The official SINGLES SEEKING SINGLES dating thread- PROFILES ONLY!!!

Discussion in 'Disney for Adults and Solo Travelers' started by OregonGirl, Mar 4, 2010.

  1. JeffGoldblum

    JeffGoldblum Mouseketeer

    May 15, 2004
    Edit: I've had a few PMs, sorry but I am not 57, I just posted all this info about Jeff Goldblum to lighten the mood

    Name: Jeff

    Location: Hollywood, CA

    Age: 57

    Sex: M

    Hair/Eye Color: Brown

    Occupation: Actor

    Do you have any kids: No

    Do you have any pets: Yes

    Favorite activities: Acting, travel, giving out quotes from my movies. "Yeah, but John, if the Pirates of the Caribbean breaks down, the pirates don't eat the tourists. "

    Favorite movie: Jurassic Park

    Favorite color(s): Green

    Favorite Disney character(s): The Dinosaur from Dinosaur

    A little bit about yourself: I can wiggle one ear at a time. My first movie role was in "Death Wish". I was engaged to Laura Dern for a short time, but we never married. I enjoy filming movies with large, CG Dinosaurs, and I also enjoy Italian food.




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  3. lovemickeyshouse

    lovemickeyshouse DISNEY LOVER

    Jun 26, 2006
    Ok time to join this thread
    Name: Mike

    Location:Philadelphia Pa

    Age: 33

    Sex: M

    Hair/Eye Color: Black/Blue

    Occupation: Vendor

    Do you have any kids: No

    Do you have any pets: Yes 1 cat

    Favorite activities: Driving in my convertible and partying it up

    Favorite movie: Shes out of your league

    Favorite color(s): Red

    Favorite Disney character(s) Goofy and Donald

    A little bit about yourself: I am a people person so very easy to talk too so if you gave me your phone number I could talk your ears off.

    Match would be an all around great woman and I have pics online at
  4. Mahorn

    Mahorn Mouseketeer

    Aug 29, 2003
    No Longer Looking My prince did come :)
  5. PiratesFan

    PiratesFan Mouseketeer

    Apr 8, 2006
    First Name: Nicole

    Location: Portapique, Nova Scotia, Canada

    Age: 23

    Sex: Female

    Hair/Eye Color: Brown?(possibly reddish, maybe a bit of black in there still!)/Blue

    Body Type: Average? Little on the thin side

    Ethnicity: White

    Occupation: Waitress in at a coffee shop

    Do you have any kids: No

    Do you have any pets: No

    Favorite activities: Going to the movies, reading, travel, stalking Johnny Depp and Jay Baruchel (hahaha), geocaching, fishing, just started going to the gym and LOVE it!!

    Favorite movie: Oh wow, so many! Nightmare Before Christmas, Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter and Star Wars top the list though!

    Favorite color(s): Black

    Favorite Disney character(s): Jack Sparrow, Jack Skellington, Belle, Robin Hood, Indiana Jones count?? :rotfl2:

    A little bit about yourself: I've been described as...unique :rotfl: I am pretty shy at first, but once you get to know I am very loud and you'll be wishing you could get me to shut up again :rolleyes1

    A little bit about your ideal match: Taller than me, funny, kind, honest, must have a job and must love Disney! Oh, and must be okay with my love affair with Johnny Depp :lovestruc

    Oh, and this is me:
  6. bwaite01

    bwaite01 Earning My Ears

    Oct 28, 2008
  7. lyncecelia

    lyncecelia DIS Veteran

    Mar 29, 2010
    First Name: Fallon (Lyn for short)

    Location: Central Florida

    Age: 21

    Sex: Female

    Hair/Eye Color: Reddish-Brown hair/Hazel eyes

    Body Type: in the process of losing weight and getting in shape. Lost 65 so far!

    Ethnicity: White

    Occupation: Student. Hoping to go to Le Cordon Bleu in Orlando.

    Do you have any kids: Nope

    Do you have any pets: Not right now, but once I get settled in Orlando I want to get a kitten

    Favorite activities: I love theater and baking. I'm actually hoping to take my mom's baking business and making it bigger.

    Favorite movie: In general: Wizard of Oz Disney: too many to list!

    Favorite color(s): Purple and Blue

    Favorite Disney character(s): Donald Duck, Dumbo, and Tigger.

    A little bit about yourself: I'm not looking for a full-fledge relationship right now. I just got out of a very serious one and still am healing. I really want to meet some friends though. So if you're fine with going slow and starting with a friendship first, give me a message!

