This is the dawning of the rest of our lives... AT DISNEY WORLD!!!! COMPLETED 1/6!!!!

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by __disneygirl, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. MarieTheCat24

    MarieTheCat24 New Member

    This update was equal parts adorable, hilarious, and horrifying, much like squirrels themselves. I am glad you made it out alive, my friend.

    That squirrel does have good taste in nuts though.

    Cinnamon-glazed pecans >>> dirty acorns and stuff.
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  3. beachphotog

    beachphotog Pass me a margarita

    Just when you thought it couldn't happen to you.., "when squirrels attack!":rotfl:

    Sorry, I crack myself up. At the same time, I would prob... No definitely have been freaking out.

    True story: when I was little, we used to tear up the bread ends and feed the birds when the loaf went stale. This parlayed into the squirrels eating also. These squirrels never wanted for food, those greedy buggers. They would come to the porch and eat the bread before the birds got to it. Anyway, so we stopped feeding the, for a bit and my younger brother (at the time was no more than 6 or 7) was out on the porch playing with is GI Joe's. A squirrel kept coming closer, thinking he had food, not silly old boy dolls. He was in for a shock (both my brother and the squirrel) when the squirrel bit down and right through the skin on my bro's finger. 2 stitches and a tetanus shot later, lesson learned.

    Sorry for the derailment?
  4. princess_momma

    princess_momma New Member

    We should make Pascal shirts! Online or at the Make-a-Shirt store. LOVE HIM.

    Thanks for the camera advice. I still haven't heard from the zoo so I think it's long gone. :worried:

    You should definitely star in something. When I was in 4th grade I was Nala in the Lion King. That's my claim to fame. I haven't been in anything since because I wanted to go out on a high note. :rotfl2:

    OMG squirrels scare me so much. Just because I'm always scared of them attacking. And the wild animals in AK are FIERCE. I was terrified of the ducks and then my friend made fun of me and then she got BIT. Hilarious, but I learned my lesson! (She did not and got bit again at Epcot. DO NOT TRUST THE DUCKS!) So glad you were safe. I suspect that as much sugar as was on the pecans caused a very intense crazed high in the squirrel. Since he is small and all and can't handle it as well as us humans. (Who often cannot handle it either. :lmao:)
  5. Stringbean&Wingnut

    Stringbean&Wingnut New Member

    Hey, those pecans are delicious, I can't really blame the squirrel for hoping you'd just give up all of them! :rotfl: You're right, they really do have the best Disney smell, I love just walking by them! (But eating them wins hands-down!)
  6. LifeIsDis

    LifeIsDis "It's kind of fun to do the impossible."

    I knew this was going to be an awesome update right when I saw the title.


    If I saw a squirrel that looked sad, I would have given him a pecan too. Just like you guys! I mean, yes I notice the five million signs that say "DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS" but sometimes you just have too.
  7. __disneygirl

    __disneygirl well, all that's left now is the happy ending.

    HAHA yes I'm just so happy I met someone as frumpy as I am. I am not alone in my frumptastic ways. Whew.

    hahahaha you crack me up. Oh man. Thank you and I agree. Of course Disney squirrels would know what the good stuff is.

    hahahaha "When Squirrels Attack" is obviously another movie we have to make in addition to the Bengal Breakout one. This TR is just producing so many film ideas!

    OH MY GOD that is so terrible! Your poor brother! Yeah, see, moral of the story: DON'T FEED WILD ANIMALS. We're stupid. I admit it. LOL.

    We SHOULD make Pascal shirts! I wonder if he's an option at the Design A Tee place in Downtown Disney. If not... we'll have to improvise. ;)

    That's awesome! I was a "Lost Kid" in Peter Pan as my stage debut. hahaha we had too many girls so the Lost Boys turned into Lost Kids.

    OMG I love the ducks but I would never like reach out to one. The ducklings are so cute but I wouldn't touch even them, I mean you never know. That's a good point about the sugar... I didn't even think of that, but wow that squirrel was definitely in the middle of a sugar rush!

