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The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Discussion in 'Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure Forums' started by Caribbeanprincess, Jul 2, 2009.

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  1. jaurban

    jaurban New Member

    Any info on height requirements/restrictions? What about motion issues? We are going to WDW in August with another family and thought we might take a day for this, but if the kids will not make the height, or if it is too scary (confined by a harness, or something) we might not want to mention this. They are 10, 8 and 7 (and a baby that I am sure can't go of course...). They are over 48" (but not 52" for at least one of them). Looks like a motion sick inducing thing for me though (iMax gives me issues), so DH would have to take them.
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  3. damo

    damo <font color=red>Proud Redhead<br><marquee behavior

    Yes, a lot of passholders will be ticked if this is the case. I can't see them turning away their passholders over people who just bought a one time package.
  4. Metro West

    Metro West <font color=red>Proud Redhead<br><font color=blue> Moderator

    About the only things we know about the Forbidden Journey is it's a 48" height requirement and the whole attaction will take about an hour...queue and all. Hopefully more details will be released but I think Universal is trying to keep that under wraps until opening.
  5. jog58

    jog58 We have two giant hamsters running in a massive wh

    are they doing an actual press conference or webcast at noon? Any one have a link to where I can listen, I can't seem to find it anywhere.
  6. damo

    damo <font color=red>Proud Redhead<br><marquee behavior

    I don't think so. At least it hasn't been posted anywhere.
  7. jog58

    jog58 We have two giant hamsters running in a massive wh

    Ok, thanks! :)
  8. eddiemcgarrigle

    eddiemcgarrigle New Member

    So much for a spring opening, June is the blooming summer. Oh well, here's hoping for a lot of soft openings throughout May.
  9. IndianaSPEED

    IndianaSPEED New Member

    I still can't picture what the Forbidden Journey ride will be. A motion-robotic ride similar to Dinosaur at Animal Kingdom or will it be a roller coaster with a robotic arm swinging you up and down inside a big video dome? What darn ride technology are we talking about here!! <LOL! Any pictures or actual videos of the ride itself and not just of exaggerated descriptions?

    I'm not a big Harry Potter fan but I want to know all about the actual ride and not just its themes. Any "real" details announced yet?
  10. Magpie

    Magpie <font color=purple> I guess there's not much else

    This is what Universal says:

    More here: http://media.universalorlando.com/harrypotter/news.php
  11. ChrisFL

    ChrisFL Disney/Universal Fan and MALE

    So we know there will be a Kuka robot arm, similar to the one at Epcot right now in the new Sum of All Thrills attraction, but bigger...there will be domed screens, but those are not going to be the only thing on the ride, there will, I believe, be plenty of real scenes, including some very large things.
  12. Thumper_Man's Wife

    Thumper_Man's Wife New Member


    The link above gives a little more detail into what the Forbidden Journey will be about. It gives the same YouTube video on the scenes the actors are filming for the ride, but talks about how this is possibly an hour long ride from start to finish as it begins when you first enter Hogwarts.
  13. ChrisFL

    ChrisFL Disney/Universal Fan and MALE

    The ride isn't an hour long, the experience from entering to the end is an hour long...including walking through a massive queue which people can visit without going on the ride.
  14. audeodream

    audeodream New Member

    I just got off the phone with universal after a 1/2 hour (transfer-to-department-to-department nightmare). I had reservations for June 10th (received a pin from Universal) and was told initially that the park would not be open to the general public at that time. So after being transferred to 3 different departments I came away with the information that without purchasing a package that I would not be able to get into the park. She then told me that unless I had a package for June 18th and beyond I was not guaranteed entry;I was extremely frustrated and canceled the reservation. I've never been to Universal before we are true Disney fans and this was a horrible introduction to Universal and I had yet to set foot on the property. I spoke with a supervisor and she told me that they were honoring the packages sold for during the May 28th ad but that no others would be allowed in until the June 18th date. She did let me know that after June 18th everyone will be let in and that you do not have to purchase a package to do so. I was able to breath a little easier at that time (I was dreading telling my 10ds who is a Harry Potter fanatic that we were not going) and she was able to make reservations for me at a later date honoring my original pin.
  15. TnRobin

    TnRobin <font color=red>My body may be back in Nashville, Moderator

    The main website has been updated to say Grand Opening June 18th. no news as to non-official openings.

    We can only go May 23rd - May 27th. Before the first package offering. Still trying to determine if we should keep our HRH hotel ressies or just give in and go to Cedar Point.
  16. TnRobin

    TnRobin <font color=red>My body may be back in Nashville, Moderator

    Hey just noticed an update to the booking a package option. It now says.

    "Vacation offer valid for travel 6/18 – 12/31/2010"

    Looks like they have backed up the Harry Potter packages a bit.
  17. Thumper_Man's Wife

    Thumper_Man's Wife New Member

    Sorry, I should have been a little clearer. I didn't mean the actual ride itself, when I mentioned "ride" I meant it as a whole, including the experience going through hogwarts, etc. I apologize for any confusion.
  18. Rash

    Rash Gosh, it sure is swell in here.

    ignore post - sorry
  19. damo

    damo <font color=red>Proud Redhead<br><marquee behavior

  20. swwake

    swwake RIP our sweet Magic (09/27/10)

    This won't affect our trip, specifically, but might affect some of yours. Just an observation I have made regarding early park entry hours and Express at WWoHP.

    When I pull up my current reservation for a single night at HRH, the details on early park admission are as follows:

    Note that at the time I booked the stay, the dates were "now -5/27/10" and "5/28 -12/31/10". So this has been changed (as they warn above, "without notice.")

    As for Universal Express Ride Access, all it says is "Some attractions excluded." Based on the information in the link above, "The queue will be part of the attraction (and so, no Universal Express access, at least initially) and begin the dungeons of the castle. "

    So it looks like you won't be able to Express this ride (and maybe you wouldn't want to, since so much of the attraction appears to be in the queue).

    My point is, people who might have booked a stay at one of the Universal on-site hotels without the package, may not be allowed to ride the Forbidden Journey if their stay is between 5/28 and 6/17, although they thought they could when they booked their trip.

    Since Universal apparently says that they will honor the packages for the dates 5/28 and after, I would hope that they would also honor the early entry privilege for on-site guests (as originally marketed) as well.
  21. jessrose18

    jessrose18 ADVENTURE IS OUT THERE!!

    Question for anybody that has booked the package for 1 night. When I search for a one night package check in 12/6-12/7 is says my breakfast and early entry is on 12/6..we are flying in that day, is it an option to change it to 12/7....I would call ressie line but I am sure they are very busy today:goodvibes
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