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The Official 2013 Wine and Dine Half Marathon Thread

Discussion in 'Events/Competition' started by schoonersky, Nov 14, 2012.

  1. schoonersky

    schoonersky Member

    I am jumping in to start this! My DH and I have decided to do this, and besides my doing the C25K last year and running a 5k, this will be my first attempt at a run of any significance. :thumbsup2

    If you have decided to do this run too, then please join in and let's work together to be ready for next November!

    Race weekend is November 8th to 10th, 2013 with the race being held November 9th at 10pm.

    Planned Participants, Wine and Dine Half Marathon:
    (1&2) Schoonersky & DH (3) Helloirishkitty (4) Mac4life30 (5) Tiger Lily 03 (maybe?)
    (6) Rupert B Puppenstein (possibly, unless the Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon wins out!)
    (7) es45 (8) Haas4Concern (9) Mking623 (maybe!) (10&11) Nole95 & DW (maybe!)
    (12) Lerxst (13) irishwishes (14) Longhorns2 (15) UGAFan0829 (16) snelldog
    (17) EeyoreEma (18) yourfriend (19) houseofmousefor4ofus (20) crk1977 (DH)
    (21) JennyDrake (22) strawberry's mom&dad (23) mrs goofy ?
    (24&25) MikeofRose&Mike and Rose&Mike (26) CruiseBoundKY (27) sillylily
    (28) dougb0 (29) cinderelley (30) OregonGirl (31) CamColt ? (32) ArmyVet80 (DW)
    (33) DCbride (34) Disney52303 (35) rebapple ? (36) cruisindisney ? (37) MonkeyDishwasher
    (38,39,40,41) wood8176 & DW & DB & gal (42) bellanotte10 (43) bigtony777
    (44) FloridaNative8 (45) bungchiwow (46) wallawallakids (DH) (47) Shang Runner
    (48) Liliesinthevalley (49) vbarry (50) tiffrobyn (51) Tinker326
    (52&53) capeseal & DH ? (54) zgirls (55) NickiSue (56) the antifanatic
    (57) ery949 (58) jeanigor (59,60,61,62) cjhinch & DH (+DSis & BIL??)
    (63) smileyk8 (64) PlutoBaby (65&66) fozziepitysthefool & DS
    (67) Fruto76 (68) pix13dust (69&70) LWQuestie & DH (71) wdwpluto
    (72&73) bjakmom & DH

    Mickey's Jingle Jungle 5k:
    (1) Melissahac99
    (2) BernardandMissBianca ?
    (3&4) bjakmom & DGrD
    (5&6) schoonersky & DH ?? maybe...really like that medal!

    Supporters and/or 2014 hopefuls:
    Sleepless Knight (ran 2012)

    I will try to keep the list updated but if I get your information wrong, or you don't want to be on the list just pm me!
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  3. helloirishkitty

    helloirishkitty Active Member

    I'm in!

    This will be my hopefully 4th Run Disney race by then! (TOT 2012, then Princess and Disneyland in 2013).

    I only like running in races at Disney, too bad it's so expensive and I want to do ALL of them!
  4. schoonersky

    schoonersky Member

    Yay!! Welcome Irish Kitty!! With the registration AND the travel, it definitely adds up! But if I start saving now......
  5. helloirishkitty

    helloirishkitty Active Member

    Ugh tell me about it! I'm trying to make all of my race trips short, weekend trips at value resorts but then I see the room-only discounts and all of a sudden need to stay at poly :rotfl:
  6. Mac4life30

    Mac4life30 Active Member

    I cant wait till 2013 wine/dine!!!!! I might be running it alone this year :(
  7. Tiger Lily 03

    Tiger Lily 03 <font color=green>Famous for my Potato Salad<br><f Moderator

    You are a WISHer, you will never be alone!
  8. Rupert B Puppenstein

    Rupert B Puppenstein Active Member

    I don't think it is possible to ever be alone during any Disney race no matter who you are.
  9. es45

    es45 Active Member

    I'm in!
  10. UGAFan0829

    UGAFan0829 Active Member

    I really hope for my DH and I to be able to do this one for the first time in 2014! I agree that Disney races are the best!
  11. Haas4Concern

    Haas4Concern Member

    Looks like ill be able to do the W&D again in 2013! Count me in
  12. Rupert B Puppenstein

    Rupert B Puppenstein Active Member

    I have to wait and decide on this one. As much as I want to, I also want to run the Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon and it was the same weekend. Waiting for them to announce the 2013 date which I really hope doesn't conflict!
  13. helloirishkitty

    helloirishkitty Active Member

    I completely agree with this! The only reason I finished the ToT 10 Miler was a group of ladies that I ran with that told me I could :)
  14. mking624

    mking624 DIS Veteran

    I am still deciding on this one. I would LOVE to do it again since I had such a great time at this past one...but it would depend on several factors. So I am going to have to wait until much closer to registration before making a decision.
  15. Nole95

    Nole95 Member

    I certainly thinking of running again next year. Ran my first half at this year's W&D. Did not make the time I wanted to due to several factors. Now that I know what to expect on the course and not to do leading up to the race, I know I can do better next year.

    My wife and I will probably not decide until sometime after registration opens next year.
  16. lerxst

    lerxst Marathoner

    lol...2013. Awesome!
  17. irishwishes

    irishwishes Member

    I'm in!! I can't wait for this race next year!!
  18. schoonersky

    schoonersky Member

    Welcome everyone!! It seems I have my work cut out for me- most of you are half marathon veterans!!
  19. longhorns2

    longhorns2 Active Member

    I think I'm in!

    Have been looking at a family trip to WDW in 2013 and keep moving the dates back. After reading the reports and seeing how great this race looks, we finally decided we would give it a go!

    Probably just me running the half and the family doing the 5K together.

    I'm tentatively planning on Marathon or Goofy in 2014, so this would just be another training run, right? ;)
  20. Snelldog

    Snelldog Member

    I am OVERLY excited for this race. It will be my 6th or 7th half, and I've also completed one full. But, it will be my FIRST Disney race. Please keep us updated on when you think registration will begin. I also have some questions as to when I should start booking the trip. Do I wait til registration, or plan ahead? Are there good packages that encompass the race, food, parks, and resort? Anyway... Thanks for the info in advance...
  21. Rupert B Puppenstein

    Rupert B Puppenstein Active Member

    Personally, I would wait until registration opens to make all your travel plans. But, if I was to choose one Disney race to recommend as your first, this would be it! Definitely wouldn't last year, but this year was so much better!:thumbsup2 Congratulations on finishing all of your other races!

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