    A little bit about your ideal match: someone who is patient and kind. Loving Disney is a must (of course!). Someone who knows how to have fun but isn't a big partier (I don't really do dance clubs and bars, but love comedy clubs, love to laugh!).
  8. Wasre

    Wasre Mouseketeer

    Apr 2, 2010
    First Name: Kenn

    Location: Beaverton, OR

    Age: 39

    Sex: Male

    Hair/Eye Color: Lt. Brown hair Green eyes

    Body Type: Average

    Ethnicity: White

    Occupation: Network Operations (IT)

    Do you have any kids: None

    Do you have any pets: None

    Favorite activities: Going to movies, traveling when I can, computers

    Favorite movie: Where do I start? I have so many that I like to watch a lot

    Favorite color(s): Purple, Blue, Kelly Green

    Favorite Disney character(s): Goofy, cuz people tend to confuse me with him. :goodvibes

    A little bit about yourself: I work in IT monitoring servers and a network. Have been doing that for the last 12 years. I love photography. I'm pretty much a home body currently as I don't like the bar scene and haven't had any real luck with dating sites. I can act like a kid or be grown up when I need to. I'm in the process of trying to earn my Pilot's license. It's so much fun to go flying. I like SCUBA diving but don't get to go very often as I don't have a dive partner.

    A little bit about your ideal match: Good sense of humor is a must. I would love to find someone who doesn't necessarily have all of the same passions that I have so I could learn something new. Age isn't too important, but I wouldn't want them to be too much older than me. Maybe 3-5 years older max? Haven't completely decided. A bit younger I'm fine with as well. I would like them to be comfortable with me and know that I would understand that they might want some "alone time" too. I'd really love to find someone to go to Disney with, but that's not the only thing to do.
  9. Jewel1310

    Jewel1310 Mouseketeer

    Apr 26, 2002
    First Name: Julie

    Location: Mechanicsburg, PA

    Age: 46

    Sex: Female

    Hair/Eye Color: Dark Brown with Blue Eyes

    Body Type: Average

    Ethnicity: White

    Occupation: Director for a local company

    Do you have any kids: Yes Son in college 20, and daughter who is a Senior in High School 18. I also have two step children grown and married who I am close to.

    Do you have any pets: A dog and some fish in a large aquarium

    Favorite activities: Like to travel, read, listen to music, spend time with family

    Favorite movie: Most recent was Sherlock Holmes. I like most movies except horror/slasher

    Favorite color(s): Blue

    Favorite Disney character(s): My Celtic heritage steers me towards the fairies so I guess Tinker Bell.

    A little bit about yourself: I work for an insurance company managing a product. I have been fortunate to have a good career and still have a balanced home life. I am back at college studying business. I love who my kids have become and enjoy my time with them. It is more as friends and less an authority figure now that they are both over 18. I enjoy seeing new things even if it is just a day trip, but can also relax at home curled up with a book or watching a movie. Walking in the sand or the edge of the water at the beach is so peaceful and makes me smile. I love dolphins, waterfalls, the rain, and a beautiful sunrise. I am a morning person, but if you aren't I can control my enthusiasm until you are awake (usually):yay:

    A little bit about your ideal match: I would be delighted to find someone that sees value in the normal things in life. Someone that can weather a storm without becoming part of it. Someone who would enjoy traveling, be it to Disney World or across the pond, who can laugh with me when we find out the airline changed the gate. Life is an adventure. It isn’t always smooth sailing, but it is always interesting! I am looking for someone that wants to share that adventure with me. :flower3:
  10. Dobby

    Dobby 27 years is too long to wait for Disney

    Nov 20, 2008
    First Name: Dari-Lynn

    Location: Northern Manitoba

    Age: almost 36

    Sex: female

    Hair/Eye Color: brown/blue

    Body Type: full figured but working on it

    Ethnicity: Canadian:rotfl:

    Occupation: early childhood educator

    Do you have any kids: 1 boy, 1 girl

    Do you have any pets: nope

    Favorite activities: reading, movies, planning trips, walking

    Favorite movie: Up!, Die Hard quartet, Eight Below, Harry Potter, etc

    Favorite color(s): purple and green

    Favorite Disney character(s): Dopey, Eeyore, Jack Sparrow

    A little bit about yourself: I live in my hometown in the boonies, but would love to move closer to civilization one day. I'm a little shy at first, but have a great sense of humor. I love to learn, love to daydream, and hate spiders. lol!
    A little bit about your ideal match: I would love to find someone who shares a love of Disney, family time, and learning something new every day.
  11. mytripsandraces

    mytripsandraces DIS Veteran

    Mar 29, 2010
    Nice work!
  12. a paper star

    a paper star Mouseketeer

    Jul 15, 2009
    First Name: Ashley

    Location: Texas

    Age: 24

    Hair/Eye Color: Black/Brown

    Body Type: Curvy( I guess) and Petite

    Ethnicity: Mexican and Caucasian

    Occupation: I do odd jobs ex. cleaning, office work, babysitting, ect. It's not my life goal it's just something till I find what I want to do in life.

