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The we loooooove Bonnet Creek thread part2

Discussion in 'Orlando Hotels and Attractions' started by donaldduck352, Jun 13, 2011.

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  1. sigepmike

    sigepmike Member

    I'm here right now, and they are still in the process of remodeling and swapping out the old peeling couches. We are on floor 5 of Tower 3 and feel like we may be the first to stay in this unit since it was remodeled. We were told that they started on the top floor and worked down and they are currently working on the 4th floor. I was thrilled to walk in and not see the old couches anymore!
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  3. kimski25

    kimski25 Member

    I just left there and was in tower 3 7th floor. I felt the same about about being the first to stay in the unit since remodel. The hallway smelled so new. We had a pretty green couch. First experience at Bonnett Creek was amazing! We will definately be back:-)
  4. aseyrick

    aseyrick Active Member

    Hi all!

    Our family of 3 just returned from a 7-nt/8-day stay at WBC and here's our assessment:

    1. Check-in: I did everything by the book ... mentioned we wanted a high floor, lake or fireworks view and no poolview at booking, 2 weeks out and upon arrival. We checked in at 2:00 on Sat., 10/20. At 3:30, we received a call letting us know that our room on the 1st floor, poolview room was ready. I begged for a high floor and was told that if we were willing to wait, we should be able to get a higher floor. They'll call when it's ready. We waited and waited and finally decided to leave and grab dinner. By 7:00, I decided to call and was told that our room, in fact, is ready. (Nobody bothered to call and let us know.) We drove back around 7:30 and was told that, after a 5-hr wait, we got a 1st-floor, poolview room. (No joke) As you can imagine, we were seriously irate at this point. After some heated discussions, we were finally given a 5th floor room with parking lot view. They really went out of their way. :laughing: This doesn't include the fact that there was a HUGE line at checkin, a line at the parking pass/timeshare desk, a line each time we went to check on our room status and when we finally were given a room. The whole process was inefficient and NOT customer-focused. IMO, the first rep lied when he told us that if we waited, we would get a high floor. 5th floor, IMO, doesn't exactly constitute a high floor. We did check lowest income & no home ownership, and nobody ever called us. I'm wondering if that's why they didn't give us our requested room locale??

    Once the whole check-in fiasco was over, everything else fell nicely into place ...

    2. Room: We rented a 2-BR Deluxe (Tower 4, #568). While the location and view were pretty lame, the room itself was wonderful. While it was NOT renovated, it didn't have the appearance of being old/rundown. It was roomy, tastefully-decorated, comfortable and clean. There were no holes in the couches nor chipped bath tiles. The kitchen and baths were very well-equipped, and everything functioned exactly as described. Plus, it was fairly well insulated from outside noise. Note - The a/c when it kicks on is SERIOUSLY loud. It's a big "boom!" each time. We eventually got used to it. If you close your door, it really isn't too bad. We did have to override the a/c daily.

    3. Restaurants: Aside from a couple of poolbars, there wasn't any other dining choices unless you went over to the hotel. Tesoro Cove was closed, so we dined at Deep Blue. Good food, excellent service but EXTREMELY pricey. We had reservations at 5 character meals (breakfast, lunch & dinner) + dined at 4 upscaled theme park restaurants, and the only meal that was slightly more expensive was at Cinderella's Castle if that tells you anything. Unless you like bar food or paying dearly for your meal, I strongly suggest going offsite, cook in or splurge at the parks - they are still cheaper.

    4. Pools & hot tubs: They were all nicely heated and clean. Never had problem finding an open lounger. Note - the pirate slide at Tower 5/6 has a 48" ht requirement, which really disappointed our 5-yo son who can swim 2 olympic laps without stopping. Otherwise, we thoroughly enjoyed the swims. Be sure to get your towels from Main Bldg or Bldg 6 before you head to the pools; otherwise, you will find yourself walking a LOT to get from 1 place to another.

    5. Fitness center: I worked out at the main bldg fitness center once. Never again. It's the size of a closet with a few cardio machines, a nautilus machine and 1 set of multi-weight free weights. Plus, it was very poorly ventilated (even at 6 am). I ended up going to the wonderful hotel fitness center for the remainder of our stay. 2 thumbs up!!

    6. Driving around: I was most worried about this b/c the parks just seemed so intimidating. It was a piece of cake. Wouldn't have it any other way. Easy, quick & flexible. Never used the buses once.

    7. Misc: We did order our groceries from Garden Grocer. Highly recommend!! They did a great job of selection (no bruised bananas, rotting fruit, dinted cans, etc.). They were prompt and delivered our goodies to the WBC cold storage. Getting the bellmen to bring them to our room was another story. Took 3 tries and finally got it right. No biggy. BTW - we hated the dangling parking pass, so we took it down. They NEVER stopped us, so you can just by-pass the whole car pass/timeshare desk if you want.