    Seriously... this squirrel is like Remy from Ratatouille. He wanted the good stuff. :lmao:

    hahaha YES. I was hoping to get that reaction. I mean, if you don't love the Vacation movies, WHO ARE YOU. Seriously.

    Heed my advice: don't. Just because I escaped the attack doesn't mean others will be as lucky! LOL
  8. Nermel9

    Nermel9 New Member

    I LOVE Christmas Vacation!!! It has to be one of the best Christmas movies ever! :worship:

    Haha, we had a similar experience with a squirrel at the fish and chips place in Epcot...I think we were feeding it fries, along with a few duck friends, and when we stopped it just jumped up on one of the empty chairs next to me! :scared1: Now I love squirrels and pretty much any rodent of any kind, but I don't really want it jumping on top of me! Luckily, it got bored and found another family to stalk! :rotfl:
  9. __disneygirl

    __disneygirl well, all that's left now is the happy ending.

    It definitely is! Even though I have watched it dozens of times, it just never gets old. I laugh every time.

    LOL I'm glad I'm not alone in my experience with Disney's attack squirrels!
  10. __disneygirl

    __disneygirl well, all that's left now is the happy ending.

    DECEMBER 12, 2011
    Day 7, Part 4 In Which The Lion Isn't Sleeping Tonight

    Next, it was over to Harambe for some deliciousness and our second safari
    of the trip.

    I got another Safari Cupcake...which was originally called the Zebra Cupcake... then the Safari Cupcake... and is now again called the Zebra Cupcake. Whatever, Disney.

    My point is: I ate part of the cupcake they sell outside the safari with the zebra stripes on it, and saved the rest for later.

    Then, we were ready for another safari! Being animal/Animal Kingdom lovers, it is necessary for us to Live It Up by going on multiple safaris.

    OK so the first notable thing was that we actually saw a hippo get out of the water! I've never seen that before, have you? The driver got all excited about it, so I assume it doesn't happen that often!

    KJDHFLKJHDLKJ A BABY GIRAFFE. You don't even know, guys. I live for baby animals, but there are something about baby giraffes that I just can't even deal with how cute they are. Cause they're not perfectly cute like a lion cub or something. They're weird looking. But still unbelievably adorable. And I like that.

    The giraffes seemed to get the same memo that the tigers did about coming right up to people, cause they were all up in our George Foreman! I loved it!

    Momma and baby :hug:



    It's always hard to see the cheetahs, but we had a pretty good view of them this time. AWESOME.

    So we get to our favorite part. MY BELOVED LIONS.

    I was really banking on them being up and about because we didn't see them earlier in the trip and I NEED to see them every single trip.

    Fingers crossed.

    The beautiful lioness was atop her hill..,

    Based on the title of this chapter, you can probably guess who we saw next.

    OH, LOOK! WHO IS THAT???????

    OH NO ONE, JUST THE KING OF THE MOTHEREFFING JUNGLE IS ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWW YEAH.

    The lions never fail me! I LOVE YOU, LIONS!

    Extreme close-up... Try and find something more beautiful in the world, I dare you. OK, maybe cheddar cheese soup is more beautiful. But besides that, good luck.


    Pumbaa was up and out as well! I usually don't see the warthogs outside of their little cave thing.

    Yeah, yet again, we had a great safari. I don't know what it is, but we always have the best luck at Animal Kingdom. I'm so grateful to Disney for making all these animals accessible to us like this. Every time I go I just can't believe what I'm experiencing!

    I definitely suggest going on the safari more than once per trip. We never see everything just one time. It's really worth it to go back... even if you do it once in the morning and once on the afternoon on the same day. Trust me!

    Up Next: Trapped in Animal Kingdom.
  11. MarieTheCat24

    MarieTheCat24 New Member

    My theory is that baby giraffes are so adorable because they're babies, but they're still taller than us. Most baby animals are tiny little balls of fluff, but giraffes are different and therefore more adorable.

    That lion is AMAZING. His mane is flawless. I'd like to spend an afternoon trading hair tips with the guy. I mean, how does he keep it so perfect without product!?! I NEED TO KNOW.
  12. Aussiesalad

    Aussiesalad Totes Mcgoats

    :rotfl: Nevvvvveeeerrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!

