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The Very First Dis Book Club Discussion Thread - The Pirate Latitudes

Discussion in 'The DIS Unplugged Podcast' started by DisneyKevin, Mar 1, 2010.

  1. Hankshouse

    Hankshouse Member

    ME! I know we're jumping a tiny bit ahead...but I was completely surprised. Did not see that one coming. Also, regarding "affairs of the heart" - let's keep in mind - no tv + no computers = keeping yourself entertained, whatever it takes! As far as the concoctions used for toilette are concerned, people back in those days must have been immune to stink :rotfl2:
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  3. jpeka65844

    jpeka65844 Mouseketeer

    I can totally deal with the anti-hero thing. Hunter is not a good guy, nor does he care to be. I think history and literature "romanticizes" pirates into making them "scoundrels with a heart of gold" and Hunter really isn't that. Or isn't yet. Maybe MC will prove me wrong.

    But Hunter's command to The Moor at the end of Part I....that's a reminder that these are not the "the good guys" But in truth, history rarely has "good guys" and "bad guys"; they're usually just "guys". Call me a cynic.

    AND, not to give away anything, but some of Hunter's actions (or lack thereof) in Part II also remind us that he's not in this for the warm fuzzies.

    The more I read, the more I'm gunning for James Purefoy as Hunter!! Who, by the way, according to IMDB has played Blackbeard in a UK made-for-TV movie!!
  4. sc9500

    sc9500 Hile... Gunslinger...

    What do you guys think of Clive Owen as Hunter?
  5. hmonkeyruns

    hmonkeyruns Member

    I have to admit, I'm struggling with this book.

    I have loved most of MC's novels but this one is just not grabbing me at all. If not for this thread, I probably would have given up -- or just skimmed over it to get to the general idea.

    I've finished Part 1 and Part 2 and somehow it just seems completely flat. I'm not invested in any of the characters, the gory stuff just seems in there for shock value and there doesn't seem to be enough of a build up to really excite me about what's going on. Part 2 is pretty exciting and yet, I just don't care.

    On a side note, I just watched The Guns of Navaronne a week or two ago and I'm pretty sure that MC borrowed heavily from that movie/book to come up with the Matanceros fortress. Maybe that's why this isn't grabbing me -- in many ways I feel like I already know what's going to happen. I don't want to say too much because the comparisons to the movie come almost entirely from Part 2.
  6. lttlmc3

    lttlmc3 <font color=darkorchid>You can ship it. I'll still

    Just started today and I'm already 115 pages into it. I think its really good and its a quick read.
  7. *NikkiBell*

    *NikkiBell* The WDW Merchandise Walking Bible Moderator

    Hi All!

    I've been watching all of your posts over the past few days and it seems like we are moving full steam ahead. If it's alright with everyone, I'd like to update our current reading schedule and set the next few deadlines. It seems as if most, if not all, are finished with Part I. Some are even finished with Part II, myself included. Kevin, being the "Wannabe Genius" that he is, read all of the parts! :goodvibes That's great! If you aren't done just yet, don't stress. Catch up at your own pace and you know where the gabbing will be. ;)

    UPDATED Reading & Discussion Schedule as of March 10

    Part II - March 13
    Part III - March 17
    Part IV - March 22

    Again, if you are one of the "book clubbers" who started a few days ago because you were waiting to get the novel, please don't stress. If you can get your reading done on time great; if not, that's fine as well. I don't want to push anyone or make this less enjoyable. This is all in good fun. :woohoo:

    In order to keep our discussions moving smoothly, please feel free to comment on where you are in your reading. This could be a page into a certain part, halfway through, or at the end. If at all possible, try to post a "Spoiler Warning" if you are commenting on a part of the text that has not been read yet according to our schedule. This will help keep the discussions lively for those that are ahead while protecting upcoming events in the novel from being revealed to those who are "on schedule."

    If anyone has questions or other suggestions, please feel free to message me either here on the DIS or on FB. I'm really enjoying what we are doing and think this is such an awesome group. We're obviously learning as we go along for the first round, and I'm taking notice of how things are going so we can improve with the next selection.

    Happy Reading, DIS Bookies!!! Hmm, that has a nice ring to it, don't you think? :thumbsup2

  8. georgemoe

    georgemoe <font color=royalblue>Beverages? There were bevera

    That is too funny. Needs three of these. :rotfl2: :rotfl2: :rotfl2:

    I'm about two thirds through and enjoying it. I'm not a big discussion type but hope to get on board with that soon enough.
  9. Bornteach

    Bornteach <a href=http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor><br><im

    I agree on the stink factor.....just the descriptions are a little stomach turning. I like the foreshadowing as it always keeps me guessing and I keep waiting to hear how it will tie in.

    I am fascinated by the female/male pirate roll. How she (he?) grew up as a he and how it will benefit the crew later.

    I will admit that I have also read the entire book as it was so far from what I typically read, I could not stop!

    Does anyone else want to reach through the book and slap Hacklett?
  10. KatheeME

    KatheeME Mouseketeer

    Hi everyone :)

    I finished the book last night. No spoilers here, but I have it was only an okay book, and my favorite part was the Epilogue! :)
  11. georgemoe

    georgemoe <font color=royalblue>Beverages? There were bevera

    Which one Kristin? Mr. or Mrs? :) I'm only through 2/3 of the book so not sure what you are actually referring to. Obviously something is going to happen.

