as payment. Well at least pay some major bucks. Unless you just so happened to eat at one of the restaurants.

    As we approached the ticket booth and saw the 14 mph speed limit sign, we approach customs and they do a full inspection of the vehicle. We're clean and no hidden contraband in our rental vehicle. We still need to pay the toll for parking on their property though. The guard (CM) asks if we dined at any of the restaurants. She tells us parking is free if we got our tickets validated by the restaurant or if we have a meal receipt. I told her yes, we dined at Steakhouse 55.

    Now this next part is no joke, she asks "Steakhouse 55. Where's that? I've never heard of it" Umm, aren't you supposed to know all the dining establishments on the DLR property. I tell her its inside the Disneyland Hotel and hand her the receipt. She looks at our receipt and sees the (how did Lady H put this) insurmountable amount we paid. She must have felt sorry for us because she hands us back the receipt and tells us to have a good night.

    "What? No parking fee? Cool." I burn rubber and I'm out of there before she changes her mind. I wasn't going to stick around and force more money on them.

    Good job honey.

    I'll go ahead and finally finish this day up, because we didn't really do much after we finished at SH 55 and took our brief tour of DtD. By this time, we were both pretty tired from being up at 5:30, 5:40 and again at 5:50 this morning. We drove back to the resort and had one last beer out on the balcony before calling it a night. If you recall the picture we showed you of the bbq area and DSA, this worked to our benefit. Since we really only smoke at night now, while we have a drink, we didn't have far to go to the DSA. In fact, we never went to the DSA at all. We just made sure to smoke out on the balcony each night and not inside, as smoking is banned in the units. Didn't want to get thrown out after the first night. Being right above the DSA, we figured there was no need to go down to it since we didn't mind if anybody below us smoked, although we never saw anyone using it.

    The following day would be our first full park day. It would be the only chance we would get to use our Early Magic Morning and we intend to take advantage of it. So I guess it's safe to say Day 1 is in the books.

    I'll finish day 1 by showing you a few more pics we took at DtD.






  20. Thumper_Man

    Thumper_Man <font color=red>DDC 684<br><font color=purple>Do w

    He probably is because it sure caught my attention. We're accustomed to seeing speed limit signs in increments of 5. (15, 20, 25, etc.) So to see 14 was quite odd and something I knew we may never see again. Unless we go back to DLR that is.

    Some of our favorite restaurants are at Garden Walk. Some we have in our home town and some we don't. Prices are about the same back home, so we knew it wouldn't hurt our budget.

    We knew we needed some pictures of Walt. One thing we didn't think to do was take pictures of the pictures (murals) on the walls. The pictures were all of celebrities dining inside Steakhouse 55 back in their days. They had murals of the rat pack, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, just to mention a few.
  21. Thumper_Man

    Thumper_Man <font color=red>DDC 684<br><font color=purple>Do w

    I will let you know in the next chapter. If I tell you now, you might not come back. :laughing:

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