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"There’s NO Sleeping in Disney!” SURPRISE - The Frumps Are Back Again! UPDATE 1/13

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by Disneyfreak508, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. Disneyfreak508

    Disneyfreak508 Frumpy Princess ♥ <br><a href="http://www.disboard

    Yeah, I don't like it as much. Davy Jones was scarier :p
    Hahaha yeahhh you were. "I've been up since 6 am, it is now 2 am, that's 20 hours for those of you who, like me, can't do math. That's almost a day." :rotfl:
    Me too. I will never forget that night. I've always wanted to do that. And take a video of it. Check it off the bucket list. (even though I would love to do it again haha)
    Yeah, it was pretty funny. Not gonna lie.
    oh wait I can't go to sleep yet. I might need to take a nap.

    We did! Thank you! And hahahaha only a little bit :lmao: Just kidding, she was tired. She felt so at home at Disney... might as well just sleep right on the ground lol​
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  3. Disneyfreak508

    Disneyfreak508 Frumpy Princess ♥ <br><a href="http://www.disboard

    Chapter 8: Coral Reef
    August 20th, 2011

    Once we FINALLY got to sleep the night before, we were out like lights. That was a much later night than we anticipated, but hey, that's just a recurring theme of the trip.

    We had our wake up call set for 9 o'clock am, because we didn't want to totally kill ourselves the first day by waking up extremely early.

    But of course, at 8:30 am, people started knocking on our door. And we didn't know who they were. It wasn't Kristen's family because they were sleeping in too. HELLO RANDOM PEOPLE, WE'RE SLEEPING! I guess they live by the "no sleeping in Disney rule" too.

    And no, we didn't answer the door. I was a little too tired to get up!

    I got up a little before nine and I took a shower. I woke Nat up at 9:30, we had Special-K bars for breakfast, and we were out the door by 10! Not bad.

    I took a couple pictures of Coronado on our way to the bus stop:



    Our Building:


    Our plan for the morning was to go to DHS and grab TSM fastpasses before lunch, even though we were running a little late.

    We got to the bus stop and we JUST missed the Hollywood Studios bus. Of course. Would you expect ANYTHING less of me? :p

    So we had to wait for the next one, and it took about 20 minutes. Ugh we were cutting it close. But we decided to try anyway.

    This is the Bus Stop you go to if you're staying in Casitas 5:


    The bus finally came and we got to Hollywood.

    The Toy Story Mania Fastpass time was for 9 - 9:30.


    That wasn't gonna work because I really wanted to see Fantasmic that night. Ah well. We tried.

    So we got Rock N Rollercoaster Fastpasses instead and left Hollywood Studios.

    We took the Friendship Boat over to Epcot so we could go to lunch!

    A little boy named Joseph made all of the announcements for the boat ride. He was really adorable. He told the cast member he wanted to be a boat captain someday! So the cast member had him help out whenever he could. That specific boat captain remembered him because Joseph's family was in Disney only couple months prior. I love how CM's remember guests who make a lasting impression on them. It's really precious!

    Anyways, Note to Self: Do NOT take the Friendship Boat from Hollywood to Epcot. Holy cow, it took like 45 minutes! We had to stop at EVERY boat dock before we got to Epcot. Swan/Dolphin was first, Yacht/Beach Club was next, then Boardwalk, and THEN Epcot. Good thing we left a lot of travel time to get to our reservation!

    We finally got to Epcot and walked through the International Gateway.

    We went through the bag check and then I didn't know which turnstile to go through. So this young African American cast member called us down to go through his turnstile.

    I was putting my backpack back on, and my hair got caught under it. So I had to move it out from under the bag.

    When I did that, the Cast Member said: "Don't you flip your long hair at me! I know it's cute, but I'm at work right now!"


    Hahaha good thing he was cute, or else I would have been creeped out. SO funny! I don't even remember what I said to that. But Nat and I were cracking up afterwords!

    After that little episode, we headed into Epcot, walked through World Showcase, and headed in this direction:



    Our lunch was at The Coral Reef! YUM!


    So excited to eat!


    Our reservation was for 12:15 pm but we arrived at 12. We were hungry!


    The decor in there is great!


    Jellyfish Lamps:


    A little starfish made out of floor tiles:


    We were seated within 5 minutes, which was great! I always schedule my ADR's later than when I anticipate to go, because usually if you check in early, you get seated faster. Plus, it gives that wiggle room incase I'm running late. Just a little tip!

    The air conditioning felt fantastic! Yay. It was hot outside already!

    The lady who sat us was very friendly! She definitely had the enthusiasm of a Disney cast member!