    I also have a spoiler suggestion. Maybe we hide the text by using a white font if we have a spoiler. Just about everyone knows how to do it.
  12. mainegal

    mainegal <font color=purple>I am becoming very good at maki

    I am listening, so I do not have the same sense of how far along I am the way I do when I am flipping pages.

    The reader just started part 4!

    I am still enjoying the book. The adventure yarn is a new genre for me. I am so glad I am listening to a great narrator instead of reading. I highly recommend audio books.
  13. Bornteach

    Bornteach <a href=http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor><br><im

    That is a good idea George!

    I meant Robert Hacklett. Getting off the boat and immediately questioning all, I wanted to smack him! LOL Take a moment yeesh! as for his wife.....that part almost smacked of a soap opera!
  14. *NikkiBell*

    *NikkiBell* The WDW Merchandise Walking Bible Moderator

    That's a great idea, Jorge! ;) We can either put a spoiler warning notice on the thread like a few of us have done over the past couple of days, or just write our comments in white. Either way works! :)

    I'm not a fan of audio books replacing the real thing. In my classroom, I do use the audio version while the children are following along with the actual book. This isn't done frequently though - maybe 1-3 times per book. I can see how it might liven up certain parts of Pirate Latitudes though because of all the different characters, backgrounds, etc.
  15. tammyroo

    tammyroo Member

    Hi all...
    I didn't have high expectations about this book but find that I'm already half way through after a couple of days of reading. It took me longer to pick it up and start reading than it has to actually get that far. I'm enjoying it. I'm a Crichton rookie (unless you count movies) so I think I might have to read some of his other novels now.
    I like the realism...so much so that our family is going to a Real Pirates exhibit in Norfolk tomorrow. I've always had a fascination about pirates...probably because I grew up on the coast and Blackbeard was actually hung in Virginia...lots of pirate lore around here.
  16. sc9500

    sc9500 Hile... Gunslinger...

    I think they complement the real thing -- if you have any kind of commute they take you elsewhere and most have excellent readers. My rule is that the audio book has to be something I want to read but would never have the time. Ive gone thru many books that I would never have been able to look at.
  17. Applemomma

    Applemomma Mouseketeer

    I agree. I love to read but with my busy life there just isn't enough hours in the day. I have a book by the bed because it's about the only place I can expect to hold a book for a decent length of time...unfortunatly sleep usually wins. :rolleyes1

    With audio books I can be read to while I'm working in the orchard, doing dishes, walking the dog. I've managed to read at least 20 books this year and most of them pretty heafty as I choose the ones that are longer in length (Pillars of the Earth or Under the Dome for example are close to 30 hours in length). I can't do this though with books I've already read because I always have that picture in my head of what the characters sound like and noone else's voice will substitute that! Much the same way the movie actor never looks like the hero you read about.

    Both my daughters love to read. They have book shelves full and we always read to them as little kids....now I'm letting someone read to me as an adult. :cloud9: Doesn't mean I value the printed word any less. After all some one had to put the words on paper to give to someone to read aloud! :) And with a period piece like Pirate Latitudes I find the accents the narrator does help transport me back to the 1600's. But that's because it happens to be a good narrator....

    Back to the high seas......does anyone wonder if Hunter wasn't faking his inability to swim? Many sailors couldn't....

    And as far as the stink....I chuckled at Hunter telling Mrs. Hacklett it was unhealthy to bathe....there was actually a period in time (1300's maybe) where it was considered a sin against God to bathe......thank heavens we've come along way!!!!
  18. *NikkiBell*

    *NikkiBell* The WDW Merchandise Walking Bible Moderator

    Hi All,

    I think all of us are getting a little bit :offtopic: which is partially my fault for responding to a previous post about audio books. Let's return to the high seas! pirate:

    By this point, everyone should have read Part I and will have read Part II by tomorrow. What is your impression of the first two sections of Pirate Latitudes? Which characters, if any, can you relate to at this point in the novel and why?
  19. PinkBudgie

    PinkBudgie <font color=deeppink>Expert Disneyland Snowball Ma

    Well, so far so good. I'm enjoying the book but I don't "relate" to any characters because they are all very different from me. I just like going along for the adventure. I don't know what page number I'm on because I'm reading it on Kindle but it says I've read 45% of it. I'm interested to see what happens next.
  20. jpeka65844

    jpeka65844 Mouseketeer

    I dont' really "relate" to any of the characters, persay. MC is not a character writer. He's done little to develop any of these characters. The most dimensional to me is probably the Governer and that's about it.

    It's something I was thinking of as I was contemplating a movie version. They'd really have to do some embellishing to get viewers to "buy in" to any of these people. I like the Lazue vibe; that's just cool.

    And after reading Part III, (not to give anything away....) I'm sticking with my theory that this is a Pirate Ocean's 11!!!
  21. BriarRosie

    BriarRosie <font color=blue>Creator of Tag Fairy Haiku:<br>Cl

    It's funny that you should call it a Pirate's Ocean's 11. I thought the book was heading into familiar formula territory established by the Magnificent 7 (itself based on a 7 Samurai thing from Japan). Or any other buddy movie. I thought the characters were written to be interesting "characters" in their own right.

    I immediately figured out that the Governor was a very sharp tack, figuring out politics very, very quickly. His new secretary? Far from it. Dumb as a bunch of rocks if he thinks the king would want to stop the privateering gravy train. My gaydar went off about him during one scene, too.

    Hunter is written as the big anti-hero, and I do like him. He's got the same street smarts as the Governor. The only thing about the book I have to deal with are the harsh realities of violence and sadistic moments.

    Overall I'm enjoying the book so far.

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