    Do you have any kids: No

    Do you have any pets: A dog

    Favorite Activities: Shopping, Listening to Music, Singing, Going to the movies, Surfing the web, Learning about the past/history/old hollywood

    Favorite Movie: Meet me in St. Louis but Easter Parade is a close second. I like a lot of movies so I really couldn't narrow it down to one!

    Favorite Color(s): Pink and Blue

    Favorite Disney Character(s): Alice

    A little bit about yourself: I'm shy and quiet until you get to know me. I am a Cancerian (Zodiac sign) and I'm just like it! I love old hollywood (esp. the 30's and 40's). I like learning about history/the past. I'm not someone who goes to clubs/bars. I'm not an outdoorsy or sporty type. I love Fashion/Shopping/Clothes- I guess you could say I'm pretty much a girly girl.

    A little bit about your ideal match: Okay so everyone says this but I like someone who is funny, kind and caring. Two of my turn offs are smoking and immaturity. (I'm not saying you need to be 40-something I just don't like immature guys.)
  13. OregonGirl

    OregonGirl I'm almost always either on-location, in the sound

    Feb 4, 2010
  14. JumpinJ

    JumpinJ Earning My Ears

    Mar 24, 2010
    First Name: Julie

    Location: Just outside Toronto, Canada (Definitely willing to travel though)

    Age: 36

    Hair/Eye Color: Brown (subject to change)/Hazel

    Body Type: Tending towards "Hibernating Curvy" right now

    Ethnicity: Mongrel. L'il bit of everything, but I actually hold dual Canadian/Irish citizenships

    Occupation: CSR for large insurance company

    Do you have any kids: No

    Do you have any pets: Not currently

    Favorite Activities: Reading, movies, riding my motorcycle, hanging with friends/family. Really, I'm sort of boring, but always willing to try something new.... I'm not into the party scene, I prefer spending quality time with close friends and family.

    Favorite Movie: The Princess Bride, or Mary Poppins.

    Favorite Color(s): Purple, green, red.. umm... hard to choose. And why does this matter? Really?!?

    Favorite Disney Character(s): Mary Poppins

    A little bit about yourself: I always tell people I'm shy and they never believe me! Apparently I come across as confident, but I'm really not... I love laughing (at myself mostly...) My sense of humor tends to the sarcastic and absurd. I used to be really sporty, but I've sort of lost that, would love to get more into doing 'things' with somebody. I'm a DVC member and of course am hooked to going down to WDW. Just ask anything else!

    A little bit about your ideal match: It's hard to tell. I get along with pretty well just about anybody. Looks are less important than attitude. Gotta have some morals! Sense of humor is a must of course, everything else is subject to negotiation.

    I'm always open to new friends to talk to and even go hit The World with! Drop me a line (even you women feel free because I need more friends :)
  15. mjperry

    mjperry One little spark of inspiration is at the heart of

    Jun 27, 2007
    irst Name: Michael mjayperry@gmailcom

    Location: South Mississippi

    Age: 33


    Hair/Eye Color:Blue Eyes

    Body Type:Average


    Occupation: Creative Service Producer/Videographer/Editor at a TV Station.

    Do you have any kids:NO

    Do you have any pets:YES

    Favorite activities: I love my job , but also Love going to WDW, and also I'm a Airplane Geek.

    Favorite movie:Ben-HUR

    Favorite color(s):Blue

    Favorite Disney character(s):Mickey and Captain Jack sparrow

    A little bit about yourself:I'm a CDG ( Certified Disney Geek), but other then that I love the arts and also a Airplane geek so airshows and WDW are two places I love to go to have fun. The Beach is also one of my favorite places to go, I hope to one day move to Florida (Orlando area). I work in TV Production a job which I love.

