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The Princess Room and Castle Bed

Discussion in 'Home Interior' started by ArcticCat, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. ArcticCat

    ArcticCat New Member

    My wife had this hair brained idea that we could build my daughter a bed when we moved her into her new room... Now the "we" part actually meant "me", but this is usually the kind of thing I go over board on. She sent me a picture one day from work. Oh boy, she was challenging me this time and I accepted.


    So I took off to Home Depot and $350 in wood later... The insanity began.


    Now I had one request from my wife... no slide, oh the joy kill. I was bumbed. lol


    once I had it completed in the garage, I had to take it back apart and find a way to get it up stairs. Now I have an older house, so the stairs were a little steep... not allowing the stair section through the door and up the stairs. So I had to remove a window on the back side of the house last week. No problem other then the fact it was only 7 degrees here in Michigan. BRRRRRR

    On goes the paint... The daughter picked pink and purple, a very light pink and purple...


    So, I had to get creative to help keep it from being a bit of a nightmare.


    more coming . . .
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  3. ArcticCat

    ArcticCat New Member

  4. ArcticCat

    ArcticCat New Member




    That all for now, more updates to come. As you can see, my oldest princess is happy so far.

    After the bed is complete, the room will get a 360 degree mural. Should be done before shes 21... lol
  5. momto3gr8boys

    momto3gr8boys New Member

    This is fantastic!!
  6. MissKip

    MissKip New Member

    wow! Nice work! :thumbsup2
  7. ArcticCat

    ArcticCat New Member


    I have a few smudges to clean up, but all in all I'm happy.

    The room will have Cinderellas castle along with all the princesses. She also wants a few other characters. I really dont have a game plan, so I hopeit doesn't turn out to be a mess. Time will tell.

  8. jodical

    jodical New Member

    Fantastic job so far! Are you freehand sketching the characters or using an opaque projector of any type? You've got some talent there, Sir! :artist:
  9. ArcticCat

    ArcticCat New Member

    Projector for the characters, so I get everything as close as possible and free hand the rest. The projector is a normal presentation projector, attached to my laptop.
  10. Iris82

    Iris82 New Member

    That's fantastic! I want to be 7!
    She'll never forget that.
  11. wannabemini

    wannabemini New Member

    Just beautiful!! And a lovely princess to sleep in it! Great job, dad! She will always remember it. I have a shelf my dad built for me with princesses all over it, 42 years and going strong. :0)

    Awesome job!!
  12. BernardandMissBianca

    BernardandMissBianca <font color=red>I just love a dancing banana!<br>< Moderator

    Don't let my DD see it!! LOL
  13. chipdale74

    chipdale74 New Member

    That is awesome!
  14. annawilliams

    annawilliams New Member

    Sheesh! Can I have one of these? Ha! It's amazing! Great work!
  15. LittleMissMagic

    LittleMissMagic Victoria on Vacation

    Awesome job!!!

    Btw, like your Google Sketch Up model. I'm an architecture major, and there is a debate in the architectural community about whether or not Google Sketch Up is a good tool. Some argue that it's too basic. However, there are actually a good number of firms that use Google Sketch-Up, then render in Photoshop (a style which I like to use myself). But IMO, the best thing about Google Sketch Up is its simplicity (with everything but curves... ugh) - a child could use it. And it's a good medium to use to generate ideas from professionals and non-professionals.
  16. gumbyack454

    gumbyack454 New Member

    That's crazy goid
  17. NedsTJ

    NedsTJ Only 5.67E+06 feet from MK!

  18. ArcticCat

    ArcticCat New Member

    had a bit of a family illness to get through... but I'm back at it.





  19. ArcticCat

    ArcticCat New Member

    the blank spot in the corner will be a closet. it may also be Maximus's stable... havent thought to much on how. lol
  20. huntforjulia

    huntforjulia New Member

    Wow! That is so great! Wish I was a little girl again. You are one great Dad to do this for your lucky little princess!
  21. MarbleBob

    MarbleBob New Member

    This is too cool! I look forward to seeing updated photos.

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