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The Official 2010 MNSSHP- Tips,Tricks and a few Treats !

Discussion in 'Theme Parks Attractions and Strategies' started by Turtle31, Jul 8, 2010.

  1. grace&philipsmom

    grace&philipsmom New Member

    On the video that we have recorded from last year's party we have the kids dancing with Stitch to the Monster Mash and with Goofy to a Hannah Montana song.
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  3. Turtle31

    Turtle31 New Member

    :scared1: :eek: :scared1: :eek: :scared1: :eek:

    Thanks for bringing that home to us !! I will be in that line at 6:30 even if I have to leave my family at the dinner table :lmao:
  4. Lou Holtz

    Lou Holtz New Member

    Went to the party last night. Candy is WAAAAY better than last year. Great variety, name brands. They are much stingier this year though. Last year, we each got over two bags full, this year, almost one full bag each.
  5. pride4pride

    pride4pride Making the Magic Come True!!

    Hey you all! I have a question about this event. This will be my very first time going to MNSCHP and my first time going to Disney world and I am so excited:banana: :yay::goodvibes:dance3: lol. I am a Disney freak. But I have a question on what time we can get into Magic Kingdom because I called a Disney agent and they told me we could not get in until 7pm when the event actually started but I am hearing that we can get at 4pm and some of you guys say you have gotten in at 4pm. Anybody who has recently gone that has gotten at 4pm this year because I would really love to get in at 4pm before the party actually starts. I know the even starts at 7pm but the ticket i printed off does not specify what time i could get in so if someone would please clarify if we could get in at 4pm or do we have to wait until 7pm! Thanks so much:yay:

    Happy Hauntings!
  6. blondietink

    blondietink New Member

    We have always been able to get into the special events with party tickets starting at 4 pm. The entrance is on the right side of the gates and is specially marked. They also usually rope off the right side of Main St. USA to funnel the party goers into the park and making those exiting use the left side. Party events do not start until 7 pm though, but you will be able to ride any rides you wish, eat at restaurants, etc. beforehand. :thumbsup2
  7. Lou Holtz

    Lou Holtz New Member

    It's four. Don't call and ask them next time. If it changes, there will be threads all over the place.

    Also, to answer an age old question where there seems to be confusion: you can get a fastpass with just your MNSSHP ticket. It works. I bought APs, but am claiming them until Monday, so the party ticket was all I had to get in last night.
  8. pride4pride

    pride4pride Making the Magic Come True!!

    So would I be able to enter through the regular entrance at 4pm? or would i have to go through the special entrance at 4pm? Thanks for the info!:) I really appreciate it, did you go this year already and are you positive we can get in at 4pm? i am sorry this is my first time go and I just have to make sure everything is on schedule cause i do not want to get there at 4pm and they will not let me and we would have to wait for three hours to get in. Thanks!
  9. pride4pride

    pride4pride Making the Magic Come True!!

    Thanks so much, I won't call again lol! What do my fiance and I have to do once we get there at 4pm? I have printed tickets from home so do I just go to the main entrance gate and scan it? I heard we have to get wristbands too. Do we get them right then or do we get them at 7pm? If we get them at 7pm what do we do? Do they take my ticket right when i get into MK or they let us keep until 7 to get the wristbands? lol I'm Sorry for so many questions, I am so Excited!!!!!!! Thanks so much for you help.
  10. Lou Holtz

    Lou Holtz New Member

    There is a special gate for people with party tickets to enter starting at four. They will give you your wrist band right as you enter the gate.
  11. december

    december New Member

    Thank you. I asked that question earlier in the thread, and was told no. We are flying in for the weekend in 3 wks, and will only have the party tickets. This will make our 4-7 touring much easier!
  12. jenscourt

    jenscourt New Member

    I went last weekend and was able to get in at 4 pm. On the right side of the gates, the signs will say special event entrance. That is where you will enter. They will give you a wristband and your trick or treat bag. So, rest assured you can get in at 4. Have a magical time!!
  13. teacher31

    teacher31 New Member

    How do you get a fastpass? I have my ticket printed out and am wondering what I need to do to get something else so I can. I think not being able to get a FP has been the only downside when we have gone the past two years as we enter at 4. Please tell me how to do it!!!
  14. Lou Holtz

    Lou Holtz New Member

    Well, I picked my tickets up at will call. You won't be able to get a fastpass with the piece of paper, obviously. Go to the will call window and see if they will exchange it for a regulation ticket.
  15. petals

    petals Irish Princess because Cinderella said so!

    Oh btw Premium outlet stores in Florida have a disney shop that sell the same halloween buckets and xmas buckets the popcorn comes in at the parks except the buckets are only one dollar at the outlet store!
  16. chloelovesdisney

    chloelovesdisney New Member

    I did not even think about this!!! We will need to trade for regular tickets. Are there Fastpasses during the party?
  17. serene56

    serene56 New Member

    FP machines are not out during the party-- nor were FP lines opened.
    I found I didnt need a FP for any ride during our party.
    SM was 5 minute standby as well as Buzz Lightyear.
  18. blondietink

    blondietink New Member

    Thanks for that info. We will be arriving early via Auto-Train on a Sunday morning before our room will be ready and had planned on hitting the outlets then just to check them out. We always do this just to see what they have before buying anything at the parks. Hopefully they will still have the popcorn buckets in 2 weeks! ;)
  19. chloelovesdisney

    chloelovesdisney New Member

    Okay, thanks! Good to know we won't have to worry about that.
  20. december

    december New Member

    How does parent swap work with no FP lines open? Or is it even an option during the party? My youngest is 16 mos.
  21. nenner1

    nenner1 <font color=darkorchid>I must've been distracted b

    Ooh good question, I didn't even think about that. I would assume if lines are light you'd just have to go through standby twice but when we went to MVMCP in '08 Space had a steady line of 20 minutes during the party even after fireworks.

    If you go in before 7 (like at 4) FP and CS will be available then, it might be best to try and get those rides done at that time.

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