    I was really glad that I took Nat here - she LOVED the atmosphere! It was really fun to look at the fish. Even though we were on the second level, we had a decent view!


    One day I hope to get a table right next to the aquarium, though!

    We were told that our waiter was going to be Alejandro, however his name tag said John. Then the check said Alejandro... so I think he had the wrong name tag!

    Anyways, Alejandro/John was very nice! He was very helpful when I asked him for recommendations.

    I was debating between the Mahi Mahi and the Lobster Ravioli, but he suggested Mahi Mahi.

    Good choice - it was delicious! It was light, but very satisfying. It was probably also a much better decision when it was so hot out. The Lobster Ravioli would have been way too heavy on a day like that! And the rock shrimp were also very yummy. I just love Shrimp - especially in Disney! And that rice was the perfect compliment to the fish!


    Nat got the NY Strip Steak with the Horse Radish Mashed Potatoes. She said it was one of the best steaks she ever had! I had a bite, and it was extremely delicious!


    For dessert, we both got the chocolate wave. One word: AMAZING. Wow! I was not expecting it to be that good, but it was absolutely fantastic. The warm chocolate in the middle was just heavenly, the sorbet on the side was the PERFECT compliment, and eating the Raspberries and the cake at the same time was a brilliant combination.


    Nat's birthday is August 28th, so I put it on the reservation. They brought her a little candle in her chocolate wave.


    Not only that, put they put a candle in mine as well so I could "celebrate too!" So adorable!


    We were extremely pleased with our first table service experience on this trip!

    I haven't been to Coral Reef in a while, I think the last time was when I was a sophomore in high school? So it was really nice to be back. And considering that Full House AND Boy Meets World filmed parts of their Disney Episodes in there, it was a must do.

    Overview of Coral Reef Dining Experience
    Food: The seasoning on the steak was outstanding. The Mahi Mahi was nice, light, and yummy. And the Chocolate Wave was out of this world! YUM! 5/5
    Waiter: Alejandro/John - nobody really knows.
    Service: Very helpful, nice, and fast! He kept my waters filled which is a MAJOR plus in my book! 5/5
    Overall Experience: The atmosphere and theming is great. We loved it and I think it was a wonderful restaurant for us to go to on this trip! Lots of fun! 5/5

    To finish off our time in The Seas Pavilion, we went over to Turtle Talk with Crush.


    We had about 5-10 minutes to wait, so we looked at the fish in Mr. Ray's Lagoon!





    We sat in the second row on the right side. The kids were asking really cute question during the show, but half of them kept forgetting them when the microphone was brought to them! Haha so adorable.

    One little girl had a british accent and it was PRECIOUS! I love British Accents in general, but hearing them from children is extremely cute.

    I had to bring Nat to Turtle Talk because I had a feeling she would enjoy it - and she definitely did! It's such a fun show!

    Continued in Next Post
  4. arbolita

    arbolita New Member

    I love Coral Reef - when I was in Disney last year, it was probably my favorite meal of the entire trip. Glad you had a good experience too!

    I have also taken to making the deer face, because it cracks me up, and you are totally to blame for that. Just thought you should know :lmao:
  5. Jazzabelle508

    Jazzabelle508 Live, Laugh, Love and Disney

    Yay that you got 2 sleep in :) That is always a nice thing to be able to do!

    Thanks for the tip about not taking the boat from DHS to Epcot, i'll remember that :)

    Funny/ creepy thing about the guy at the turnstiles checking you out (99% cute/funny and 1% creepy).

    I love that special entrance into epcot! I have only gone in through there once and that was to get back into the park after just waking around that resort area. do you know if they have a locker station over there as well or is the only one in front of the park.

    yay coral reef!!!!! that place is a must do for my family! the food there is AMAZING!!!! that chocolate wave is one of my absolute favorite disney desserts! It reminds me of this melting chocolate cake that i had on a cruise 4 years ago! i am still searching for the equivelent to that in my part of the country but it is so nice to have the dessert in disney! The rasberry sorbet part of it is new though! That sounds like it would be great with it!

    Glad you had great service as well! I feel like there it can be hit or miss though!

    yay for the Boy Meets World Reference! I seriously love that show! They are so funny! I love the disney episode of that show especially! It is so nice, light, reasonably fluffy and as an amazing ending! I always love seeing that episode because it makes me think of all of my disney memories (my mom actually thinks we might have been there during the filming of that episode when i was young ( i think i was in kindergarten) we aren't actually seen in the episode but my mom remembers seeing filming going on and later finding out it was boy meets world). I also love the full house disney episode- I love michelle's princess tea party and i love everything that goes on during their time there! Full house in general is pretty funny though (much like boy meets world) next on my list of shows that need to go to disney is modern family! I would love to see each of the families different reactions to disney.