    Final summary: Would we stay there again? Yes. Despite the whole initial check-in fiasco, we did enjoy our stay at WBC. It is a lovely resort with clean, roomy and well-equipped suites. The location and price can't be beat. Took us approx 5-10 minutes to get to/from each park. Great for those with little ones who need a mid-day nap. :thumbsup2
  5. blessedby3

    blessedby3 Actually Blessedby4 now, but cant change my userna

    We were there the same week as you aseyrik. Sorry you ended up with a lousy room...especially after that wait! We checked in at about 9:30 am on Sat and they only had a first floor room in tower 5 (the tower I requested). The girl told me that if I waited that I could get a higher floor in tower 5. We went on to the park, and they called about 3:30 saying we were in tower 4, 8th floor. I told her I was told we would be in tower 5, but she said this was all they had. It ended up being a great room and great tower for us. I would have not been happy with a first floor room either. When we were in the pool, I commented to my mom that I was glad that we werent facing the pool in a lower floor room.
    We did have a room with the new couch (which worked out well for us as Dmom slept on the sleeper sofa). We liked the location of tower 4, though, as DD loved the lazy river and pool in front of tower 4 better than the pirate pool in front of 6.
  6. aseyrick

    aseyrick Active Member

    I agree with you on all accounts. I would've not been happy on the 1st floor. We are light sleepers, and the noise (esp. if we were facing the pools) would have been miserable. Our couch and chairs must've been newer too because they show no wear.

    All in all, I was fine with Bldg 4, even without the view because it was quiet, and the room itself was well kept.

    Also, I agree with prior posters that the resort was fairly easy to get around. It took me about 4 minutes to get from Tower 4 to the hotel fitness center, which was directly across the lake from our bldg. :thumbsup2
  7. ehrn

    ehrn Member

    We checked in on Saturday. Got here before 10a with hopes of getting our requested location. Well, I guess timeshares work differently than hotels. They will not give you a room and call you when it is ready like in a normal hotel. When they call and tell you it's ready is the first time you find out its location. Checking in early seemed to have no bearing in our placement. My brother checked in a couple hours after us, his room was ready hours before ours and his location/view is much better which is annoying because we are staying longer. I'm sure the room controller has no idea about the specifics of these things when assigning the rooms but I thought it was really frustrating. So instead of a fireworks view in Tower 3 or a high(I guess it can only be as high as 11 here) floor in Tower 6, we are on the 10th floor of Tower 4. Nice view of Downtown Disney, can see fireworks from the far left corner of the balcony. My brother is on the other side of the elevator and has a full-on view if Epcot/fireworks. Initially, it's disappointing but as the vacation goes on it's not a big deal. There is a lot of bus noise even from the 10th floor, fyi. It doesn't bother us but it might bother some.
    We did have a few housekeeping issues which took repeated calls to address and one never did get fully resolved. The shower curtain in bath 2(this is a 2br deluxe, btw) smelled gross. That took 2 phone calls and the person who came for the other stuff didn't know so it took another request to have that changed. Then there was a pillow and blanket but no sheets for the pull out. Then, and this one bugs me the most--the king in the master had no mattress pad. Just a thin bottom sheet over the mattress! This is just gross plus I have our toddler in the bed with us and one diaper malfunction could ruin the entire mattress. I called 3 times and they never brought me a mattress pad. I ended up using the sheets from the pullout (so my son is still bummed cause he can't sleep there) under the fitted sheet and a few disposable changing pads under the baby's spot. I don't like it but it's better than only having one thin layer between me and the last person who slept there. Seems really unsanitary.
    Other than that, the unit was ok. Fabric couch instead of faux leather. The countertops are not in great shape and the carpet is a little worn but everything seemed fairly clean.
    This is a timeshare. The cost is low. You can't have everything so you pick your priorities and you get on with your vacation. This is my parents' and brother's first time here, they are pleased. In the end, that was most important to me.
  8. katallo

    katallo Active Member

    I am not sure checkin time matters regarding requests. We were disappointed as well. Requested lake OR fireworks view and are overlooking a bus stop (noisy) and parking lot. I think we might be better off not making requests an just hope for the best:). It's not a deal breaker, but this trip doesn't have the same "resort feel".
  9. kalc12345

    kalc12345 Active Member

    As far as getting your request. I rent from a wonderful lady on VRBO. I have used her a couple of times and she is wonderful. When I made our reservation for our recent trip I told her we would love a fireworks view room. About a month before we were to arrive she called them and told them what we wanted. When we arrived we got just what we asked for. We could see both Epcot and MK fireworks.