    Oh I love the helpful 'stand by and do nothing' folk.
    They really help the whole situation :laughing:

    But in all seriousness, that was a lovely/slightly disturbing squirrel story!

    Wow! I have never seen a hippo out of water!!!

    Baby giraffes are so delightfully awkward. So much limb...age! Love it!

    Ahhh that lion totally knows he is boss. Totally.

    Oh and on a side note- you should defs try and make it down to Busch Gardens!
    I mean it's no Disney but the rides are super fun and the animals are great there!!
  13. Stringbean&Wingnut

    Stringbean&Wingnut New Member

    That baby giraffe is SO cute!!! :goodvibes
  14. __disneygirl

    __disneygirl well, all that's left now is the happy ending.

    You've hit the nail on the head. It's just too funny that they're babies but they are still huge. I saw a baby horse being born once and I was like O_O WHAT.

    IKR? I hear it's insured for $10,000!

    :rotfl: Glad you enjoyed the squirrel story!

    "Delightfully awkward" is the perfect way to describe them!

    haha I agree. He is aware of his flawlessness.

    I'm sure I'll get to Busch Gardens someday! I love rollercoasters and I hear there are some amazing ones there.

    I know, I just love them so much!
  15. princess_momma

    princess_momma New Member

    The hilarious part was, she wasn't even reaching out to the ducks. I was just acting paranoid and would like withdraw any limbs they got near and she was kicked back and relaxed and like "Why are you so freaked out by them? They aren't going to do anything!" And then she got bit twice. :rotfl:

    Also, apparently my zoo was exciting the last time I went. (The time I lost my camera that was never found. :worried:) Sidenote: I feel really lame telling you stories from my zoo because stuff from Disney reminds me of it. But seriously, I HAVE TO TELL YOU THIS ONE. Because my mind was blown. So you saw a hippo get out of the water for the first time. Well I saw that too! BUT, why was he getting out of the water? THE TRAINER CALLED HIM. The guy literally called out to the hippo and they hippo got out of the water and went inside. It was mind-blowing because I had no idea you could get hippos to do things! I thought they just did whatever the heck they want.

    Anywho, I love lions. They are so amazingly fabulous. Oh man. The mane. The roar. The MAJESTY. :lovestruc
  16. LifeIsDis

    LifeIsDis "It's kind of fun to do the impossible."

    WDW posted this photo album on Facebook. You’re welcome.

    The lions are absolutely beautiful. I love them so much.
  17. __disneygirl

    __disneygirl well, all that's left now is the happy ending.

    :lmao: Wow that's crazy! And scary!

    LOL OMG. That is amazing. I would be shocked too... now that I think of it, I never knew hippos could be obedient. Don't feel lame telling me zoo stories! I enjoy them! :thumbsup2

    "THE MAJESTY" is right! Kings of the jungle baby!

    AAAAAGHHHHHH THANK YOU. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH TOO. I wish I could hug one just once! I suppose I could if I didn't mind immediately dying. But I would mind that... so... le sigh.
  18. DreamEagle

    DreamEagle New Member

    Lia, guess who is about to be LIviN It uP at WDW?

    <--- THIS GUY!

    I'll say "Hi" to 600 loops of Stacey for ya :yay:
  19. petals

    petals Irish Princess because Cinderella said so!

    great lion pics :thumbsup2
  20. __disneygirl

    __disneygirl well, all that's left now is the happy ending.

    OMG! THAT IS AMAZING!!! Have the most magical trip ever and be sure to double up on the Livin It Up for me! 43 more days and I will be there! Ahh!

    Thank you!
  21. marDgreen88

    marDgreen88 New Member

    OMG that squirrel story. I admit it. I can't help but feed animals, even though I know it's idiotic. They're just so CUTE!!! Last month when I was at the beach for the day I kept giving goldfish to this one seagull. He was so cute. AWW ANIMALS.


    MORE ANIMALS! Ack that baby giraffe is too adorable. I want it for my own.

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