    My favorite part of eating there (like nat) is also the fish tank. we always looks for each of our fish friends that have always been in there.

    I have only been in the new nemo and friends pavillion once but i really want to see turtle talk since i haven't seen it :(
  6. IheartDDuck

    IheartDDuck New Member

    "Don't flip your hair at me!" :lmao:

    That is absolutely hilarious. I love CM's when they're a lot of fun.

    Oh, good lookin' out sleeping in. You guys had a real late night. But the TSM return time! :scared1: Absolutely insane.

    Your food looked very yummy.
  7. POLY1985

    POLY1985 New Member

    I'm a fan of Coral Reef. I know a lot of people don't care for it but I've always had good meals and service there. In '07 we celebrated my sons 17th birthday there. That was when you got a personalized menu and the diver "sang" happy birthday. It was really special. It's a shame they don't do it anymore. There is a picture of it in the link in my signature if you're interested. Sometimes the picture opens and sometimes it doesn't LOL.
  8. PrincessMaggie618

    PrincessMaggie618 One of those Frumps


    THERE'S A BOY MEETS WORLD DISNEY EPISODE!? Why was I not aware of this. We should watch that. We should also watch the Full house one again too cause I haven't seen that in years. ANYWAYS.

    I'm extremely curious as to why someone would knock on your door. How could you just not answer it!? Now the world will never know who it was.

    Is that fish tank just fish from Finding Nemo!? Cause I've always said someone should do that.
  9. Aussiesalad

    Aussiesalad Totes Mcgoats

    That is so odd that people were knocking on your door in the morning!!

    I cant believe how crazy the TSM fastpass situation is! I mean the ride is pretty amazing, but people really need to calm down about it.:sad2:

    Ahhh I love that Boy Meets World epp. I mean who wouldn't haha
    I think TV shows should start going to Disney again! :thumbsup2

    Coral Reef looks so lovely! Candles make everything a celebration haha yay!
  10. xoktenox

    xoktenox New Member

    Wow, I can't believe you were up so early after your late night! So far the title of this trip is definitely true lol I would have wanted to kill the randoms who knocked on your door!

    Coral Reef looked really yummy, especially that Mahi Mahi! I would love to eat there and sit next to the tank!

    Disney magic = getting a candle in your dessert even when it's not your birthday :laughing:

    I started a PTR for my Jan/Feb trip! If you're interested come on over and join in, here's the link http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=2814758 :)
  11. Disneyfreak508

    Disneyfreak508 Frumpy Princess ♥ <br><a href="http://www.disboard

    It really is wonderful! I'm glad you agree!
    HAHAHA I love it. Thanks for sharing that. I love when we can convert other fellow deer! :rotfl2:

    Haha that's sleeping in for Disney, anyway! At home, that's waking up early! :rotfl:
    LOL yeah that was a funny moment of my life. "Don't you flip your hair at me!" hahaha
    I don't know about them having lockers there! I never use lockers so I have never looked for them. Sorry I don't have an answer for you!
    Mmm that cake you sounded on the cruise sounds divine! And oh are you not from America? Or was the cruise just in a different country? haha
    Oh my gosh were you really there!? That's so awesome!! That's one of my favorite episodes haha. And Boy Meets World and Full House are my 2 absolute FAVORITE shows of all time. Nothing can beat them!
    That fish tank is awesome! And aww well I guess it's just another reason to go back!

    :rotfl2: Such a funny moment.
    Yeah we did! And I know... it's ridiculous. I can't believe it's so insane ALL OF THE TIME.
    It was delicious! YUM!

    Yeah so have I! That sounds like an AMAZING birthday meal! How cute! That is a shame they don't do it anymore! They should! I'll have to take a look haha. It sounds precious!

    YES! THERE IS! It's called like "the happiest episode on earth" or something cute like that. I agree we should watch both soon :) I would love that.
    Haha they probably thought we were somebody else :rotfl: And hahaha I WAS TOO TIRED. Exhaustion took overpowered by curiosity at the moment.
    It's not exactly but basically yeah - it's a restaurant with a huge aquarium in it so while you're dining you can look at the fish!