    A little bit about your ideal match:I'm looking for a lady that is caring , smart and must love to laugh if you can't laugh then we will not work. Someone who is mature, but not afraid to have a good time and show that inner child inside.
    Must love Adventure and be able to dream.
  16. Liz from Diz

    Liz from Diz Earning My Ears

    Aug 6, 2009
  17. CMwannabe

    CMwannabe Earning My Ears

    Mar 20, 2008
    First Name: Amanda




    Hair/Eye Color:both brown

    Body Type:average


    Occupation:gift shop employee at the zoo

    Do you have any kids:no

    Do you have any pets: a puurfect black cat named Dino

    Favorite activities:reading, enjoying getting lost in the crowd downtown, watching movies,shoe shopping,spending time with good friends, and also enjoy volunteering at a theater as a stage manager

    Favorite movie:the Godfather

    Favorite color(s): purple

    Favorite Disney character(s):Snow White,Maleficent,tigger

    A little bit about yourself:I have lived in Chicago for a little over a year now;I am originally from Ohio,enjoy laughing at the random things in life,making people laugh, enjoying the sunshine when it is out,and if you tied my hands behind my back, I wouldn't be able to talk:upsidedow

    A little bit about your ideal match:taller than me is a plus(I'm 5'3 so that's not so hard),a good sense of humor,can handle a good debate, loves good food,enjoys reaching a destination without always using the pre-planned route(my friends call these my little adventures),and doesn't mind me singing and dancing in the car:rolleyes1
  18. DaisyLady86

    DaisyLady86 Earning My Ears

    Feb 27, 2009
    What the heck? this could be fun!!

    First Name: Lauren

    Location:Tallahassee FL, soon to be Clearwater FL

    Age:23 (24 next month! AHH!)


    Hair/Eye Color:brown, blue

    Body Type:average


    Occupation:College graduate haha. I'm a manager at a wing joint (Dream big!)

    Do you have any kids:no

    Do you have any pets: not that live with me:(

    Favorite activities:gyming (lol) reading, writing, causing trouble ;)

    Favorite movie:Casablanca

    Favorite color(s):Pink

    Favorite Disney character(s):Daisy!!

    A little bit about yourself: I'm a recent FSU grad. I'm still living in Tally but hopefully will be moving soon!! I've been going to Disney since i was born and haven't needed a park map in forever but I like to get them just cause lol. I enjoy relaxing nights at the bar with my friends as well as taking road trips and seeing what this world has to offer. My friends are completely annoyed with my disney obsession as well as my NASA obsession. I enjoy intelligent conversation but will laugh at fart jokes all night long. I'm a nerd.

    A little bit about your ideal match: More than anything: he needs to be able to hold my interest in a conversation. I get bored easily! I need to laugh! I need a guy who knows what he's talking about and shows an actual interest in what I'm talking about. I was in college for 4+ years and am SICK of frat guys. Not that all frat guys are bad but I need someone who is a bit smarter than the average fratter lol. I'd like a guy who would share a drink or two with me at Epcot but who would also geek-out with me at the One Man's Dream exhibit.

    I'm not sure how to upload pics onto this board ( can you tell i'm technologically inept?) so if ya wanna see my pic, let me know how! lol
  19. CMwannabe

    CMwannabe Earning My Ears

    Mar 20, 2008
    It slipped my mind to include a photo, so I changed my avatar. (um, ignore the bear ears, it was halloween:confused3)
  20. DaisyLady86

    DaisyLady86 Earning My Ears

    Feb 27, 2009
    Yea At least i have my avatar, even though you can barely make me out. At least you know I'm short considering i'm basically the same height as Mickey! lol
  21. honugirl

    honugirl One of those darn ECV users out to ruin YOUR vacat

    Jul 9, 2007
    First Name: Lisa

    Location: Washington State

    Age: almost 32

    Sex: Female

    Hair/Eye Color: Brown hair (naturally) but I like to have a little fun with it. For the Olympics it had Red/White/Blue patches and for my upcoming surgery it'll have pink/purple patches at the request of my nurse.

    Body Type: Athlete trapped in a chubby body, but that will be changing soon

    Ethnicity: Portuguese/Irish

    Occupation: Currently I'm a Professional Patient, but going back to school at the end of the year/beginning of next year for communications/marketing.

    Do you have any kids: No kids

    Do you have any pets: No pets currently, but once I'm home more I'd like to get a dog and a horse

    Favorite activities: Ice hockey, golf, Disney of course, museums, traveling

    Favorite movie: Miss Congeniality

    Favorite color(s): Purple and Pink

    Favorite Disney character(s): Tigger and Eeyore

    A little bit about yourself: I'm pretty independent and like doing my own thing, but I love being with friends and family too. Traveling to Disney is one of my favorite things. I'm at home on the ice rink either in the net stopping pucks or refereeing the game. I have a desire to get back to performing improv comedy. I love being on stage and I love making people laugh. I put a lot of time and energy into my volunteer work. My favorite to are my VFW Troop Support and my Honor Flights, which is a program that flies WW2 vets to D.C. to see their memorial.

    A little bit about your ideal match: I'm a romantic so I'm looking for someone who is kind and compassionate but would stick up for me if necessary, a little bit of warrior is good. Must enjoy history and other nerdly pursuits.

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