    I guess by having her put in the request it helped us. We did remind them of it at check-in (we checked in around 4pm) and he gave us several options in which we could choose. We loved being able to pick which tower/floor we wanted.
  10. HayGan

    HayGan We could all use some pixie dust now and then :)<b

    The owner we rented from also put in a request for us but it wasn't even close to being granted. I have to say that the owner I rented from was absolutely fantastic about the whole process and I would recommend him highly to anyone looking to rent at WBC or any other Wyndham property!

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  11. Mysteria

    Mysteria <b>MINDFREAK!<br><font color=darkorchid>I'll relea

    Can you both pm me who you rented from please. :)
  12. katallo

    katallo Active Member

    I had the same experience. Our renters also put in our request. I just tend to think its luck.
  13. jamzmama

    jamzmama Member

    I'm sorry if this question has been answered already but do they allow boxes to be mailed to the resort prior to arrival? I've been reading a lot of good ideas here on the boards that I thought it would be a good idea to get it mailed there before we arrive instead of having to pay for the luggage. Any feedback is appreciated! Thanks!
  14. Kerlynne

    Kerlynne Active Member

    Hello! I have family staying at the Bonnet Creek Resort this weekend. It will be my nieces 8th birthday and was wondering if anyone could give me any help with anything I could arrange to be delivered for her. Does Bonnet Creek do anything magical as the Disney Resorts are able to arrange. Is there something that is exclusive to the resort that the concierge can help me with. Or has others used offsite companies? I tried to get ahold of concierge few min ago but was hold a long time, so I hung up and thought I ask you guys, and prob get faster answers! lol
    thank you!
  15. manhattanman

    manhattanman Member

    I dont know but logistically this seems ambitious, especially if it is something you want to take back ( which means you will either have to pay the luggage fee or go back to a post office to mail it back to yourself). Unless you have free use of a courrier it seems like a lot more work.

    If you want to buy something to consume at the resort, it might be worth buying it in FLA as opposed to buying it and shipping it. The only way I can see this working is if you had a specific bottle of wine that you wanted to consume in FLA, but even then there are restrictions on shipping alcohol.

    I keep envisioning Kramer and Newman in the post office truck full of empties driving up to Michigan.
  16. aseyrick

    aseyrick Active Member

    First of all, I just want to mention that there is a Part 3 now to this thread. I just didn't want you all to miss out on the great info ...


    Yes, you can definitely have boxes mailed to hte resort prior to arrival. Just contact the resort and they'll provide you with specific instructions as to how to do so.

    You can have an offsite company (i.e., florists, food, etc.) delivered to the resort; however, depending on the vendor, some are allowed through the security gate, some are not. If you're thinking about a special arrangement or birthday cake delivered, you will need to contact concierge for specifics. They do not have those facilities onsite. Also, you might want to call them after hours as check in on Fri, Sat & Sun is a zoo.
  17. pershing

    pershing Active Member


    On page 4 of the thread, so have a long way to go! Thinking about renting through Flipkey.
  18. stamptails

    stamptails Earning My Ears

    I'd like to take LYNX buses from the Orlando airport to Bonnet Creek resort. Is there a way to get to the resort by LYNX bus? Or what would the cheapest way to get there be?
  19. DCTooTall

    DCTooTall <MARQUEE BEHAVIOR=ALTERNATE><img src=http://www.em

    Closest LYNX stop that I'm aware of would probably be over by DTD. I'm not familiar enough with the LYNX system though to be able to tell you how long a trip, and how many transfers it would require to get from MCO to DTD. I can tell you however it likely would be quite complicated, time consuming, and annoying as it is highly unlikely to be a direct single-bus trip.

    I also don't know how often the shuttle from the resort to DTD would run, as that can vary between the time of year and time of day.

    As for cheapest way? I'd say maybe a shared shuttle? or sometimes, honestly, you can get a great deal on a rental car. Some towncar services will also include a grocery stop so that you can stock up the pantry in your resort room. If you don't think you'll need a car during your stay, AVIS has a pick-up/drop off by DTD, and National/Alamo are at the WDW Car Care Center and Swalphin, so you could look into quick one-way rentals from MCO to a drop off at one of those locations where the WBC shuttle would be easier to get to/from.
  20. dancin Disney style

    dancin Disney style <font color=blue>I found one to share with some fa

    I saw another thread about the LYNX bus that said it was about 90 minutes from the airport to WDW property. If there's traffic it could take longer. The drive by car is only about 25 minutes. I would rent a car or take a cab.
  21. What are the differences in a 3 bedroom deluxe and a 3 bedroom presidential---is it worth the almost $400 difference in price? (I know that is probably an opinionated question, but just curious)....I know 3 bedroom presidentials are only in building 6....Right now I have booked a deluxe but they had a presidential available.....
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