    Hahaha I know. They probably were knocking on the wrong door!
    I know... seriously. How many years has it been now? I don't understand why it's still insane. I think we can't get out of the groove of it at this point - no fastpass, no go. I don't know when it'll ever change.
    I love it too!! I think they should too... but they don't make good TV shows anymore :sad2:
    Exactly! Haha I loved that lunch

    I know! Ambitious, right? Haha yeah, I completely ignored them. Not okay.
    Yum it was fantastic!
    Haha that is exactly Disney Magic :wizard: Even an unbirthday is a celebration.
    I'll have to check it out when I have time :) Thanks!​
  12. Disneyfreak616

    Disneyfreak616 New Member

    I'm not in this update. :( Oh well...

    Your pics of CSR are seriously GORGEOUS.

    I will remember that about the Friendship boats. :)

    Hehehe CM's seriously LOVE you. ;)

    MMMMMMM lunch looks fantastic. Yes, the destination of many a 90's lover. <3 LOL.

    YAY this is the perfect break from my homework! :thumbsup2
  13. Disneyfreak508

    Disneyfreak508 Frumpy Princess ♥ <br><a href="http://www.disboard

    I know! How strange.
    Thank you! :)
    Haha yeah, they are S-L-O-W. So annoying.
    Hahaha I don't know why... normal boys don't! :rolleyes: Just another reason for me to move to Disney.
    Yummmm Coral Reef is a classic dining experience.
    Haha I'm glad :) Yeah I should have studied more but I think I'm just gonna go to bed instead. GOOD NIGHT!
  14. Caretames1

    Caretames1 Mom & Crazed Planner

    :lmao: I had that happen to us, someone knocking on our door a little too early. turns out they were looking for the other people in their group and had the wrong door by 1.

    The Coral Reef looked good, I had originally had an ADR there, but canceled it for 1900 PF. Maybe next time!
  15. Disneyfreak508

    Disneyfreak508 Frumpy Princess ♥ <br><a href="http://www.disboard

    Hahaha that's so funny! Yeah I feel like that happens a lot! I'm pretty sure I probably did that when I was younger :rolleyes1
    It is good! But oh, 1900 PF is delicious too. You can't really go wrong. I hope you liked your meal there! :goodvibes
  16. arbolita

    arbolita New Member

    Quick question for you - where do you get the Disney Parks music for your videos/iPod? I listen to MouseWorldRadio when I'm at work, so I can enjoy some of the background and parade music from the parks, but I definitely want to listen to it other times when I'm not near my computer. I don't know where to begin to start looking for it though. Help?
  17. Disneyfreak508

    Disneyfreak508 Frumpy Princess ♥ <br><a href="http://www.disboard

    That's quite a simple answer :) The website is called "simpledisneythings." It's a tumblr account and this girl talks about all things Disney. Here's the link to it:


    On the main page she has all of her graphics, which are ADORABLE. Then if you want music, go up to the top and like "03 - Disney Music." Then there are two sections: movies and park. So just go through and there is a plethora of music right there :goodvibes It's amazing. I have it all on my iPod and I listen to it ALL of the time. :lovestruc
  18. arbolita

    arbolita New Member

    Awesome, thank you so much! Exactly what I'm looking for!
  19. Disneyfreak508

    Disneyfreak508 Frumpy Princess ♥ <br><a href="http://www.disboard

    Glad I could help :thumbsup2 Yeah that's one of the best websites I've ever found in my life. It's awesome!​
  20. Jazzabelle508

    Jazzabelle508 Live, Laugh, Love and Disney

    Haha that's sleeping in for Disney, anyway! At home, that's waking up early! :rotfl:
    LOL yeah that was a funny moment of my life. "Don't you flip your hair at me!" hahaha
    I don't know about them having lockers there! I never use lockers so I have never looked for them. Sorry I don't have an answer for you!
    Mmm that cake you sounded on the cruise sounds divine! And oh are you not from America? Or was the cruise just in a different country? haha
    Oh my gosh were you really there!? That's so awesome!! That's one of my favorite episodes haha. And Boy Meets World and Full House are my 2 absolute FAVORITE shows of all time. Nothing can beat them!
    That fish tank is awesome! And aww well I guess it's just another reason to go back!

    - That quote is defintley hillarious!
    - It's ok :) :thumbsup2
    - I'm from america (midwest to be more exact), the cruise was for the carribbean and mexico. that cake was seriously amazing!
    - that's what my mom said, she wasn't sure if it was with me or my brother though.
    - Agreed!
  21. Disneyfreak508

    Disneyfreak508 Frumpy Princess ♥ <br><a href="http://www.disboard

    Haha that's what I thought... that cruise sounds wonderful though :goodvibes
    Haha well either way, that's AWESOME. I love that episode so much :lovestruc

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